Color Forecast: 2021 Color Trends of the Year

Color Forecast: 2021 Color Trends of the Year

The new year brings the promise of renewed hope and transformation. While many are jotting down their new year’s resolutions, some may be ready to finally tackle that DIY home project they have been putting off all year. This year, in particular, home has taken on a new meaning. So it’s no surprise that 2021 color trends will be focused on simple sophistication and creating a sanctuary in your space.

Allow the new year to be your chance to turn your home into a cozy sanctuary by adding a touch of style and a dash of color to worn walls and furniture with the trending 2021 colors of the year. The winning 2021 color palettes that have been chosen by Benjamin Moore, Farrow and Ball, Sherwin Williams, and Pantone include plenty of versatile and optimistic shades to help you create the ultimate space for reflection and renewal. Where do you see these popular hues in your home?

The 2021 color of the year selections aren’t just limited to home design. These winning combinations will help a wide range of industries, from furniture to fashion, choose their design trends for the upcoming seasons. Keep an eye out for the 2021 color trends, as you’ll be seeing more and more of these colors available as the new year goes on. So, how will you keep up with all of the new changes? You can start by ordering removable wallpaper from Tempaper!

Color Trends & Our Removable Wallpaper

The peel and stick temporary wallpaper designs at Tempaper are a wonderful, less permanent alternative to paint. The removable wallpaper prints will help you stay on top of the changing trends, even as new inspiration starts to roll in, and will allow you to easily peel off and remove once the trend starts to fade. Simply peel, place and, embrace the inspiring color trends for 2021 that will help define homes in the upcoming year!

Benjamin Moore 2021 Color of the Year

Benjamin Moore announced their Color Trends 2021 palette which includes 12 sunbaked colors including front runner Aegean Teal, a welcoming shade that makes you want to settle in at home and cozy up beneath a blanket.

The versatile blue-green shade creates natural harmony in your space and works well on an accent wall. The deeply soothing hue will bring a sense of calm to your interior, which is why it works so well in entryways, bedrooms, living rooms, and more.

If you are wondering how to add Aegean Teal to your space, it is easy to do with our peel and stick wallpaper collection at Tempaper. Our teal removable wallpaper selections include:

Pantone 2021 Colors of the Year

If you are wondering what the Pantone 2021 Color of the Year is, in true 2020 fashion, there was a twist this year. During their highly anticipated 2021 Color of the Year announcement, Pantone picked two colors: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating

As we look back on his tumultuous year, the optimistic yellow and dependable gray shades deliver the message of hope, positivity, and resiliency. It is a sign that sunnier days are on the horizon.

In a recent article from the Los Angeles Times, Cortney Novogratz from The Novogratz stated, “Yellow makes you happy and gray is the perfect neutral. We have always used yellow in our designs and products which are quite popular.”

Gray certainly is the perfect neutral and is well-represented in a popular Novogratz wallpaper print, Monkey Business in Forest Fog, as shown above. If you are looking to add a burst of sunshine to your space, our yellow removable wallpaper prints include Ditsy Floral Dandelion by Nesting with Grace.

It’s easy to incorporate Ultimate Gray and Illuminating into your space, just turn to our yellow and gray removable wallpaper prints and removable wall decals that include:

Farrow & Ball 2021 Color of the Year

Farrow & Ball is focusing on luxurious, warm tones that will enrich your space. The color trends of the year include Deep Reddish Brown, Tanner’s Brown and Preference Red. These deep and dark tones can warm up just about any room in your home, especially a bedroom or living room.

It’s easy to add deep browns and reddish accents to your space with peel and stick, removable wallpaper. Here are a few of our brown and red peel and stick wallpaper prints, including Hydrangea, as shown above:

Sherwin Williams 2021 Color of the Year

Sherwin Williams announced Urbane Bronze as their 2021 Color of the Year. The bronze hue is rooted in nature, perfectly capturing the simple sophistication that many of us have been seeking this year. Wherever the color is placed, feelings of relaxation and tranquility are soon to follow. The versatile shade can be used as an accent color or primary color in any room in your home.

If you are wondering how to decorate with Urbane Bronze, peel and stick removable wallpaper may be your answer. We offer a few removable wallpaper prints including:

Order Removable Wallpaper From Tempaper Today

Coordinating colors can easily be mixed with any of the 2021 colors of the year to help you create a truly wow-worthy space. If you are interested in staying up to date on all of the latest trends, visit Tempaper to check out our peel and stick, removable wallpaper prints that are available in the colors of the year and their complementary shades.