Trending Interior Design Colors That Are Here to Stay

The colors of the year are carefully chosen by a committee of renowned experts in the industry. These standout colors tell a story about everything that’s taking place in our culture throughout the year.

These experts look to fashion, entertainment, and travel to predict their celebrated hues and palettes.  Looking inside their choices allows us to not only understand their messaging but understand how they want to affect interiors across the globe this upcoming year.

Colors and patterns are powerful. They change our mood with one look and transcend us to different times and places. They shape our lives and the worlds in which we live.  Let’s take the time to review them carefully and the patterns we predict will perfectly complement them this year.

The 2024 Color of the Year selections include Behr's Cracked Pepper, Sherwin Williams' Upward, Valspar's Renew Blue, HGTV's Persimmon, and Graham and Brown's Viridis.

Your Guide to Pairing Wallpaper with the Trending Colors of the Year

The team at Tempaper & Co. thinks these colors will continue to captive your home beyond 2024 and for years to come. Both blue and black have been trending wallpaper colors for the past couple of years so it’s safe to predict that these color trends are here to stay.

If you are looking for the best temporary wallpaper and paint combinations, Tempaper & Co. is a timeless choice.

"Our commitment has always been to provide high-quality wallpaper to designers of all ages,"

says Jennifer Matthews, Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder of Tempaper & Co.

"We are proud to consistently offer designs that seamlessly blend with the colors of the year, allowing individuals to create interiors spaces that are both stylish and timeless.”

Before we dive further into the trending colors and prints for 2024, let's look back on the design trends of the previous year.

How the Colors of the Year Have Changed Over Time

Last year, Pantone announced their 2023 Color of the Year as Viva Magenta. This bright and vibrant red represented strength and a lust for life. It was bold and refreshing compared to previous years.

In the past, the focus seemed to be on warm and earthy tones, with colors like Benjamin Moore's "October Mist" and PPG's "Olive Sprig" which turned homes into a comforting retreat during and after challenging times during the pandemic.

In 2023, there was a heightened appreciation and awareness of nature, as more and more people were bringing plants and fresh florals into their homes. The end of the pandemic also led to a renewed enjoyment of outdoor recreation and travel.

The Power of Color and Why It Matters

Color Marketing Group conducts international color consortiums to predict the color palettes for the upcoming year, offering valuable insights to designers and manufacturers. This group suggests that color can influence buying decisions by as much as 85%, highlighting the importance of color choices in marketing and design.

KISSmetrics' infographic, "How Do Colors Affect Purchases," support these findings, further underlining the role of color in shaping consumer choices.

Pantone's Color of the Year for 2023 holds psychological and emotional significance, symbolizing a balance between boldness, confidence, and humanity.

Viva Magenta served as a symbol of power and grace, encapsulating the need for healing and motivation amid the ongoing challenges of the pandemic and current events. It empowered individuals and sent them out into the world with renewed strength and purpose.

This year, the trending colors are a blend of calming and cheerful colors, inspiring us to get creative with our home décor style. Let’s explore the best wallpaper to pair with the colors of the year.

Ombre peach wall mural

Embrace Peach Perfection with These Captivating Wallpaper Designs

Pantone's Color of the Year for 2024 was announced as Peach Fuzz. This light orange hue brings a comforting ambiance to spaces, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and sophistication.

Pantone describes this color as a heartfelt peach hue that resonates with kindness and tenderness, encapsulating a message of caring and sharing while fostering a sense of community and collaboration.

This soft and inviting shade has the power to evoke feelings of tranquility, creating a welcoming ambiance in any room. The color peach, with its gentle and subtle undertones, can visually expand spaces, making them feel open and airy.

Whether used as an accent or as the dominant color, peach has the transformative capacity to turn interiors into havens of style and serenity.


Here’s the best wallpaper to pair with Pantone’s Peach Fuzz:

Peach Ombre peel and stick wall mural: This design elegantly incorporates Peach Fuzz into a mesmerizing ombre pattern that adds depth and dimension to your space. The peachy hue creates a soothing visual effect in any room.

Willow Rainforest Blossom peel and stick wallpaper: The peach tones infuse a sense of softness and femininity into the design, while the willow branches and blossoms evoke a serene and calming environment.

