Find Your Style

Take Our Interior Design Quiz

When it comes to selecting the perfect pattern, the options are endless. Like most of us, your wallpaper style overlaps into a variety of themes. Whether you gravitate toward one style or a combination of styles this quiz will allow you to find your true wallpaper style —the results might surprise you! 

Keep track of your answers to each of the following questions. At the end of the quiz, whichever letter you selected the most will unveil your decorating style!

Furniture, home décor accents, and accessories. You adore them! And the first place you shop to find them is:

A. Ballard Designs 

B. Pottery Barn

C. Restoration Hardware

D. Room & Board 

E. Anthropologie 

F. Ikea or West Elm

G. Perigold

H. Serena & Lily

I. Mod Cloth

J. Local Thrift Store

    Congrats—you just won the Powerball! And now that you have $300 million to play with, you can live anywhere in the world. Your dream home will be located in:

    A. 18th century Europe

    B. Upcoming suburb

    C. Modern Metropolis

    D. Secluded lake house

    E. Tropical island or beach

    F. Sweden

    G. Penthouse in the big city

    H. Beachfront mansion

    I. A refurbished camper

    J. Charming country manor

      Step into our time machine. Destination: Your favorite era of style. 

      A. During the reign of Louis XIV

      B. Farmhouse-quaint America of the 1940s

      C. During prime 1990’s Friends era

      D. Present-day 

      E. Living a nomadic lifestyle, wandering the world

      F. The golden age of poodle skirts, promise rings, Elvis, and drive-in movies

      G. Sipping champagne and listening to the smooth sounds of jazz

      H. Jet setting to Malibu in the 1960s

      I. Feeling groovy at Woodstock when love ruled, and hippies roamed

      J. Going back to the basics of living when homesteading was the way of life

        You’ve always been the star of your show. So which TV set would you most want to live in? 

        A. Downton Abbey

        B. Fixer Upper

        C. Sex and the City

        D. Big Little Lies

        E. Eat Pray Love

        F. Mad Men

        G. The Great Gatsby

        H. Grace and Frankie

        I. That 70’s Show

        J. Golden Girls

          Cheers! We’re celebrating one of our favorite people—you! So what are you drinking?

          A, Whiskey neat

          B. A fruity cocktail with a tiny umbrella

          C. Martini

          D. A glass of wine or champagne

          E. Moscow mule

          F. Manhattan

          G. Old Fashioned

          H. Pina Colada

          I. Tequila Sunrise

          J. Gimlet

            You’re hired! And your dream job is working as a:

            A. Doctor

            B. Farmer 

            C. Art dealer  

            D. Architect 

            E. Artist

            F. Business professional

            G. Fashion Designer

            H. Yoga Instructor

            I. Musician

            J. Seamstress

              It's time to decode your style!

              Tally up your answers and see which style or styles suit you best.

              Casual, comfortable and oh-so-chic, your home features a serious mix of extraordinary finds. You value quality craftsmanship and fine detail while enjoying warm tones, gentle curves, balance, and symmetry. Classic details such as wainscoting and damask prints are perfect accents for your space.

              We suggest these traditional wallpaper patterns: Damsel, Marrakesh, Cranes, Peonies, Silhouette

              Full of character and charm, your home exudes simple charm and country elegance. Drawing inspiration from the outdoors, farmhouse interiors incorporate wood, stone and natural fibers. To create a relaxed environment that’s warm and inviting, try combining flea market finds with layers of textured linens.

              We suggest these farmhouse wallpaper patterns: Grasscloth, Plaid, Wood Planks, Brick, Grasscloth Fans, Burlap

              Raw and edgy, you expose all that lies beneath. Your home marries sleek modernity and old-world charm with bare beams, visible ductwork, and stainless-steel finishes. A large leather couch and tufted rug finish off your space for that relaxed, warehouse vibe.

              We suggest these industrial wallpaper patterns: Brick, Hexagon Tile, Travertine, Repurposed Wood


              You enjoy comfort without the clutter and style that stands the test of time. Generally, contemporary homes are airy, open and clean, however, today’s contemporary style is a blend of comfortable, livable elements that create a sophisticated, fresh look and feel.

              We suggest these contemporary wallpaper patterns: Dazzle, Intersections, Bird Watching, Brass Belly, Goodbye Moon.

              Sourced by passion and adventure, boho homes are full of exotic finds, vintage accessories, color, and texture. You are a free spirit, so let your style and aesthetic shine with a home that is carefree and full of life.

              We suggest these bohemian/eclectic wallpaper patterns: Monkey Business, Tropical, Birds, Botanical, Moons.



              Showcasing simplicity, mid-century interiors feature clean lines, gentle organic curves, and natural materials. You value function, form and fine craftsmanship in addition to a connection with nature.

              We suggest these mid-century modern wallpaper patterns: Coffee Beans, Feather Flock, Wiggle Room , Block Party, Goodbye Moon, Daisies, Shift


              Turn up the glitz and glamour. If you enjoy swanky cocktail parties, decadent details and glamorous geometrics, your interior design style is most likely Art Deco. You have appreciation for the finer things in life and are inspired by iconic arches and exaggerated curves.
              We suggest these art deco wallpaper patterns:  Brass Belly, Feather Flock, Halo


              Soothing hues? You love them! You find comfort in charming seaside villas that are white, bright and airy so you naturally gravitate towards sophisticated designs inspired by nature. If you find serenity in the sea, your interior design style is most likely Coastal.
              We suggest these coastal wallpaper styles: Reed, Amalfi, Stripe, Burlap, Grasscloth, Wood PlanksBreeze Tile, June Grass, Ombre


              Yearning for yesteryear, you find yourself influenced by styles from the past. You aren’t afraid to take a bold approach to your design and embrace upbeat colors and patterns. If you gravitate towards vintage florals and sun-bleached color palettes, your interior design style is most likely Retro.
              We suggest these retro wallpaper patterns: Block Party, Breeze Tile, CabanaDaisies, Grand Palm,  Wheels 


              This is vintage maximalism at its finest. Oversized florals, chintz and lace are celebrated and embraced in your home. If you prefer whimsical and playful prints over simple and traditional designs, your interior design style is most likely Grand Millennial. You enjoy decorating with patterns that feel fresh and approachable but never stuffy.
              We suggest these grand millennial wallpaper styles: Chinoiserie, Bird Watching, Moody Bloom, Moody Floral, Pansies, Silhouette