Here’s Why You Should Own a Sustainable Rug

We are Sharing 3 Benefits of Having a Sustainable Rug in Your Space

A sustainable rug, or eco-friendly rug, consists of natural fibers like jute, wool, sisal, and organic cotton. This type of carpeting is rising in popularity for a variety of reasons, mostly because its attractive, renewable, and affordable.

Unlike synthetic carpeting that usually ends up in a landfill, sustainable rugs are both renewable, biodegradable, and carbon-dioxide neutral.

Not only does a jute rug look beautiful in any room, but it is also made up of sustainable rug materials. So, if you are looking for how to have an eco-friendly home, jute rugs are a great choice.

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Discover a Handwoven Rug Made of 100% PET

What is a PET rug? PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate, the most recyclable plastic in the world.

It is recycled quickly and requires far less energy than other materials, meaning it generates up to 75% less greenhouse gas emissions.

A PET rug is considered a recycled rug option since it can contain up to 100% recycled plastic materials.

Our reversible rug, Double Dash, features a blend of recycled polyester. This 100% PET rug is eco-friendly and fade resistant. Since it is highly durable and versatile, it is a popular choice for any indoor/outdoor space.

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Tempaper & Co. is one of the sustainable rug brands you can shop if you are searching for a jute rug. Take a closer look at our rug collection here or learn more about why you should own a sustainable rug below.

There are many benefits to owning a jute rug, but here are our top 3 reasons why you need a jute rug in your home:

1. It’s a Budget-Friendly Option


Abstract Arches Jute Rug
Abstract Arches Jute Area Rug
Did you know that a jute rug is one of the most affordable natural fiber floor coverings? It is typically less expensive than the other sustainable rug types like sisal or seagrass.


Jute is considered a very abundant fiber and has a speedy growth period, which makes this rug a budget-friendly choice.

2. It’s Appreciated for its Natural Appearance


Diamond Weave Jute Runner
Diamond Weave Flat Runner Rug
A jute rug brings natural beauty into your home. It’s beige, tan, or golden-brown color feels timeless in any room from bedrooms to living rooms.


It’s a popular rug choice due to its ability to adapt to any space. It will complement most interior design styles including modern, boho, retro, and more.

3. It’s Easy to Clean and Maintain

Mostly any natural fiber rug or carpet can mask dirt and dust well, and a jute rug is no exception. This floor covering is known to be low maintenance and easy to clean.


If you are wondering how to care for your jute rug, vacuuming should be enough to keep it staying beautiful for a long time. Be careful when cleaning your rug, as it’s not necessary to use water, shampoo, or steam as this might cause it to rot and stain.

If you are looking for the best area rugs and runners at Tempaper & Co., you can shop our jute rugs and entire rug collection on our website.

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