Bamboo Gardens Coral unpasted wallpaper: The fusion of peach creates a sense of warmth and relaxation while the bamboo leaves add a touch of tropical flair. This wallpaper is an ideal choice for spaces where you want to evoke a serene and exotic ambiance.

Coral Reef Rose Quartz peel and stick wallpaper: This pattern creates a visually captivating statement with its intricate patterns and harmonious blend of soft peach and coral tones. Ideal for accent walls or spaces where you want to infuse coastal style, this design brings a stunning underwater world to your interior.

Petite Garden Pink Punch peel and stick wallpaper: These petite blooms in varying shades of peach and pink create a whimsical and charming atmosphere. This wallpaper is perfect for spaces like nurseries, home offices, or anywhere you want to infuse a sense of creativity and positivity.

Our custom printing option makes it easy to recolor any of our existing designs in the colors of the year. Learn more about our services here.

Embrace Bold Elegance with Moody Black Wallpaper

Behr’s Cracked Pepper is a deep and dramatic shade of black that exudes cool sophistication and charm. Black wallpaper is a top choice for many of our customers, so we think this dark hue is going to be trending for a while.

This moody hue can have a profound impact on the atmosphere of a space and the emotions it elicits. It is a color that is associated with sophistication, elegance, and a sense of mystery.

When "Cracked Pepper" is incorporated into a room, it adds a touch of luxury and refinement, making it our favorite color choice for dining rooms or entertainment areas.

Its deep and enveloping quality can create a cozy, intimate atmosphere, perfect for fostering meaningful conversations and connections.

However, black also evokes feelings of introspection and contemplation. It can be moody and dramatic, conveying a sense of depth and complexity. This allows "Cracked Pepper" to be used in a variety of design styles, from modern and minimalist to traditional and eclectic.

Black wallpaper prints that are trending colors of the year

Here’s the best wallpaper to pair with Behr’s Cracked Pepper:

Faux Grasscloth Geo peel and stick wallpaper: This mid-century modern wallpaper features a geometric pattern and black color palette that adds a contemporary contrast to Cracked Pepper's deep shade, resulting in a striking and sophisticated interior.

Vintage Vine peel and stick wallpaper: The deep, rich tones of Cracked Pepper bring a contemporary and dramatic touch to the room. Vintage Vine's elegant pattern and white background offer a striking contrast, creating a sophisticated and stylish atmosphere. Together, they create a harmonious color scheme that adds depth to any room.

Travertine peel and stick wallpaper: This luxurious black and gold marble print perfectly harmonizes with Cracked Pepper. The contrast of the paint’s deep, dark hue with the opulent, gilded accents in Travertine adds a sense of sophistication to any space, creating a stunning look that's both contemporary and timeless.

Faux Grasscloth peel and stick wallpaper: Cracked Pepper's deep shade combined with the texture of Faux Grasscloth adds a sense of depth and tactile interest to any room, creating a stylish and modern interior with a subtle organic touch.


Bring Serenity into Your Space with Blue Wallpaper

Sherwin Williams' "Upward" is a tranquil and ethereal blue that delivers peace and serenity into any space. It has calming grey undertones that feel versatile, making it a perfect choice for bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms.

Blue is a captivating shade that can have a profound impact on any space and the emotions it evokes. It is often associated with a sense of calm, tranquility, and serenity and is known for creating an atmosphere of peace and relaxation.

In addition to its calming effect, blue instills a sense of creativity and inspiration. It encourages clear thinking and stimulates mental focus. This makes it an excellent choice for home offices and creative spaces.

Here’s the best wallpaper to pair with Sherwin Williams’ Upward:

Faux Horizontal Grasscloth peel and stick wallpaper: Faux Horizontal Grasscloth in a light blue hue perfectly complements Sherwin Williams' Upward, creating a serene and airy ambiance in any room. These soft and uplifting shades bring a sense of tranquility and contemporary elegance to any interior, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a fresh space.

Forest Toile peel and stick wallpaper: This combination evokes a soothing and nature-inspired look for your interior. Upward's serene blue hue blends seamlessly with the scenery featured in Forest Toile, resulting in a space that feels serene and timeless.

Bird Watching peel and stick wallpaper: This pairing creates a serene and nature-inspired atmosphere, with Upward's soft shade complementing the calming color of Bird Watching, resulting in a space that feels tranquil and inviting.

