The Importance of Peel and Stick Wallpaper Samples

The Importance of Peel and Stick Wallpaper Samples

Whether you are a seasoned DIY professional or applying peel and stick wallpaper for the first time, we recommend ordering a sample of your favorite print before beginning your wallpaper project.

There are many benefits to ordering a wallpaper sample. Learn more about the importance of ordering samples below or visit our previous post for more information about peel and stick wallpaper.
Tempaper custom wallpaper sample

How to Get Samples of Peel and Stick Wallpaper

No matter the type of texture you are dealing with, it is always a wise decision to order a wallpaper sample before placing a large order.

All product pages on our website have the option to order a sample. With the exception of our custom wallpaper samples, our samples will ship free by mail.

Not only will ordering a wallpaper sample give you the opportunity to test your surface, but it will also improve your confidence in your purchasing decision.

If you would like to receive a wallpaper sample book from us, please feel free to reach out to us directly. If you are sign up to become a Tempaper & Co. dealer, there is an opportunity to receive a free sample book.

Peel and stick wallpaper samples from the She She collection for Tempaper
The Benefits of Ordering a Wallpaper Sample

Our peel and stick, self-adhesive samples are the perfect way to see and feel our prints in person, especially our metallic and textured designs. We always recommend applying our peel and stick samples to your intended surface and living with it for a few days.

Samples are the best way to:

  • Determine if our self-adhesive product will stick properly to your walls or surface
  • Compare the design next to your current paint swatches and home décor items
  • See how the colors appear in your room’s natural lighting
  • Compare metallic and non-metallic finishes
  • Choose which corresponding paint colors will look best for adjacent walls or rooms

Hanging Tempaper peel and stick wallpaper samples on a wall.
How well does peel and stick wallpaper stay up?

Many of our customers wonder how long peel and stick wallpaper will last in their space. It is always exciting to share that our removable products can be as permanent or as temporary as you would like.

If applied correctly, Tempaper & Co. will stay up for a week, a month, or indefinitely. To properly prep your surface, wipe clean with a damp cloth, making sure the surface is fully dried before application.

We also ask you to clean your surface with a 1:1 Isopropyl alcohol and water solution to remove any dust or debris off your surface.

How will peel and stick wallpaper look in my space?

When you are viewing a certain print or color on a computer or phone screen, the colors may vary slightly. There is nothing better than seeing the color and pattern in person.

Natural and artificial lighting can impact how a certain color will look in your space. A wallpaper sample will help determine if the color will complement your paint and existing home decor.

Will peel and stick wallpaper work on my surface?

Ordering one of our removable wallpaper samples allows you the opportunity to live with our peel and stick product for a few days and see how well it will stick to your intended surface. 

While we recommend applying our peel and stick wallpaper to smooth surfaces that have been primed and painted with a satin, eggshell, or semi-gloss finish, it is possible that our paper will stick to slightly textured walls. Visit our blog post to learn how to cover textured walls with peel and stick wallpaper.

Is peel and stick wallpaper easy to remove?

After living with your sample for a few days, start at any corner and gently peel it away. Tempaper & Co. will remove cleanly off your surface, leaving no sticky or messy residue behind.

In addition, our peel and stick wallpaper products should not damage your walls or paint.

Pros of Peel and Stick Wallpaper

There are many pros of peel and stick wallpaper. Many of our customers are surprised to learn that our peel and stick, removable wallpaper designs are:

  • Steam and moisture-resistant, making them a popular choice for bathrooms and powder rooms.
  • Easy to remove, leaving no messy or sticky residue behind.
  • Made in the USA. Tempaper & Co. is dedicated to designing innovative products that are made in the USA.
  • Not just for walls. Our peel and stick wallpaper designs will stick to any smooth surface including accent walls, ceilings, furniture, stair risers, and more.

Try a sample in your space today!