Redecorating Your Kid’s Room for Back to School

Redecorating Your Kid’s Room for Back to School

Back to school is an exciting time for both parents and children. We are sharing some unique ways to bring even more excitement to the new school year.

Whether your child is transitioning into middle school or high school or is becoming more independent with their own twin bed, take some time to redecorate before school starts. This way they can start the school year out strong and with a new space that they helped design.

Read through some of our decorating tips for helping your kid transform their room into a new and versatile space. At Tempaper, we offer peel and stick, removable wallpaper options that are perfect for adding a pop of color that’s easy to install and won’t cause long-term damage to your home or rental.

Flamingo wallpaper behind a study space

Tips for Back to School Redecorating

While your child might look forward to picking out their pencils, notebooks, folders, and backpack for school, back-to-school season is also a great time to redecorate their room to match their new grade and style. We are sharing some of our redecorating tips  below. 

Create a Study Space

Havana Palm wallpaper behind a desk space in a child's bedroom

If your children are transitioning to home school or just need a quiet place where they can study and finish their assignments, help them create a study space. If they don’t already have a place where they can sit that’s not their bed, clear out a corner or empty a desk. Encourage them to spend time at their desk working. This also helps them learn how to be responsible with their time and assignments and make independent decisions about their work process. 

Add chalkboard and dry erase removable wallpaper so they can expand their study space beyond their notebook. This gives them a place to work out their problems and expand their thinking. 

Show Off Their School Supplies

Dry Erase Wallpaper added to the top of a desk

Since a big part of a new school year is fresh notebooks and folders, give them a space where they can store and show off their new school supplies. If they have a desk in their room, that’s a great place for them to have some school supplies. They can also store extra pencils, markers, and other supplies they may need for crafts throughout the school year.

While you’re grabbing their school supplies, make sure you pick up the  tools you need to hang their dry erase or chalkboard removable wallpaper! 

Add a Rug

Rainbow Vinyl Mat in front of a child's play kitchen
A rug makes a great accent piece to any room, whether they have carpet or tiled floors. 

If your child does have a wood or tiled floors, vinyl floor mats are a safe, no-slip option that are still waterproof and easy to clean for when that craft project was messier than anticipated! Choose between a neutral pattern or something with bright colors that will pop! 

Make a Statement Wall with Peel and Stick Wallpaper

While white walls can make a room feel larger, they also can feel very plain. Standard wallpaper can be timely and costly to install, and is just as timely and costly to remove. Peel and stick removable wallpaper is a great solution! 

With removable wallpaper, you can give your kid a statement wall with their favorite animal or in a color that matches the theme of their room. Then, when they get older or want something new, that wallpaper can be cleanly and easily removed and replaced. 

If you’re not ready to completely transform your child’s room in a zebra-print oasis, consider making a statement wall. Have them pick their favorite removable wallpaper design and add it to one wall of their bedroom. This is a great way to give them a new space that fits their style. 

Take a look at some of our favorite printed wallpaper designs we think would be perfect for redecorating your kid’s bedroom: 


Wall Decals

For younger children, their tastes can change from year to year. This might make parents hesitant to add wallpaper to a kid’s room if they’re going to outgrow it by next year. If you’re not ready to try printed wallpaper, wall decals are an amazing option! 

Wall decals are easy to position and easy to remove without causing damage to your walls. Once you find a decal that your child loves, you will have the option to easily replace it when they change their style or mind next year.

At Tempaper, we have a wide selection of wall decals that would be great for a kid’s bedroom or playroom, including our: 

Dry Erase Stick Notes for workspace or dorm room

You can also opt to design your child's space with organizational decals that will help keep them on task and organized. Some favorite organizational decals are:

Have your child pick their favorites — and make sure you involve them in the placing of their decals in their room!

Order Printed Wallpaper From Tempaper

We hope that these tips have you and your kid excited to redecorate their room. Sometimes something as simple as adding some patterns and rearranging their room can give them a fresh start to the school year. If you’re looking for removable printed wallpaper, shop our selection available at Tempaper. While we have some great designs for your children, we also have some beautifully printed wallpaper so you can treat yourself to a little redecorating too!