Make a Dramatic Impact with our Custom Murals

Our Custom Mural Collection includes Chinoiserie and Prints Sold by the Panel and Square Foot

If you are looking to make a wow-worthy statement, these peel and stick wall murals won’t disappoint. Discover our larger-than-life designs in a variety of styles and colors to perfectly complement your space.

Custom wall murals make a big statement in any space from living rooms to dining rooms and everywhere in between. Our custom wall mural collection includes our beloved Chinoiserie designs and prints sold by the panel and square foot.

Custom printed to perfectly match the dimensions of your space, these peel and stick wallpaper designs can be applied in a few simple steps and will deliver timeless elegance across your interior.

Garden Midnight Chinoiserie in a bedroom

Discover our Charming Chinoiserie Wallpaper

Our Chinoiserie collection differs from other wallpaper designs in many ways. Learn more about what sets our Chinoiserie wallpaper apart from the rest.

The Chinoiserie collection is based on authentic hand-painted art from Shanghai. These lavish custom wallpaper prints have become a customer favorite. They are known for bringing elevated style and sophistication into any room, especially bedrooms and bathrooms.

Available in both metallic and non-metallic backgrounds and a variety of gorgeous hues, each elegant design captures the romance of a bygone era.

Garden Floral Oversize Custom Mural

Create Your Dream Space with Oversized Wall Murals

Immerse yourself in secret gardens, utopian landscapes, and towering palms. These large wall murals transport you to serene and sublime destinations.

Our one-of-a-kind designs come in a variety of styles for any space. Whether you are looking for giant geometric patterns or breathtaking blooms that bring fresh color to your home, these large murals add intrigue to your interior.

Forest Reserve wall mural in a living room

The Best Wall Murals for a Living Room

From moody forest landscapes to abstract color combinations, these statement pieces are the focal point of any living room. Design a room that feels warm and cozy with one-of-a-kind wallpaper designs that dial up the drama.

Our best wall murals for a living room include:

Abstract Color Landscape
Forest Reserve

Metallic Canopy Chinoiserie in a dining room

The Best Wall Murals for a Dining Room

If you are looking for a wall mural that is a conversation starter, you are in the right place. Choose to dine alongside gorgeous gardens and geometrics that make a big impact in dining rooms.

Our best wall murals for a dining room include:

Chinoiserie Canopy
Chinoiserie Lilly

Ombre Wall Mural in a bedroom

The Best Wall Murals for a Bedroom

Bring captivating color and pattern to bedroom walls and ceilings with our peel and stick wall mural designs. It’s easy to create a serene sleeping space with removable murals that feature the best colors for a bedroom including calming blues, pink, and neutral hues.

Our best wall murals for a bedroom include:

Chinoiserie Pomegranate

Grand Palm custom wall mural in a bathroom

The Best Wall Murals for a Bathroom

The right wall mural can turn a bathroom into a spa-like sanctuary. Lush greenery and oversized palm trees bring the outdoors in, creating a dreamy bathroom or powder room.

Our best wall murals for a bathroom include:

Beverly Floral
Garden Party
Grand Palm

The Benefits of Adding a Wall Mural to Your Space

Large wall murals draw attention and make a statement. No matter where they are placed, these custom murals can set the tone for the rest of your home. Our magnificent murals can create an illusion of more space, which can make any small room feel larger and more spacious.

Discover how easy it is to add depth, dimension, and dazzling design to your interior with our custom collection. Shop our large wall murals today.