Unpasted Wallpaper

Bring timeless texture into your space with our unpasted wallpaper collection.


      Easy to Install

      Apply paste directly to the wall using a paint roller.

      How-To Videos

      Moisture Resistant

      Works in bathrooms and high-humidity areas.


      Eco-Friendly Substrate

      High-quality, PVC-free nonwoven wallcovering with a silky matte finish


      High impact. Low effort. Impeccable Style. Our non-pasted removable wallpaper collection combines timeless textures in captivating colors that will elevate your walls. Each of our non pasted removable wallpaper designs are guaranteed to bring beauty into every room of your home. Printed on a high-quality, nonwoven, eco-friendly, and breathable substrate, unpasted wallpaper is the perfect wall enhancement to personalize your space. Awake your creativity and explore our non-pasted wallpaper designs today!