5 Effective Tips for Working From Home

5 Effective Tips for Working From Home

If you’ve transitioned into working remotely for the very first time, you’ll be happy to discover that there are simple ways to maximize your productivity at home. While there are some who have embraced the WFH lifestyle with ease, the transition can present some new challenges for those who thrive on the daily routine and socialization of working in an office. This is especially true if you share a space with children, a spouse, partner, or roommate. 

If you find working from home your new normal, it’s important to take a disciplined approach early on and develop routines that will keep your mind sharp and focused. Tempaper is here with five of our essential tips and tricks to set the scene for a successful work week and allow you to reach peak productivity at home.


    1. Designate Your Own Space.

It is important to separate work from your personal life. A designated workspace, such as a refreshed home office, keeps you focused and inspired. Consider this your sacred space and do your best to minimize all distractions. Yes, that includes Netflix. Having a space of your own will allow your brain to flip the switch to work-mode. When it is time to clock out for the day and leave the room, you’re signaling to your brain that work is finished until tomorrow. To further define boundaries, you may want to keep a “do not disturb” sign on your door to ensure uninterrupted conference calls and Zoom meetings.

   2. Spruce up Your Home Office or Workspace.

After you have established a designated workspace, consider freshening up your home office with décor that will help spark your creativity. By consciously choosing to decorate your workspace with a wallpaper print that brings you joy, you will have a much easier time sitting at your desk all day. When it comes to finding the right color combinations, turn to color theory. Did you know that the color blue is known to calm your mind and help keep you focused? Here are a few of our favorite blue removable wallpaper prints for your home:

Additionally, the color green can evoke powerful emotions and even improve reading ability. We recommend bringing living plants into your space to help establish a happy and relaxed vibe in a work setting.


    3. Set a Strict Schedule.

Structuring your day is crucial. Sit down every morning and establish a to-do list that will help keep you on track throughout the day. As you work from home, it is easier than you may think to lose focus. Interruptions and distractions will inevitably pop up throughout the morning and afternoon but keeping your tasks in plain sight, such as on dry erase wallpaper or a chalkboard wallpaper, will help you stay committed to your priorities. 

After you have crossed off a few priority items on your list, it’s important to schedule a few healthy breaks for yourself to avoid burning out. Blocking out time to check email, eat lunch, or even take a phone meeting outside as you walk your dog are all notable suggestions to help you feel more productive and less overwhelmed. If distance learning is being added to your family’s daily routine, you may find yourself multi-tasking more than usual. As you begin to balance your work with your kids’ remote learning, having a consistent daily schedule is more important than ever.


    4. Organization Is Key.

Keeping order in your workspace is especially important to help boost productivity as you work. While it’s a good idea to add file folders, bookshelves, and planners to your desk, it’s just as important to keep your space tidy and organized. Studies show that people who work in a clean space are more likely to have an efficient day compared to those who are surrounded by clutter. Schedule a designated day during the week to tidy up your workspace. You may be surprised to find how much your productivity will rise.

    5. Create a Stylish Backdrop for Google Meet and Zoom Calls

Adding a stylish, professional background is a refreshing way to remind yourself to have a little fun during your team Zoom meetings. If you are working on a desktop, you can add a cheerful print to an accent wall behind you. If you prefer working from your laptop, establishing a designated workspace is more crucial than ever, as it will become increasingly tempting to work from your couch as the months go on. Creating a nook using peel and stick temporary wallpaper will make it seem like you are in a separate workspace during your weekly meeting, helping to maintain a professional tone at home. Here are a few of our favorite wallpaper prints to use as a backdrop:

We hope these 5 simple tricks from Tempaper will help increase your productivity and allow you to feel more accomplished at the end of every workweek. If you are looking for ways to brighten up your workspace, browse our wide selection of quality wallpaper on our website. The peel and stick temporary wallpaper design allow you to reuse the wallpaper in a variety of settings. When it comes time to head back to the office, you can simply peel and stick our wallpaper to another room in your home. Feel free to share your favorite working from home tips in the comment section below!