About Chinoiserie Design

With the rise of “Grand-Millenial” style, Chinoiserie is becoming a much-loved design aesthetic for traditional and modern generations alike. Whether you prefer traditional decor in its original sense or are creating a nostalgic space with an air of whimsey, our Chinoiserie wallpaper is the perfect backdrop.

The Product : Chinoiserie By Tempaper

Timeless design meets state-of-the-art materials with Tempaper’s esteemed Chinoiserie removable wallpaper collection. Each order is custom printed using the finest materials available, including a substrate that is type A-rated for flame-spread and smoke developed. Chinoiserie by Tempaper is a special-order program. Designs are scaled to size and printed on a self-adhesive, removable, fabric wallpaper. We offer ultimate customization with this collection. Customers can choose from metallic and matte colorway options and will work one-on-one with a Tempaper designer to create a unique, customized. If you have trouble visualizing how Chinoiserie will look in your space, samples of each print are available on their product pages.

The Look: Beauty & Sophistication

This traditional artform will enhance the beauty of your home, adding sophistication to any space. Based on original hand-painted designs from a Shanghai artisan, our Chinoiserie collection pays homage to those who have painted these luxurious landscapes for centuries. Each elegant design captures the romance of a bygone era. Create a focal wall, framed panels, or create a full floor to ceiling room design.

The Inspiration: What is Chinoiserie Wallpaper?

If you aren’t sure what Chinoiserie is or asking yourself “what is chinoiserie wallpaper?” look no further. The term Chinoiserie is derived from the word chinois, a French term meaning “Chinese.” This style originated during the 17th century as trade between China and other countries of eastern Asia expanded. The idea of “exotic” imports and lands helped birth this style as a European interpretation of Asian culture and decorative arts. Chinoiserie embodied the European’s high regard for Asian art and culture especially in the homes of aristocracy and palaces of monarchs. Chinoiserie wallpaper prints characteristically include lavish floral designs surrounded with birds and butterflies, as well as other motifs. These prints are known to look like a piece of artwork or mural, not a repeating wallpaper pattern.

 Now that you have read all about Chinoiserie, head over to the "How To Order Custom Wallpaper" blog post to learn more about the ordering process.