Brighten Your Home with Metallic Wallpaper & Removable Wall Decals

Brighten Your Home with Metallic Wallpaper & Removable Wall Decals

Add Shine to Your Space with Metallic Wallpaper and Wall Decals

Make your room sparkle and shine with breathtaking bronze and shimmering silvers. If you are wondering how to add metallics to your home, our metallic peel and stick wallpaper and wall decals add the perfect dose of elegance and glam to your space.

Our metallic wallpaper and wall decal designs at Tempaper & Co. offer an easy way to brighten any space from kitchen backsplashes to bedroom ceilings. Learn more about our metallic home decor below.

Metallic hexagon wallpaper design in a modern kitchen
How to Use Metallic Wallpaper in a Kitchen

We love metallic wallpaper in any room, especially kitchens. If you are looking for an easy way to update your kitchen backsplash without renovating, we encourage you to try our metallic removable wallpaper.

You’ll find a variety of realistic tile wallpaper in silver, bronze, or gold colorways. These designs are popular for kitchen backsplashes since they resemble the look of real tile without the messy cleanup.

The best bronze or gold wallpaper options for your kitchen include Goodbye Moon, Hello Sunshine, and Travertine. We’ve seen these designs used on kitchen backsplashes, accent walls, and shelves.

Our stick on wallpaper is available in silver tones, too and works for both renters and homeowners. It’s self-adhesive backing makes the design possibilities nearly endless!

Don’t forget about your pantry or dining room. Temporary wallpaper makes a stylish statement behind pantry and cabinet shelves. It can also spruce up dining spaces, a simple way to elevate your room for dinner guests and more.

Metallic floral wallpaper by Tempaper in a bedroom
How to Use Metallic Wallpaper in a Bedroom

Your bedroom should feel cozy and warm. Adding subtle pops of metallic to your sleeping space is a nice way to bring shimmer and style into your bedroom.

Garden Blush Metallic Chinoiserie in a bedroom
If you are wondering which metallic wallpaper works best for your bedroom, we love Marrakesh or Moons on an accent wall. For a truly elegant look, we recommend trying our Chinoiserie custom wallpaper designs to add a luxurious touch to your space.

For kids’ bedrooms, we love Constellations on the ceiling and our Dots peel and stick wallpaper as an accent wall.

Metallic Constellations peel and stick wallpaper in a bathroom
How to Use Metallic Wallpaper in a Bathroom

So many of our customers are happy to hear that you can apply peel and stick wallpaper in a bathroom. Bathrooms and powder rooms are the perfect space for metallic wallpaper.

There are many popular wallpaper prints for a bathroom, but our favorite designs include floral wallpaper like Peonies and Homestead Floral. Distressed Gold Leaf is also a winning choice for making a subtle yet stylish statement in a bathroom.

Metallic Marrakesh Wallpaper design in a living room
How to Use Metallic Wallpaper in a Living Room

With so many self adhesive wallpaper options for walls, it can be hard to narrow down the best metallic wallpaper prints for your living room.

Royal Palm is a nice choice for living rooms, as it combines luxury with tropical beauty for a truly unique addition to your home decor. Moire Dots is also a top seller, as it is timeless and versatile.

We love Royal Palm for an accent wall. While Moire Dots also makes a great statement on living room walls, it can also be the perfect print for refreshing worn furniture like cabinets, bookshelves, and more.


Joy wall decal for holidays
If you are looking to add instant shine, our metallic peel and stick wall decals are a fun way to bring shimmering style into your living room. Depending on the season, we offer a variety of designs that will complement your home decor.


Our seasonal wall decals include metallic holiday sayings like Peace and Joy. We also offer metallic custom name decals to personalize your space all year long.

Metallic grasscloth wallpaper design in a entryway with a light wooden bench
How to Use Metallic Wallpaper in an Entryway

Set the tone for the rest of your home by applying peel and stick wallpaper in an entryway. Our metallic stick on wallpaper is the perfect choice for renters and homeowners to update their entryway or foyer.

Our popular selections for an entryway include Bird Watching, Grasscloth Fans, and Daisies. These metallic wallpaper designs add the perfect amount of shine to this small space.

We love adding peel and stick wallpaper behind entryway benches, on stair risers, around front doors, and more.

Whether you are looking to add silver, gold, or bronze to your home decor, peel and stick wallpaper makes the perfect statement to your walls, furniture, stair risers, ceilings, and more.

Click here to learn about our best tips and tricks for applying wallpaper to your home or browse our metallic wallpaper collection on our website today.