Introducing The Wilds - Our New Peel and Stick Wallpaper Collection

Introducing The Wilds - Our New Peel and Stick Wallpaper Collection

Bring the grounding power of nature into your home with our latest peel and stick wallpaper collection, The Wilds. This assortment of nature-inspired wallpaper consists of pastel palms, untamed meadows, and floral wallpaper designs.

Quaint North Fork on Long Island served as the inspiration for this collection and the optimistic and energizing feeling that came from visiting the lavender fields, roadside farms, and quiet beaches in the summer.

The idea was to create a collection that brings a calming effect into your space through botanicals, natural elements, and textures. The Wilds is a nature-themed peel-and-stick wallpaper collection inspired by the grounding power nature can have on one’s spirit, mind, and well-being.

“I want customers to feel inspired to decorate with such a heavily infused natural collection. Nature is a healing power and if this collection creates that perfect retreat for our customers, then we’ve done our job.” – Jennifer Matthews, Co-founder, and Creative Chief Officer

Explore each of the unique prints and get inspired on how to decorate with the patterns in your home.



With its feathery foliage and crisp organic curves, this seagrass peel and stick wallpaper draws inspiration from the carefree nature of wild meadows and brings wild sophistication into any interior. Try this print in entryways, living rooms and bedrooms and you will instantly create a more calming space.


Grassroots is available in three colorways: Cornflower Blue, Wheat, and Irish Moss.


Grasscloth Geo

This modern grasscloth peel and stick wallpaper adds visual texture to your space. Instantly bring a handcrafted feel to mid-century modern interiors while adding an extra layer of warmth and comfort. Try this print in nurseries and home offices if you are looking to create a more serene space during the day.


 Grasscloth Geo is available in two colorways: Seagrass and Jute




Homestead Floral

These barely-there blooms create a sense of rural escapism. This floral peel and stick wallpaper will blend seamlessly into your home decor and deliver a comforting dose of nostalgia to any interior, especially grand millennial-style homes. Try this print in bedrooms, bathrooms and small spaces for a subtle touch of style.


Homestead Floral is available in two colorways: Metallic Blue Ribbon and Metallic Marigold.



Pastel Palm

Pastel Palm is our subtle take on the iconic palm peel and stick wallpaper. The cool retro vibe is fitting for the interiors of North Fork, as well. Try this tropical peel and stick wallpaper in living rooms, bedrooms, and more.


Pastel Palm is available in two colorways: Malibu Blue and Beverly Pink.

The color palette from this modern peel and stick wallpaper collection was pulled from the country roads of North Fork. We focused on incorporating different shades of blue to capture the sky and surrounding water. The pink hues were reminiscent of the perfect sunset while the neutral hues capture that rural feeling.

In this collection, we played off the popularity of textured prints, botanicals, and tone-on-tone colorways and focused on gender neutrals for most of the patterns and colorways.

If you are looking for wallpaper for a nursery, bathroom, bedroom, or more, there are a variety of prints to choose from. Shop The Wilds collection today or browse our new wallpaper styles available on our website.