Eclectic Chic Style Finds Beauty in the Unconventional and Quirky

Amidst a myriad of home decor trends, one stands out as a beacon of individuality and style, recognizing the beauty found in the unexpected and the charm of imperfections.

It’s called eclectic chic—a design style that effortlessly weaves personalized sophistication with a touch of unconventional refinement, creating a space that is distinctly and uniquely yours. 

This interior design style is a celebration of individuality, effortlessly blending various design and art periods with an intentional lack of rigidity.

Learn How to Elevate Interiors with the Irresistible Allure of Eclectic Chic

In this blog post, we will explore how to bring the eclectic chic trend into your space and the best colors and patterns for your home.

From intricate craftsmanship, plush velvet, and the rough charm of reclaimed wood, eclectic chic is all about finding harmony in the details while embracing the beauty of diverse influences. 


“Eclectic chic revels in the freedom to mix and match art and decor styles, creating a visual symphony that is uniquely your own. Whether it's the fusion of contemporary artwork with vintage furniture or the unexpected pairing of modern sculptures with traditional tapestries, this style encourages the exploration of diverse artistic expressions within a single space.”

– Amanda Both, Art Director at Tempaper & Co.

Is Your Style Eclectic Chic? Exploring the Unique Fusion of Elements

Let’s first answer the question, “what is eclectic chic style?” The term "eclectic" finds its roots in the ancient Greek word "eklektikos," meaning selective, which perfectly encapsulates the essence of this style - a selective blend of contrasting elements.

Eclectic chic finds beauty in the imperfect, the unconventional, and the quirky. It's a celebration of individuality, where asymmetrical and unique, one-of-a-kind pieces take precedence.

This design style represents a deliberate and artful blending of textures, patterns, and design styles from different eras and cultural backgrounds.

It embraces the unexpected and thrives on the harmonious coexistence of the traditional and the contemporary, the bold and the subtle, the vintage and the modern. 


Mixing Materials and Embracing the Beauty in Imperfections

This style encourages you to embrace irregularities and find charm in the unexpected, creating a space that reflects your personality and taste.

Whether it’s mixing metal and wood, glass and leather, or concrete and fabric, it creates a captivating interplay of diverse materials and inspires you to break traditional boundaries.

If you are looking for eclectic chic design ideas, start by establishing a dominant metal as your anchor, perhaps a lustrous brass or timeless brushed nickel, which will set the tone for your room.

Then, introduce contrasting metals, such as matte black, aged bronze, or even chrome, to add depth and visual interest. The key is to maintain a sense of balance and avoid overwhelming the space with too many competing elements.

Harmonize the metals through strategically placed fixtures, hardware, and decorative accents, allowing each metal to contribute its unique character while collectively creating a cohesive and visually stunning eclectic chic interior.

The next step is to incorporate rich colors into your space, enhancing the eclectic chic ambiance with a palette that mirrors the depth and warmth found in your chosen mix of metals. 


How to Decorate with Rich Hues and Restorative Darks 

Color plays a pivotal role in eclectic chic, especially rich hues and restorative darks like deep purples and tomato hues.

These luxurious shades will complement the metallic tones throughout your home, creating a visually striking and harmonious fusion of textures and colors. Shop our wallpaper by color to find a hue that works for you. 

Whether through statement furniture, vibrant wallpaper, or carefully curated home decor, these rich colors can amplify the opulence of your eclectic chic interior. 

Shadowy darks and unexpected neutrals create a canvas that is both visually striking and inherently cozy while the use of dark wood adds a touch of timeless elegance to your eclectic chic design.


Understanding the Key Elements of Eclectic Chic

A defining characteristic of eclectic chic style is the incorporation of both vintage and modern pieces, allowing for a captivating interplay between the old and the new.

This fusion not only adds depth and character to the overall design but also serves as a testament to the timelessness and versatility of this style.

It encourages layering with purpose using different textures, colors, and styles to create a visually intriguing and sophisticated look.

