Customize Any Chinoiserie Wallpaper

Unlock Your Creativity: Personalize Your Chinoiserie Design with Our Step-by-Step Guide.

As a rule of thumb, all of our Chinoiserie designs are custom printed for each customer’s specific project. So why not make your next one a little bit more personalized? Mix and match designs and background colors, create a custom colorway of your own, or simply adjust the background of one of our non-metallic designs to closely match that dreamy paint color you have been eyeing.

Tip: If you decide to create your own Chinoiserie design, we suggest reading the below to help you streamline your project and save you from incurring design fees.

Follow the below steps for the ultimate Chinoiserie design customization. 

Image of Chinoiserie Garden Metallic Silver wall mural layout

Choose Your Chinoiserie Design - Style + Color

Begin your custom wallpaper project by first selecting the design that you would want to use. We suggest basing this decision on the coloration of the painted foliage and flowers that closely match your vision.

For example, a customer has chosen Garden Metallic Silver as their favored print because of its light color branches and elements.

Your customization options for painted foliage are:

  • Choose any existing style of foliage and flowers
  • Choose a custom color that we match to. See below “Matching Colors” for more details.

Choose Your Background Color - Matte or Metallic

When selecting your background color, you have 3 options to choose from when selecting background color:

1. Existing Matte Colors. Choose a color background from any of our existing matte Chinoiserie colorways.

2. Existing Metallic Colors. Choose a color background from any of our existing metallic Chinoiserie colorways

3. Custom Color. Choose a custom matte color background for us to match too. (example: matching to a pantone color).

Matching Colors

We recommend that customers use Pantone colors for our designers to match to. In the event that you are matching to paint colors or other physical samples reach out to our design team and we can let you know how to best send these samples. The only colors that we cannot customize, are our metallic grounds. These gold leaf papers are printed in high quantities and are stocked by Tempaper. We can customize a metallic ground color for jobs that are over 3500 linear feet.

Samples Are Available

Samples of your custom design are available for purchase. Please request a sample from your Tempaper designer at

Custom Design Fees

Please know these adjustments can incur a design fee of $75/hour. Our designers will provide an hourly estimate for every project prior to committing to the order and request hours to be purchased in advance.

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