5 Tips For Redecorating Your Dining Room With Removable Wallpaper

5 Tips For Redecorating Your Dining Room With Removable Wallpaper

How to Update Your Dining Room with Removable Wallpaper

When it came time for Carisha Swanson from House Beautiful to redecorate her dining room, she chose our Tempaper Garden Jade Chinoiserie removable wallpaper.

On the hunt for a budget-friendly alternative to traditional Chinoiserie wall panels, she stumbled upon our affordable collection of Chinoiserie prints at Tempaper. She admits that she fell in love with the garden wallpaper at first sight. There was just one small challenge that she faced on the wall: a chair rail.
Instead of removing it, there are ways to make the most out of a chair rail. In fact, the molding can provide an ideal base for your peel and stick, removable wallpaper, proving that you do not need to cover the entire wall to make a big statement. Carisha embraced this idea with open arms. She chose to wallpaper only half of her wall, creating a stunning garden-inspired dining room.

Tip #1: Cover Half the Wall
As soon as you walk into Carisha’s dining room, you will be swept away by the beauty and elegance of the Garden Jade Chinoiserie peel-and-stick wallpaper. If you are interested in viewing the complete transformation, learn more about the details of Carisha’s dining room makeover.

Image by @tennesseechinoiserie

Staring at a blank wall, with infinite possibilities swirling around in their head, a couple pondered the best way to redesign their dining room. They recognized that they were working with a smaller room with no windows and no space for a table, lamp, or decorative accent; this meant that they needed to find an eye-catching print that would stand out on the wall. While looking for the best ways to maximize their space, they were also looking for one more thing: an affordable wall decor option that fit into their budget. That’s when they discovered Chinoiserie and the custom order options that are available at Tempaper.

Tip #2: Add Unique, Oversized Wall Decor
If you are interested in finding unique, oversized wall decor to add to your dining room, consider Chinoiserie. Chinoiserie can be custom ordered as framed wall panels, which means that the wall art will perfectly fit your space and vision. The timeless print, which is designed to resemble a work of art, is something you will love and appreciate for years to come. View more inspiration on @tennesseechinoiserie’s Instagram.
Image by RJ Clifton Designs
The focal point of this jungle-inspired dining room by RJ Clifton Designs is our Monkey Business removable wallpaper. The playful print adds a dash of bold color while maintaining the level of sophistication that you look for in a dining room setting. The best part about this modern dining room is that the busy print doesn’t overwhelm the space. The bright peel-and-stick wallpaper is perfect for bringing a sense of joy into a room where people are most likely to gather, socialize, and hang out.

Tip #3: Embrace Bold Colors
Why would you choose a dining room design that blends in when you can pick a design that stands out? Monkey Business peel-and-stick wallpaper mixes together pops of orange, blue, and green in an unexpected and playful pattern that brings life to boring walls. View more of this fun-loving dining room project from RJ Clifton Designs.

Image by @mondaymondaycreative

Hoping to add a dash of excitement to her dining room, the talented @Mondaymondaycreative looked to her ceiling for inspiration. Once discovering Tempaper by You, she appreciated the freedom she was given to create bold brush strokes and layers of paint without damaging the ceiling. The end result is a wild, free-spirited pattern in a very tailored and polished dining room. Along with the freedom to create your own designs, the removable wallpaper can easily be peeled away so a new, blank canvas can take its place.

Tip #4: Dress up the Ceiling
The ceiling is an overlooked place to add dimension to your space. Yet, painting your ceiling is a smart and creative way to freshen up a room. @Mondaymondaycreative used Tempaper by You to create a truly unique design from scratch. The blank, paintable wallpaper provides a blank canvas for you to paint whatever you would like! View more of this ceiling transformation on @Mondaymondaycreative’s Instagram.

Tip #5: Shift into Neutral
A neutral dining room will be a bright spot in any home. If you are looking for dining room decor that truly freshens up your space, use @tealdoordiaries’s modern and airy dining room as inspiration. The mismatched mirrors, farmhouse accents, and touch of boho decor all come together to create an inviting dining room for guests to flock and gather around the table.
Image by @tealdoordiaries
The muted colors featured in our Feather Flock modern wallpaper bring a sense of calm and relaxation to your space, offering a cozy spot for morning coffee or a sophisticated setting for an evening dinner party. View more on @tealdoordiaries’s Instagram.

Redecorate Your Dining Room With Tempaper
It’s time to make your dining room the most-loved place in your home. No matter your space, style, or budget, peel and stick wallpaper is the best option for elevating your space without breaking the bank or undertaking any major renovations. One of the simplest and quickest ways that you can spruce up a dining room is to add removable wallpaper. In most settings, adding bold printed wallpaper to an accent wall is all you will need to take your space from drab to fab. When the time comes to refresh your dining room, consider adding peel and stick removable wallpaper.
If you are wondering how to create a focal point in your dining room that will make a lasting impression, take cues from our valued customers and browse the best peel-and-stick removable wallpaper options from Tempaper.
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