Decorating with Red: Top Designers Share Their Best Tips

Decorating with Red: Top Designers Share Their Best Tips

Learn How to Decorate Your Home with Red

Red is associated with power, passion, and confidence. Sultry and sophisticated, this color commands the room. If you are wondering how to decorate with red, top interior designers are sharing their favorite ways to incorporate red into a room.

The Power of Color in a Room

Many studies have shown how color can impact our emotions, mood, and behaviors. This data makes choosing the right colors for your home even more essential.

Many may not consider red decor for a living room, but it can create a very soft and inviting space when it’s used strategically.

2023 Color Trends of the Year

With Benjamin Moore announcing its 2023 Color of the Year as Raspberry Blush, deep reds and magentas are on many designers’ radars this year. These powerful shades make perfect accents for a modern living room.

“I love seeing red on trend for 2023! I have always gravitated to the shade and made sure to incorporate it at home and in our collections. With companies like Benjamin Moore announcing Raspberry Blush as their color of the year, we can anticipate seeing the dramatic shade in all types of home design, splashed on walls in kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

Founders of Tempaper in front of Canopy Chinoiserie print
Its vivid shade is going to energize us all and inspire us to take a step out of the tried-and-true color palette that we all lean on, sparking a creative freedom that will be so refreshing. I am excited to see it play out.”
– Jennifer Matthews, Creative Chief Officer and Co-Founder

How Top Designers are Decorating with Red

If you are looking for the best modern red living room ideas, Bob and Cortney Novogratz an American husband and wife design team known collectively as “The Novogratz”, share their best advice on how to decorate with red. 

The Novogratz Berkshires House Design Project 2021 - Decorating with Red in a bedroom
*Image above is from The Novogratz's Berkshires House Design Project 2021

“When decorating a living room with red accents, we like to start by incorporating the shade into smaller, accessory pieces, such as throw pillows or a patterned area rug. This allows for the red to be a standout feature in the space, without overwhelming the overall design. As for the walls, we suggest opting for a neutral color to allow the red accents to truly pop. And don't be afraid to mix and match different tones of red to add depth and interest to the space!”

When it comes to designing with reds in your home, Bob and Cortney suggest sticking with red accents for a living room.

“In interior design, we typically use red as an accent color to add energy and drama to a space. This can be done with bold red artwork, a red feature wall, or even a statement piece of red furniture, such as a sofa or accent chair. However, it's important to balance out the use of red with other neutral hues to avoid overwhelming the overall design.”

Red rug in the game room of The Novogratz's Hollywood Hills Castle design project
*Image above is from The Novogratz's Hollywood Hills Castle Design Project

Since red is such a dynamic color, Bob and Cortney share their top rule to keep in mind when decorating with red in your living space.

“Our #1 rule when it comes to decorating with red is to think about the mood and atmosphere that you want to create in the space. Red is a bold and energetic color, so it's important to consider how it will impact the overall feel of the room. For a more intimate and romantic atmosphere, we might use rich, saturated shades of red, such as burgundy or wine. On the other hand, for a more playful and energetic vibe, we might opt for brighter shades, such as apple or cherry red. Ultimately, it's all about finding the right balance and ensuring that the use of red enhances, rather than detracts, from the overall design of the space.”

Bobby Berk, Emmy winning television host, author, and interior designer expert, shares his best tips on how to decorate a living room with red accents.

“I would stick to a limited palette of 1 or 2 shades of red and bring in those tones through accessories, like pillows, throws and art. A handful of red pieces throughout the room will create a cohesive look and a nice feeling of warmth in the living room without the color overpowering the room and being too strong.”

Bobby Berks Tonal Shift Red wallpaper on the wall of a dining room  

If you are wondering how Bobby decorates with red, he prefers more subtle, organic tones like rust and burgundy.

I definitely lean towards using more subtle and muted red tones, like terracotta, rust, burgundy and dusty rose. These shades have a more natural and organic feel, and pair well with neutral colors. Red-toned furniture or a rug can make a great accent or statement piece, and a patterned red wallcovering (like my tonal shift pattern in red) is also something I use to add interest or liven up a small space like a powder room.”

As for his top rule when it comes for decorating with red in a room, it’s all about balance and strategic planning.

Use it strategically! Red can be an intense and eye-catching tone that elicits strong emotions, passion, and energy. So, when adding it to your interior, think about how it will make you feel. If you're going to paint walls in a red tone, I would also recommend keeping the rest of your furniture and decor more neutral to create contrast, balance the red out and not be visually overwhelming.”

Novogratz Lips Wallpaper in an entryway
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