How To Apply and Align Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Since some patterns can be a bit tricky to align, we’re sharing a few simple tips and tricks on how to apply and align your wallpaper print.

When working with a repeated print, make sure you locate where the pattern repeats in the first two panels before moving on. For example, we are using our Moire Dots wallpaper below to guide you on how to determine where your repeat will match up.

How To Align Wallpaper

  1. Locate the horizontal pattern repeat listed on your label.
  2. Find a recognizable detail.
  3. Adjust panels until the repeating patterns are lined up perfectly.
  4. Carefully remove the back liner and apply to your surface.
  5. Smooth out any air bubbles with your Tempaper squeegee.

Clean + Prepare Your Surface for Wallpaper Application

Clean your surface with a damp cloth, making sure the surface is fully dried before application. If your surface has been painted with zero VOC paint, we recommend wiping your surface with a 1:1 Isopropyl alcohol and water solution first. This may help with adhesion and will clean any dust or debris off your surface. We recommend this step if you’re unsure which paint was used on your walls.

For an easier install, remove switch plates and outlet covers prior to installation. Be sure to turn the electrical supply off prior to removing the switch and outlet covers and only restoring power once these covers are fully replaced.

Getting Started

To get started, gather all tools and have them ready within reach. Next, grab a friend or spouse to assist you. It’s possible to apply our peel and stick wallpaper by yourself but we recommend having another person helping you, as it may make the process a bit easier and more fun.

Gather Your Tools

Wallpaper installation requires a few household tools that you may already own. If not, most tools are available for purchase on our website:

Craft Knife
Cutting Surface
Ruler or Straight Edge
•Step Stool
•Tape Measure

To shop wallpaper tools and accessories visit our website.


What To Expect When Your Tempaper Order Arrives 

We are excited about your Tempaper purchase, and we hope you are, too! Please read below so that you are familiar with your order once it arrives.

Tempaper product label

We recommend that you carefully review each roll to make sure it hasn’t arrived damaged and that your order is correct. If you have purchased multiple rolls, it’s important to make sure all lot numbers are the same. Now that you know what to expect when your wallpaper order arrives, don’t forget to check out our how-to tutorials and how to apply removable wallpaper video.

We are here to help! If you are looking for helpful tips and tricks on how to apply wallpaper in your space, visit our FAQs section or watch our quick how-to videos that can assist you with your peel and stick, removable wallpaper project.

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