Installing Chinoiserie Wallpaper

Installing Chinoiserie Wallpaper

Before You Begin Installing Chinoiserie Wallpaper
Before you begin, make sure your surface is prepped and ready for your Tempaper Chinoiserie wallpaper installation. For details, visit: Prepare Your Surface For Peel and Stick Wallpaper. We also suggest laying out your project panels in correspondence to the enclosed panel guide and the information on the backside of each panel. If you notice any inconsistencies, please call or email us right away so that we can best assist you with this issues. 

Gather Your Tools
Craft Knife
Cutting Surface
Ruler or Straight Edge
Step Stool
Tape Measure

Wallpaper tools and accessories are also available for purchase on

Application Steps

1. Using a level, mark a vertical guide down the length of the surface.

2. Following the panel guide, peel back 3-4 ft. of the backing on the first panel.

3. Begin at the top edge aligning paper with your vertical guide to ensure a straight application.

4. Use a squeegee to smooth paper to surface working from the center out. Tempaper can be repositioned as needed to ensure pattern alignment and to eliminate bubbling.

5. Continue in 3-4 foot increments peeling and smoothing until you reach the bottom edge of your surface.

6. Repeat steps 2-5 making sure to align the pattern with each consecutive panel until the surface has been fully covered.

*Please note: each panel includes a 1/8” overlap for ease of application and to avoid splitting seams in environments that can be subject to temperature variances.

7. Trim where needed with a craft knife to complete your application.

Download the Chinoiserie installation instructions.
Although Tempaper is meant to be a DIY-solution to traditional wallcoverings, we know that not all customers feel comfortable with such a project. If you would like to hire an installer, you can find a list of our recommended installers in the US on Our list is growing so if you don’t find one on our list be sure to ask your Tempaper designer and he/she may be able to find one for you or have recommendations about where to look for installers in your area.

Good luck! We can’t wait to see how beautiful your project turns out!