How To Decorate with Neutral Wallpaper

How To Decorate with Neutral Wallpaper

Neutral wallpaper is like a blank canvas. It allows you the flexibility to add bold accents or a punch of pattern while peel and stick wallpaper gives you the freedom to apply it anywhere. Try our neutral wall decor in your bathroom, bedroom, nursery, and more.

There are many colors that can be considered “neutral.” While exploring our peel and stick wallpaper, you will find a collection of gold, silver, white, grey and brown, just to name a few. These prints are subtle yet impactful. Explore the entire collection here.

Whether you are looking to tackle a complete room makeover or spruce up small spaces such as furniture or stair risers, this timeless trend helps you create cozy and inviting interiors.

The Importance of Texture

Texture is essential for any neutral space and it’s easy to incorporate in your room. Easily make your space more visually appealing by adding textured wallpaper, throw blankets, pillows and more.

If you prefer all-neutral rooms, explore our modern wallpaper prints that add a touch of texture and color. It’s easy to create a neutral background with textured Burlap and Grasscloth, Farmhouse Planks, and Repurposed Wood.

If you prefer to go bolder in your design, neutral wallpaper allows you the opportunity to mix and match bold and interesting patterns. Pair a few different prints in one room to create intriguing interiors in an instant.

Not looking for neutral wallpaper prints? You can shop by color here.

Our subtle prints make a statement in any space, big or small. If you are looking for inspiration while decorating your home with neutral wallpaper, here are our top 5 rooms to apply calming color.

Living Room
Your living room is a place where guests and family go to relax and unwind. Adding neutrals to a living room helps create a serene space and add depth and interest to your room. The best neutral wallpaper for a living room includes:

Muted neutrals bring warmth to cool bathrooms. Bring a touch of sophistication to bathrooms and powder rooms with moisture-resistant, modern removable wallpaper. It’s a quick and easy way to bring instant wow-factor into a space. The best neutral wallpaper for a bathroom includes:

Peel and stick wallpaper will bring energy and excitement to bedroom walls. Create a soothing sanctuary with one of our modern and elegant designs. The best wallpaper for a bedroom includes:

Design a gorgeous, gender-neutral nursery with peel and stick wallpaper. A simple print can add subtle style to a space that can easily transition into a big kid’s room. The best wallpaper for a neutral nursery includes:

Create breathtaking backsplashes without the messy renovation. Our realistic tile, brick and marble peel and stick wallpaper will look great in any cooking space. The best neutral wallpaper for a kitchen includes:

Think Beyond your Walls

Earth tones can elevate any interior. Take your decor to new heights by adding neutral prints to a ceiling. Popular neutral wallpaper for a ceiling includes:

Neutral color wallpaper makes a statement on furniture, too. Quickly refresh worn bookshelves, desks, even pianos! Popular neutral wallpaper for furniture includes:

Neutral Decor for your Floor

We have a collection of neutral vinyl rugs to help complete your space. Shop our indoor/outdoor mats.

We offer a variety of styles and colors to choose from. Explore our website and find a print that perfectly complements your space.