Chinoiserie Garden peel and stick wall mural: The light blue in this Chinoiserie removable mural pairs effortlessly with Upward, creating an elegant and tranquil setting. The soft and calming hues exude sophistication and timeless beauty, making it the perfect choice for those seeking a graceful and harmonious interior.


Valspar's "Renew Blue" is an invigorating blue that instantly refreshes any room. This versatile shade is perfect for all seasons, bringing a breath of fresh air into living spaces. Wondering what colors go with blue? Try mustards, red, pinks, greens, or yellows.

"Renew Blue is an incredibly versatile and all-season shade that anyone can envision in their space. Inspired by fleeting elements like fog, mist, clouds, and glacier lakes, Renew Blue elevates the everyday mood, encourages self-expression, and evokes a feeling of balance and calm, with a twist of unique spontaneity," said Sue Kim, Valspar Director of Color Marketing said in a press release.

"Blue is a classic shade that has become the new neutral for today's home and can be mixed and matched to fit a variety of design styles and applications."

Here’s the best wallpaper to pair with Valspar’s Renew Blue:

Brushstroke Gardens peel and stick wallpaper: Brushstroke Gardens’ light blue hue pairs wonderfully with Valspar's 2024 color of the year. The combination delivers a sense of serenity into any space, with Renew Blue's soothing hue harmonizing beautifully with the hand-painted aesthetic of our peel on wallpaper. It creates a space that feels calming, making it an excellent choice for those looking to infuse their interiors with a sense of artistic inspiration.

Floral Damask peel and stick wallpaper: This pairing creates an elegant and timeless ambiance, with Renew Blue's soothing shade blending seamlessly with the classic damask design of the wallpaper. Together, they result in a space that feels sophisticated and tranquil, an ideal choice for those seeking traditional elegance in a modern interior.

Glyph Geo unpasted wallpaper: Glyph Geo is a light blue geometric design that pairs wonderfully with Valspar's 2024 color of the year, Renew Blue. This combination creates a contemporary and artistic atmosphere, with Renew Blue's soothing hue harmonizing beautifully with the modern geometric shapes of Glyph Geo.

Create a Radiate Room with Terracotta Wallpaper

"Persimmon" is HGTV’s 2024 Color of the Year. This tangerine and terracotta color radiates warmth and positivity. There are many colors to pair with this paint, particularly a soft blue or neutral tone.

Terracotta, like "Persimmon," is known for its warm and earthy qualities, making it an ideal choice for creating a cozy, inviting atmosphere.

When used in interior design, this hue can infuse a sense of warmth and comfort into a room, making it particularly well-suited for living areas, kitchens, and dining spaces.

Its natural, sun-kissed undertones can evoke feelings of nostalgia and connection to the outdoors, creating a space that feels both welcoming and familiar.

"Persimmon" and other terracotta shades also bring a touch of vitality and energy to your living space, livening up a room without being overly bold. It's often associated with feelings of joy and creativity, so it is well-suited for areas people gather, socialize, and express themselves.

Here’s the best wallpaper to pair with HGTV’s Persimmon:

Brushstroke Garden peel and stick wallpaper: This combination creates a striking and dynamic contrast, with Persimmon's bold and vibrant hue harmonizing beautifully with the soft, artistic aesthetic of Brushstroke Garden. Together, they create a space that feels both energetic and creative, adding a pop of color to any interior.

Desert Palm peel and stick wallpaper: Persimmon's bold and vibrant hue and the nature-inspired design of Desert Palm creates a captivating and harmonious ambiance. The space feels both lively and serene, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a balance of vibrancy and natural beauty.

Willow peel and stick wallpaper: This light blue design pairs wonderfully with "Persimmon,” creating a captivating and refreshing room. The striking contrast feels both energetic and serene, making it an ideal choice for those looking to create a captivating interior.

Bring Depth to Your Home with Soft Green Wallpaper

Enrich any room in your home with this muted green. It is gentle and soft yet adds just enough intrigue to any room, creating a natural surrounding that has charm and calm.

Soft green hues are often associated with nature, renewal, and tranquility, so Viridis" is perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, and spaces where relaxation is a priority.