From smooth velvet to rough-hewn wood, and intricate geometric patterns to whimsical florals, the magic lies in the artful balance and seamless integration of these contrasting elements.

A key aspect of eclectic chic style is the fearless exploration of various prints, fabrics, and colors, which involves stepping out of your comfort zone and combining unexpected patterns and textures to create a truly unique and expressive interior that reflects one's individual style and personality.


"At Tempaper & Co., we inspire our customers to venture beyond the familiar and experiment with vibrant colors and captivating patterns within their living spaces. With our peel and stick wallpaper, you can fearlessly unleash your creativity without the worry of a long-term commitment. It's an invitation to embrace design freedom and infuse your surroundings with a dynamic energy that reflects your unique style.”

– Jennifer Matthews, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer 


The Best Wallpaper Options for Achieving an Eclectic Chic Interior

Let’s explore some of our peel and stick and non-pasted wallpaper designs that perfectly encapsulate the essence of eclectic chic style.

Authentic Grasscloth: This wallpaper brings the organic texture of natural fibers into your space, creating a harmonious blend of earthy tones. The authenticity of this design perfectly embodies the eclectic chic philosophy, seamlessly integrating traditional materials into a contemporary setting.

Aztec Geo: This peel and stick wallpaper design combines bold geometric patterns with a vibrant color palette, creating a visually striking design that embodies the fearless exploration of patterns characteristic of eclectic chic. The ancient-inspired geometry and modern hues add a touch of cultural diversity to your interior.

Boulevard Toile: This classic toile wallpaper has a modern twist, showcasing the eclectic chic principle of blending the traditional with the contemporary. The sophisticated scenes depicted on the wallpaper tell a story, adding depth and character to your space.

Batik Stripe: The timeless appeal of stripes combined with the unique charm of batik-inspired patterns exemplifies the fusion of classic and artisanal elements, creating a wallpaper that stands out as a statement piece in an eclectic chic interior.

Coniferous Floral: Botanical elements with a contemporary twist create a wallpaper that embodies eclectic chic. The traditional floral motifs mixed with a modern color palette add a touch of sophistication to your living space.

Crafted Floral: The artful combination of handcrafted details and floral elegance celebrates the eclectic chic philosophy, creating a visually intriguing and unique wall covering. 

Estate Damask: The intricate details and contemporary color palette make this wallpaper a perfect representation of how eclectic chic can breathe new life into traditional design elements.

Forest Toile: This wallpaper captures the essence of eclectic chic by blending the traditional toile style with a playful and imaginative twist.

Gilded Scallop: The timeless scallop pattern combined with metallic accents exemplifies eclectic chic style by incorporating both timeless patterns and modern elements into your space.

Your home is an ever-evolving canvas, and amidst the many design choices, wallpaper emerges as a powerful tool to refresh your space and infuse it with eclectic charm.

Whether it's the rich hues of deep purples or the unexpected neutrals that add sophistication, choose colors that blend effortlessly with the eclectic chic ethos, creating a harmonious backdrop for your personal style.


A Brief Overview: Top Tips for the Eclectic Chic Enthusiast

As you revitalize your home with carefully curated wallpaper and a blend of textures, it’s important to keep these top tips in mind:

  1. Choose Patterns Wisely: Select wallpaper that reflects your personal taste, mixing patterns that resonate with your style.
  1. Layer with Confidence: Embrace the art of layering with wallpaper that seamlessly coexist. Consider combining a bold statement wallpaper with a more subtle, textured option.
  1. Play with Color: Whether it’s rich hues, unexpected neutrals, or metallic accents, find a design that adds the perfect touch of glamour and color to your space.
  1. Mix Materials: Achieve a harmonious blend of materials including wood, metal, and leather to bring a tactile quality to your space. 
  1. Embrace Dark Elegance: Infuse a sense of drama and sophistication that features restorative darks like deep purples, plum, and forest greens to create a cozy, intimate ambiance.

Discover how easy it is to create a home that not only keeps pace with the ever-evolving design landscape but also stands as a timeless testament to your unique style and personal narrative.


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