What To Expect When Your Chinoiserie Order Arrives
We are excited about your order and we know you are too! Please read below so that you are familiar with all the pieces within your Chinoiserie order once it arrives. Your project will arrive carefully rolled and packed inside of a packing tube(s), or inside of the box, depending on the size of the project.

What Is Included In Your Chinoiserie Order

Inside each package will be:
Wallpaper panels labeled and numbered
Installation instructions
Panel guide

These items are typically attached to a tube inside your box (and are the first thing you should see upon opening your order). If you lose them, please visit "Installing Chinoiserie" or contact your Tempaper designer.

Using Your Panel Guide
Once you unroll each panel, you will notice that the top backside of each panel will be labeled in coordination with the included panel guide. Please note any bubbling away from the backing paper is a result of the curing process and will smooth out upon application. 

Prepare For Your Order To Arrive
Now is a great time to make sure you have everything you need to complete your project. You can read more about installation in the “Installing Chinoiserie” section and find out what items you might want to have handy during your install. Tempaper offers some great additional items for those who plan on installing their project themselves. Wallpaper tool kits, squeegees, and other supplies can all be found on Tempaper.com.


Immediately Upon Receiving Your Order
Regardless of whether you or an installer will be installing Tempaper Chinoiserie Wallpaper, we recommend that you unroll your project and make sure your project has arrived undamaged and correct.

Now that you know what to expect when your Chinoiserie order arrives, head over to "Prepare Your Space For Custom Wallpaper" and "Installing Chinoiserie Removable Wallpaper" blog posts.