A Designer's First Time Working With Chinoiserie

Design Firm, Native Nest's description of their design aesthetic on their website can make anyone feel instant joy. "We design environments to elicit peace and feed creativity. Culture and personal identity play a vital role in our process of developing influential spaces that span generations. Spaces that leave an imprint on those that occupy them, even if for a moment."

Samantha Heyl, owner and interior designer of Native Nest, chose Chinoiserie Canopy Removable Wallpaper for a Richmond, Virginia design project. They spoke about the project on Instagram, "Here’s a master bedroom we designed last year for two of our favorite cat dads. This wallpaper is actually temporary, so it can be peeled by hand like a sticker if the homeowners ever want to change up the look. It’s a cost-effective way to add a lot of personality to a space, and doesn’t require the headaches of heat gun removal. Also...this king size velvet platform bed really solidifies the grandeur of the space."

Samantha was kind enough to share the beautiful pictures and also answer a couple of questions for us.

Was this your first time working with Tempaper Chinoiserie?

Yes, it was my first time working with Tempaper Chinoiserie. The material is actually more beautiful in person as its very thick/durable with a slight iridescence. 

Was your installer new to peel and stick wallpaper? If so, how did the install go?

The process was a little tricky for the installer, in the beginning, being that it was his first time applying the material. Since the pattern doesn't have a constant repeat like some of the other prints there's little room for error. Once he laid out the pattern based on the diagram provided by Tempaper though, it was smooth sailing!

What tip can you give someone who is interested in adding Tempaper Chinoiserie to their interior?

As far as advice for anyone installing the Chinoiserie pattern, be sure to get your measurements as precise as possible, especially around doors and windows. It will payoff come install day!


Credits for the project:

Company: Native Nest 
Designer: Samantha Heyl
Installer: John Delre
Photography: Mick Anders

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