Moody and Mysterious Custom Wallpaper for Halloween and Beyond

Moody and Mysterious Custom Wallpaper for Halloween and Beyond

Halloween is lurking around the corner. It’s time to think beyond traditional decor! These hauntingly gorgeous custom wallpaper prints put a refined twist on the holiday and are guaranteed to lift your spirits as they usher festive vibes into your home. As the crisp autumn breeze begins to blow in, consider filling your home with less scary, more stylish decor this Halloween. Dark wallpaper enhances the spookiness of the season while adding an elegant touch to your home that will last all-year-round.

As we enter the Halloween season, applying our designer removable wallpaper to your walls is so easy, it’s scary. Whether you are a DIY expert or beginner, you can effortlessly peel and stick the decor to any surface in your home and let the spooky season linger for as long as you would like! When it comes time to celebrate a new holiday, the wallpaper removes cleanly off your walls without leaving any damage behind, proving that the versatile peel and stick prints offer no tricks, just treats this holiday.

For a contemporary take on the Halloween theme, Tempaper is sharing our favorite temporary custom wallpaper designs in dark and mysterious colorways. The best part? The timeless decorating idea can be displayed beyond the stroke of midnight on October 31. If you are interested in dressing up your walls with elegant and glamorous decor, here are a few of our favorite moody and modern wallpaper designs that will fright and delight you and your guests for seasons to come. 

Dark Vines

This dark and mysterious beauty will create a shadowy scene alongside any of your traditional DIY indoor Halloween decor, helping to set the festive mood in your home. Wherever you choose to place the wallpaper print, Dark Vines will bring a sense of luxury and ambiguity to your space. Shop Dark Vines today.

Moody Bloom

Dramatic and moody blooms bring elegance and opulence to your space. Where will you choose to display this hauntingly beautiful floral wallpaper in your home? The blooms are sure to bring a sense of sophistication to your spooky Halloween decorations. Shop Moody Bloom today.

Create Your Own Spooky Design

If you can’t seem to find a print or pattern that works well for your next Halloween gathering, there is always the option to create an eerie masterpiece that is uniquely yours. With limitless possibilities, creating your own spooky Halloween decor has never been easier. Did you know? You have the option of recoloring any of our prints in any Pantone color of your choice! So, if you see a design on our website that you are leaning towards, you can easily recolor it in a spooky colorway for the season. Order our custom wallpaper and create your own spooky design.

Chalkboard and Dry Erase


Sometimes, simple hand-drawn pumpkins, ghouls, and friendly monsters are all you need to help bring in the spookiness of the season. For DIY Halloween decor that is simple yet celebratory, look no further than our dry erase and chalkboard wallpaper selections. Encourage little ones to write on the walls and create their own ghostly designs. Shop Chalkboard peel and stick wallpaper and shop Dry Erase wallpaper today.


Intersections Black on Black

Embrace the dark side. Picking black wallpaper for your space makes a striking statement while maintaining the elegance and sophistication of your home. Use ‘Intersections’ to create a chilling backdrop for your decorated fireplace or bar cart set up this holiday season. There is no doubt that this dark wallpaper will bring in the Halloween spirit. Will you allow yourself to be entranced by its dark seduction?
Shop Intersections today. 

Distressed Gold Leaf

This distressed metallic dark grey and black wallpaper is the perfect backdrop for your next spooktacular dinner party. The elegant and luxurious print will make a stylish statement in your dining room alongside a frightfully delicious feast. If you would like to set an ‘enter if you dare’ ambiance for your guests, place the print in your entryway to help greet guests as they arrive. Shop Distressed Gold Leaf today.


If you are looking to throw a star-studded Halloween gathering, just look to the stars for inspiration. Our astrology wallpaper print is definitely in the cards for being the perfect decor choice for any spooky-yet-stylish themed event. Shop Astrology today.

Prepare for Halloween With Custom Wallpaper

The haunting level of detail in each of these Halloween-worthy designs is sure to cast a spell on you. Strike the perfect balance between eerie and elegant and dress up your walls with these creepy and chic wallpaper prints. Each of the dark and moody wallpaper selections at Tempaper will inspire you to celebrate the season without sacrificing your style.

Whether you are looking to throw a spooky-yet-sophisticated intimate gathering or if you are looking to add a little festive charm to your home this autumn, browse our unique collection of peel and stick custom wallpaper at Tempaper.

While monochrome prints are spookily stylish and help elevate your space, Tempaper offers a wide selection of wallpaper designs that are bursting with vibrant color. From elegant Chinoiserie fabric wallpaper to farmhouse shiplap, there is something for every taste and style. Think beyond Halloween! Enter if you dare.