‘70s Home Decor is Trending – Here’s How to Get the Look

Bring Back the ‘70s with these Retro and Chic Home Decor Items

The 1970s celebrated self-expression, individuality, and experimentation. Inspired by a decade defined by being bold and free, these ‘70s home decor items are the perfect fit for a totally groovy interior.

“The ‘70s color palette is all about earthy tones, including avocado green, mustard yellow, burnt orange, and brown. These warm, rich colors can create a cozy interior environment. In contrast, bold and vibrant patterns were also popular in ‘70s home design – like geometric prints, paisley, floral motifs, and large-scale abstract designs. Perfect for making a statement with wallpaper!”- Jennifer Matthews, Chief Creative Officer at Tempaper & Co.

It's easy to achieve a 1970s home with bright colors, geometric prints, and retro floral designs.

Explore everything from peel and stick wallpaper, wall decals, and vinyl rugs that you can mix-and-match to help complete your ‘70s-inspired room.

Jennifer continues to add “Don’t be afraid to get in touch with your inner ‘groovy’ side when selecting patterns and color. You can add geometric prints, paisley, floral motifs, and large-scale abstract wallpaper in any room to capture the essence of the '70s style.”

No-Fuss Ways to Create a Stylish ‘70s-Inspired Home

“Mid-century modern, boho style, and glam/disco design were all trending in the ‘70s,” Jennifer states.

It’s refreshing to see these trends recycle themselves. You can choose to “go all in” with 1970s decor or strike a nice balance between retro and modern.

How you would like to achieve a 1970s-inspired home is up to your personal style, but these designs can help you get started.

Here are our top ways to bring back the 1970s in your space:

Checkmate Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Checkered Prints for Your Walls and Floor

Check it out. Checker, plaid, and gingham are hallmarks of 1970s fashion and interior design.

These playful patterns have made a comeback, arriving in an easy-to-apply peel and stick wallpaper design and vinyl rug for your home.

Adorn your walls and floor with our Checkmate print, available in both bold and subtle options.

Flourish Peel and Stick Wallpaper and Vinyl Rug

Wavy Prints for Your Wall

If you are looking to make a wow-worthy statement, our Flourish print is the perfect pick for your 1970s-inspired home.

Available in a totally awesome color combination, this pattern brings walls and floors to life. It’s guaranteed to be a conversation-starter in any room – especially dining rooms.

Retro Wall Decals

Get Groovy with Florals

Flower power was the slogan of the early 1970s. So, it’s no surprise that floral designs are a must-have for any ‘70s interior.

If you are looking to make a simple change to any space, our Retro Flower peel and stick wall decals can bring the ‘70s theme into any room.

Willow Peel and Stick Wallpaper

How to Make a Subtle and Sophisticated ‘70s Statement

Maybe you are looking for home decor items that are a subtle nod to the ‘70s. Choose from one of our many retro peel and stick wallpaper prints for a tasteful and sophisticated interior design.

“Incorporate ‘70s-inspired decor in a tasteful way by selecting a few key design elements that resonate with you and then blend them with your existing modern pieces. A mix of retro and modern balances out visually.”

Painted Vine Peel and Stick Wallpaper

There are two peel and stick wallpaper prints that bring gorgeous green, earth tones into your space. Willow and Painted Vine are among our top picks for a subtle-yet-stylish, retro home.

Discover how easy it is to incorporate this trend into your home decor. Browse our collection of retro wallpaper designs at Tempaper & Co today and easily add a bit of ‘70s flair to any room.