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Removable Wallpaper By Design

Magic happens when you align our peel and stick wallpaper designs with your imagination. Explore birds, bricks, chinoiserie, and geometrics…we have everything you need to bring your vision to life.

Make an instant impact. Designing with animal print wallpaper allows you to spark conversation, intrigue and create a lasting impression that your guests will love.  In dramatic leopard spots, bright pink flamingos, or even chinoiserie, these patterns leap into full view. Call them bold, call them beautiful, call them wild at heart, you’ll agree, their energy can’t be contained. 

Fancying a mid-century farmhouse? Or does a Malibu bungalow strike your mood? Removable wallpaper in shiplap, grass cloth, and natural textures will create the quintessential vibes even in small rooms. You might be wondering if these patterns look authentic. Oh yes. Your eyes will be surprised by the quality details that make these patterns come to life. 

To design with chinoiserie is to immerse yourself in fantasy. Here, enchanted forests teem with deer, cranes, and koi, creating stories rich with romance and magic. Since it’s oh-so-easy to peel, stick, and apply these wallpaper patterns, you’ll instantly be transported to paradise. 

Add a sense of creativity to your walls, floors and ceilings. The abstract designs, geometric patterns, vibrant colors and metallic hues of our removable wallpaper makes a bold statement anywhere it gets placed – bedrooms, bathrooms, nurseries, home offices and beyond. With the ease and flexibility of our peel and stick wallpaper, you can bravely mix and match designs and experiment with new color schemes for a truly personalized look.

Let your creativity run wild as you line your walls with majestic dragons, leopards, monkeys, birds and woodland creatures, all featured in our animal print wallpaper collection. To add a clean and classic aesthetic to your surroundings, browse our textured wallpaper selections featuring realistic repurposed wood and shiplap removable wallpaper. Our brick and stone wallpaper allows you to effortlessly add a brick and natural stone finish to any surface, even bathrooms.

With our Tempaper peel and stick wallpaper, your creativity knows no bounds. Writing on the walls is encouraged with our removable chalkboard, dry-erase and paintable wallpaper. Creating a lush, garden aesthetic in your home can easily be achieved with our lavish and delicate floral patterns and tropical peel and stick wallpaper collection. For a touch of elegance, the intricate, hand-painted designs of our chinoiserie wallpaper creates intrigue and impact in any room.