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Tempaper How To's

Ordering and Planning

Roll Size & Measurements

  • 1 Double Roll Top Coated Vinyl Product: 20.5 in. x 11 yrds. = 56.37 sq. ft. (52cm.x10m.=5.15sq.m.)  One double roll typically covers an 8ft x 7ft. wall.  You will loose material aligning the pattern from panel to panel so we suggest ordering up to cover waste.
  • 1 Single Roll Top Coated Vinyl Product: Single roll of 20.5 in. x 5.5 yds. = 28 sq. ft.  You will loose material aligning the pattern from panel to panel so we suggest ordering up to cover waste.
  • Tempaper Kids Borders + Stripes: 1 Roll Top Coated Vinyl Product 6 in. x 15 ft. = 7.5 sq. ft. (15.24 cm. x 4.57 m.)
  • Tempaper Mini Stripes:  1 roll of Top Coated Vinyl Product 4.1 in. x 20 ft. = 6.8 sq. ft. (10.41 cm. x 6.25 m.)
  • Chinoiserie/Custom/Special Order: Sold by the square foot. Minimum order is 4 square feet.

Not sure how much wallpaper to order? Try our wallpaper calculator.

Drop Match Patterns and Straight Match Patterns

  • A drop match pattern consists of design elements that will repeat diagnonally from panel to panel. When ordering a drop match print please make sure you order up because you will have more waste aligning.
  • A straight match pattern consists of design elements that will repeat horizontally from panel to panel. All patterns on (except Chinoiserie) are straight match patterns UNLESS otherwise stated. 

Lot Importance

When ordering Tempaper it is important to purchase the same lot number to avoid color variances. When you place an order on our website we will always ship you the same lot. However, if you place a new order for the same item it is important that you request the same lot number to avoid color variances. 

Possible to Order Less Than a Roll? 

Unfortunately, Tempaper cannot split rolls or sell smaller size rolls.  Tempaper rolls are sold in 1 roll (a traditional double roll) of 20.5"w x 33' or 11 yards covering 56.37 sq. ft.  All custom projects are sold by the square foot. We can print as little or as much as you need!

How to Apply Tempaper 


  • Apply Tempaper to smooth surfaces that are in good condition and have been painted with an eggshell, satin or semi-gloss paint
  • Apply Tempaper to any primed and painted surface such as walls, doors, and interiors 
  • Bathrooms - Tempaper uses a non-breathable substrate. Since the product is non-breathable, it can be applied in bathrooms or areas where there is steam or indirect moisture.
  • Mirrors - Tempaper can be applied to mirrored surfaces, however it can be difficult to reposition on a mirror.
  • Tempaper is NOT recommended for surfaces painted with matte or flat paint
  • Tempaper is NOT recommended for textured surfaces
  • Tempaper may not stick to all surfaces. Test a small non-exposed area to check for adhesiveness prior to applying to a full wall.
  • Avoid exposing Tempaper to prolonged heat from direct light source

Two people are recommended for installation. One guiding the paper at the top of the surface and one aligning the design repeat towards the bottom of the panel.  

Helpful hints:

  • Peel the liner a few inches to a foot away from the top, move the paper into position, get it lined up, then remove a large portion of the lining. Start in the middle of panels as this is where most people’s eyes will go first. At this point, let the static pull the paper towards the wall, tab the first three feet or so into position and begin applying. 
  • It is recommended that you slightly overlap from panel to panel to avoid splitting seams in environments that can be subjected to temperature variances.

Suggested Tools

  • Tape measure.
  • Squeegee.  Smooth out air pockets with this handy tool. Purchase your Tempaper branded squeegee here.
  • A ruler to cut even lines.
  • Exacto blade or razor blade to cut the product.  Please use caution when handling sharp blades.

How to Remover Tempaper

Please refer to Tempaper’s Application and Removal Instructions.

Hire an Installer

We have professional Tempaper installers for the Northeast area (NY, NJ, PA, CT).  If you are interested in receiving more information and pricing please contact [email protected].  If you are looking to become a Tempaper certified installer please email [email protected]