Moody and Timeless Black Bathroom Ideas

Discover Why Black Bathrooms are Trending

When it comes to updating a bathroom, many are looking for small bathroom ideas that will stand the test of time. When looking for the best bathroom ideas for 2023 and beyond, we recommend trying black peel and stick wallpaper in your bathroom. Here’s why.

Black Wallpaper Brings the Drama

While white is a classic choice for a bathroom or powder room, black has become a popular decor trend, too. It’s moody, mysterious, and delivers the perfect dose of glam to your bathroom design.

Peel and stick wallpaper can be applied to any room in 3 simple steps. Simply peel off the self-adhesive backing, stick onto your surface, and smooth out any air bubbles with a squeegee.

If you are looking for modern bathroom ideas, learn how easy it is to style a black bathroom below.

How to Style a Black Bathroom

If you are drawn to the drama that a black bathroom brings, we are sharing our best tips and tricks for installing black peel and stick wallpaper in a bathroom.

First, pick a print that complements your style. There are a variety of black wallpaper designs to choose from. We offer black-on-black wallpaper, prints that feature metallic and texture, and luxurious patterns that instantly add sophistication to your space.

Depending on your design style and what you are hoping to achieve, there is a temporary wallpaper option for you.

After you find your perfect print, we recommend ordering a sample. A sample is the best way to make sure the adhesive will stick to your surface, especially if you are applying the wallpaper over tiles or a slightly textured wall.

Ordering a sample is also a great way to see how the color will look in your space since you are dealing with such a dark and moody hue.

We also recommend using our wallpaper visualizer on our website. This is a very handy tool which will help you visualize how the print will look in your bathroom.

Does the wallpaper look better displayed behind your bathroom vanity as an accent wall or displayed on multiple walls? Using our wallpaper visualizer will help answer these questions for you. It can be found on each product page on our website.

Find the Best Wallpaper Design for Your All-Black Bathroom

If you are looking to incorporate the look of real wood, we love our realistic wood designs like Beadboard and Wood Planks.

For a bit of glam, try Peonies. If you prefer something more subtle, we offer a variety of black-on-black designs, which include Intersections, Grasscloth Geo, and Damsel.

Adding a touch of texture to your bathroom wall decor has become a top trend for many renters and homeowners. If you are looking for a textured peel and stick wallpaper print, consider Brick or Grasscloth.

To truly design the most captivating bathroom, don’t forget to add contrast. Sticking to a white floor or white sink and tub will make a striking statement in your space and add that “wow-factor” to your room.

How to Style a Black and White Bathroom 

If you’re not ready to embrace an all-black bathroom, there are a handful of black and white bathroom design ideas that still make a dramatic statement.

A few of our popular black and white wallpaper designs include Moire Dots, Shift, and Wiggle Room.

Peel and stick wallpaper is always a good idea for your bathroom decor! If you are interested in trying black in your bathroom, removable wallpaper is the best option since it can be easily removed.

Try black wallpaper in your bathroom for a day, week, or years. Whenever you are ready for a change, our black removable wallpaper will remove quickly without ruining your paint or walls.


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