Prepare Your Space For Custom Wallpaper

Prepare Your Space For Custom Wallpaper

Whether your Custom order has arrived or you are still waiting for it, you can begin to clean and prep your surface for installation. Let us start by saying that Tempaper is recommended for smooth surfaces that are in good condition and have been primed and painted with a satin or semi-gloss finish. We do not recommend applying Tempaper to matte, flat, and low sheen paints, textured surfaces, or exterior surfaces. If you will be applying to any other type of surface, we recommend that you purchase a sample and test the surface in a discreet area prior to starting a full application. Samples are available for purchase (and ship free) on each print’s product page. Lastly, if your surface is freshly painted, we ask that you allow your surface to fully cure before applying removable wallpaper to it. Follow the directions on your paint can as each paint type has different curing times.


Clean + Prepare Your Surface For Wallpaper Application 

First, clean your surface by wiping with a damp cloth, making sure the surface is fully dried before application. We recommend wiping your surface with a 1:1 Isopropyl alcohol and water solution first. This may help with adhesion and will clean any dust or debris off your surface. We also recommend this step if you are unsure what your walls have been painted with.

For an easier install, remove switch plates and outlet covers prior to installation. Be sure to turn the electrical supply off prior to removing the switch and outlet covers and only restoring power once these covers are fully replaced.

Gather Your Tools

Installation requires a few tools you may already have at home. If not, they can also be found available for purchase on

• Craft Knife
• Cutting Surface
• Level
• Pencil
• Ruler or Straight Edge
• Step Stool
• Tape Measure

Shop Removable Wallpaper Tools and Accessories

Head over to our "Installing How-To" to read our step-by-step guide to installing your custom project.

We also have very helpful wallpaper videos available that will help you with your peel and stick, removable wallpaper project.