Vanilla Girl Trend: Nuanced Neutrals for Your Minimalist Interior

Learn About the New Design Trend That’s Taking Over Minimalist Interiors

Today, we are sharing a new home decor trend that has taken over our social media feeds. What is the vanilla girl aesthetic and how does it translate to home decor?

If you find yourself gravitating toward a minimalist interior, you are not alone. More and more home decorators and interior designers are choosing a clean, minimalistic home.

This means you may appreciate neutral and warm tones, cozy home decor accents, woven baskets, and vanilla candles that fill the room with a light and refreshing scent.

The new vanilla girl trend features all things cozy. Bright white, plush throws, and fluted furniture are among the essentials for a neutral room.

For your walls, we recommend timeless textures and modern abstracts that will perfectly complement all your home decor accents.

If you are looking for the best peel and stick wallpaper and unpasted wallpaper designs for the vanilla girl home, we are sharing our top-selling prints. These patterns perfectly align with a minimalist’s lifestyle.

Top Wallpaper Styles for the Vanilla Girl Trend

Timeless textures and soft metallic blooms bring beauty and glamour to any interior. Many of our peel and stick wallpaper and unpasted wallpaper designs are featured in nearly neutral hues from natural beige to stone greys.

Our top ten wallpaper designs for an all-neutral interior include:

Batik Stripe Wallpaper
Brushstroke Garden Wallpaper
Metallic Bloom Wallpaper
Parliament Wallpaper
Reeded Wood Wallpaper
Coniferous Floral Wallpaper
Monarch Wallpaper
Textured Rattan Wallpaper
Horizontal Grasscloth Wallpaper
Burlap Wallpaper

Vanilla Girl - Unpasted Wallpaper Print for Home Decor

How to Achieve the Vanilla Girl Trend in a Living Room

The vanilla girl trend goes beyond filling your home with the sweet scent of vanilla. This new design trend can be achieved by adding lush textures, tufted rugs, and wood accents.

Choosing the right rug for your living room is essential. If you are looking to dial up the coziness, we suggest a modern tufted rug in a neutral hue. Then, add in a wood accent table and oversized knit throw to make your space feel extra warm and inviting.

For your walls, we love our Parliament or Monarch unpasted wallpaper designs in a living room. These prints are available in timeless neutral color combinations that are the perfect background for any minimalist living room.

Vanilla Girl home decor faux grasscloth wallpaper

How to Achieve the Vanilla Girl Trend in a Bedroom

If you are looking to turn your bedroom into a cozy sleep sanctuary, then choosing the right bedding should be a top priority.

Natural linen comforters, plush throw blankets, and tufted pillows can help make your bed look and feel extra cozy.

For the perfect peel and stick wallpaper print, we love our Horizontal Grasscloth wallpaper or Batik Stripe wallpaper. Both designs add timeless texture and subtle sophistication without overpowering your minimalist bedroom design.

Vanilla Girl trend - geometric wallpaper in a bathroom

How to Achieve the Vanilla Girl Trend in a Bathroom'

Bath bombs, plush bath robes, and bath caddys are just a few of the bathroom essentials needed for this trend. If you are looking to take it one step further, we recommend one of our peel and stick wallpaper designs.

You can instantly elevate this room with one of our bathroom wallpaper prints in a muted cream and grey. We love our Geo Composition wallpaper for a bathroom, as it brings a touch of shimmer to this space.

Both our peel and stick wallpaper and unpasted wallpaper designs add the perfect finishing touch to achieving the vanilla girl trend in any room.