Its soothing and natural quality promotes a sense of well-being and connection to the outdoors.

"Viridis" and similar soft green shades create a sense of balance and harmony in a home, since green is associated with balance and growth.

The 2024 Color of the Year, "Viridis," evokes the essence of soft green, offering a harmonious blend of calm and rejuvenation, making people feel grounded, rejuvenated, and in tune with nature.

Here’s the best wallpaper to pair with Graham and Brown’s Viridis:

Faux Grasscloth peel and stick wallpaper: Viridis' serene green blends seamlessly with the calming, textural appearance of the grasscloth design. Together, they result in a space that feels both tranquil and grounded, making it an excellent choice for a beautiful and sophisticated interior.

Petite Garden peel and stick wallpaper: Petite Garden is a perfect complement to Graham and Brown's 2024 color of the year, Viridis. This pairing creates a serene and nature-inspired atmosphere, with Viridis' calming shade beautifully aligning with the delicate wallpaper design. Together, they transform any space into a tranquil environment, the perfect choice for those looking to infuse their interiors with natural beauty.

Desert Palm peel and stick wallpaper: This combination creates a serene and nature-inspired ambiance, with Viridis' calming green hue harmonizing seamlessly with the calming, nature-inspired Desert Palm. Both bring tranquility and a breath of fresh air to any interior.

Ignite Your Home with the Timeless Allure of Burnt Amber

A color trend has risen in popularity, capturing the hearts of homeowners and interior designers alike. Burnt Amber, a shade that exudes sophistication and elegance, delivers a powerful statement in home decor.

“We believe in infusing every home with elegance and warmth, making it a statement of style and comfort. Burnt Amber exudes elegance and charm with its deep, rich undertones. This versatile shade complements every style, from traditional to contemporary, and can be integrated into different rooms of your home as an accent or all-embracing. Whether you choose to cover a feature wall, a cozy nook, or adorn the room completely with this vivid shade, the possibilities are endless.” - Jennifer Matthews, Tempaper Chief Creative Officer

Burnt Amber is a captivating choice, known for its ability to infuse warmth into any space. It can be paired seamlessly with a wide range of design styles, making it suitable for various rooms in your home. 

Whether looking for the best ways to create a cozy living room or a charming bedroom, Burnt Amber is a popular color choice with rich undertones reminiscent of autumnal hues.

Tempaper peel and stick wallpaper rolls match burnt amber color of the year.

Here’s the best wallpaper to pair with Burnt Amber:

Forest Toile in Ember Red: This exquisite peel and stick wallpaper will envelop your space with rich, earthy undertones of amber, infusing it with the allure of a forest in autumn. Choose this for any space, and your room will instantly turn it into a cozy, inviting haven.

Checkmate in Retro Blush: A contemporary take on the Burnt Amber trend, this peel and stick wallpaper will redefine the ambiance of your space. It can offer a unique blend of nostalgia and modernity while adding a timeless yet trendy allure to any room.

Damsel in Ruby: This luxurious and bold wallpaper brings a touch of regal charm to any room, transforming it into a captivating haven of elegance and warmth. With Damsel in Ruby, your space will exude a sense of timeless sophistication.

Bahama Palm in Russet: This stunning rendition of the Burnt Amber trend will transport you to a tropical paradise. This peel and stick wallpaper design features the warmth of Russet, infusing your room with the essence of sun-kissed palm trees and coastal charm.


Discover our Custom Wallpaper Options

If you see a pattern that you love but wish it was in a different color, we are proud to offer custom peel and stick wallpaper services that allow you to recolor any of our existing designs.

Match the colors of the year or any other hue that resonates with your home. It’s easy to get started in 3 simple steps.

  1. Prepare for Your Project: Submit the square footage of your space.

  2. Complete Your Order: Include the pattern you would like to adjust, your colors of choice, and any other notes that might streamline the process.

  3. After Purchase: Review Your Digital Proof: A digital proof will be provided within 3-5 business days for your review. Our standard production time is 15-20 business days from approval of digital proofs.

Learn more about our custom printing options.

These trending colors offer an exciting opportunity to transform any room in your home from bedrooms to bathrooms. We are happy to offer an extensive selection of the best peel and stick wallpaper and non-pasted wallpaper prints to help bring these popular hues into your home.

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