Before and After Room Transformations

There is nothing we love more than seeing how you Tempaper your space. Seeing each unique vision come to life, we hope they inspire the DIYer inside all of you. Below are just a few beautiful room transformations with removable wallpaper!

When Danielle and Michael, of Clark + Aldine reached out about using our Travertine print in their 2020 One Room Challenge we couldn't refuse. Their plans on elevating a kitchen nook with such a striking surface design had us wanting to see more! For their ORC this year, they decided to completely renovate their kitchen area.

BEFORE Tempaper Kitchen Reveal  AFTER Kitchen Renovation WIth Tempaper

Interior Designer Jennifer Beget had her client's full faith and trust when she went ahead and completely redesigned their powder room. Opting for a dark and striking vibe, she chose Intersections Black on Black removable wallpaper for her dramatic reveal.

Before Tempaper Intersections Removable Wallpaper image by @jbeget  After Tempaper Intersections Removable Wallpaper - Image by @ jbeget

Erin Kestenbaum's home office space renovation with Tempaper Chinoiserie took a little over an hour to complete. "I was anxious leading up to installing the paper, where I was convinced that we would somehow ruin this gorgeous wallpaper mural, but I had absolutely nothing to worry about. We remarked after the hour and a half we spent installing the paper that we wished every DIY project we tackled was this straightforward, simple, and high-impact."

Erin Kestenbaum Before Chinoiserie  Erin Kestenbaum Home Office After Chinoiserie

An eclectic bedroom designed by Jeweled Interiors is all that Jewel's daughter needed to feel inspired by her space.  Envisioning a thin black stripe design within the space, Jewel decided to cut our Mini Stripes in half. Mini Stripes are versatile strips of removable wallpaper that provide an alternative to having to paint stripes on your wall.

Before Bedroom Tempaper Mini Stripes black and white stripes  After Bedroom Tempaper Mini Stripes black and white stripes

Elizabeth of gave her guest room a complete makeover with our Moody Floral print. 

Before Guest Room Redesign Project with Moody Floral  After Guest Bedroom Redesign WIth Moody Floral

Diane Rath of The Rath Project opted for Wheels by The Novogratz for her house flip project. Removable wallpaper is the perfect choice for those looking to decorate on a budget. It is a great way to take home staging up a notch and add a touch of design that can be left for the owners, not to mention, Tempaper is commitment-free! 

Before Dining Room Tempaper Wheels Removable Wallpaper  After Dining Room Tempaper Wheels Removable Wallpaper

Entryways are a great DIY design project that will help infuse fun and engaging prints into your space. This space, designed with Tempaper Toucan removable wallpaper, will welcome your guests and provide a warm and inviting feeling.

Before EntryWay Tempaper Toucan Removable Wallpaper After Entryway Tempaper Toucan Removable Wallpaper

Closets are becoming a place our customers are adding patterns to more and more. Creating A Home With Whit decided to update her daughter's closet with Tempaper's Botanical Blossom. What a joy it is to open up those closet doors and see such a soft and delicate print starring back at you.

Before Closet Tempaper Botanical Removable Wallpaper   After Closet Tempaper Botanical Removable Wallpaper

When Signed Blake asked..." can I apply Tempaper over traditional wallpaper?" The answer was YES of course! Her choice was to go bold and dramatic with Intersections Black on Black by Genevieve Gorder. The best part, she didn't spend an entire day prepping the wall and removing old wallpaper.

Before Kitchen Tempaper Intersections Removable Wallpaper  After Kitchen Tempaper Intersections Removable Wallpaper

A house renovation with Building Bluebird used our Kids Border and Stripe design to add a fun design element to stair-risers. Not only does removable wallpaper allow you the option to update your space commitment-free, but it also allows you to infuse personality into spaces that are usually overlooked.

Before Stair Risers Tempaper Kids Borders  After Stair Risers Tempaper Kids Borders

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