Introducing Our Exclusive Nesting With Grace Wallpaper Collection!

Introducing Our Exclusive Nesting With Grace Wallpaper Collection!

Brooke Christen, interior designer and blogger behind Nesting with Grace, just launched her new removable wallpaper collection at Tempaper! 

The designer collection consists of refreshing lemons, micro florals, and a fun zig-zag print reminiscent of African mud cloth. Using a mix of playful patterns and mod influences, Christen chose to design prints that will complement one another, encouraging both homeowners and renters to confidently mix and match patterns in a small space. The exclusive Nesting with Grace wallpaper collection is now available — and you can view each of the stylish and modish wallpaper prints at Tempaper!

Nesting With Grace

“To take the guesswork out of choosing designs that could be hung together, I wanted a collection where the patterns could complement each other if they were used in the same room or the same home,” said Christen. “I love a master bedroom that feels cohesive with its bathroom or a stairwell that has walls and ceiling in different but complementary designs.”

Christen believes every home should be created with purpose so she has built her nest around items that tell a story. With more and more people focusing on designing a sanctuary at home, it seems that these cheerful and uplifting wallpaper prints have arrived at the perfect time. The Nesting with Grace wallpaper collection features three unique patterns offered in two fresh colorways: Ditsy Floral in Black Daisy and Dandelion, Rick Rack Stripe in Graceful Pink and Aztec Gold, and Lemons in Pink Lemonade and Lemon Drop.

Refresh your kitchen with cheery lemon wallpaper, a print that will make eating at home much more enticing. To help make your living room a cozy and inviting space, zig-zag wallpaper brings energy to your walls. If self-care is at the top of your list, mini floral wallpaper will help breathe new life into your bathroom walls. The variety of prints and colors that are available in the Nesting with Grace x Tempaper collection encourages you to create a home that you love.

The designer wallpaper collection at Tempaper inspires pattern play, teaching you how to mix and match peel and stick wallpaper patterns like a pro. Simply peel, place, and embrace your inner designer! Discover the Nesting with Grace wallpaper collection today.

Ditsy Floral


“I love the nod to the past with this tiny flower pattern.” - Brooke Christen

Ditsy Floral is a subtle nod to retro. The tiny floral wallpaper is an effortless way to integrate florals into your bathroom, living room, bedroom, and beyond while still maintaining a timeless feel. The repeated florals create a retro vibe, bringing a simple yet striking design to accent walls, furniture, and open shelves. If you are wondering how to refresh your bathroom, we suggest applying this tiny daisy wallpaper print behind your mirror for a sophisticated and subtle update. 

Don’t be afraid to have some fun with this print! You can apply the retro-inspired floral wallpaper to any room in your home, as the removable wallpaper can adapt to any setting. With its peel-and-stick design, you always have the freedom to try out the print in different rooms to see where it will look best in your space.

The Ditsy Floral removable wallpaper print is available in two colorways: Black Daisy and Dandelion. Shop Ditsy Floral on our website.

Rick Rack Stripe


“The zig-zag wallpaper reminds me of mud cloth, which is beautiful and fun.” - Brooke Christen

Rick Rack Stripe features a zig-zag pattern that will add rhythmic movement to your space. We love this wallpaper print for bedrooms, entryways, or ceilings, as the striped removable wallpaper is reminiscent of African mud cloth and is a fresh and modern way to incorporate stripes into your home. Vertical stripes create the illusion of more height and help bring energy into your space, making it appear much bigger! Don’t be afraid to try out the home decor in different areas of your room, such as the ceiling. The lively striped decor adds a sense of vitality wherever it is placed.

The Rick Rack Stripe removable wallpaper print is available in two colorways: Graceful Pink and Aztec Gold. Shop Rick Rack Stripe on our website.


“When you think lemons, you think sunshine and happiness, and this removable wallpaper brings that to life.” - Brooke Christen

Lemons is a vibrant and cheerful removable wallpaper print that will brighten up your walls and add a dash of zest to your space, especially your kitchen. With its refreshing pattern of fresh lemons, we imagine this wallpaper print will be a popular decor choice for kitchens and pantries. It isn’t hard to see why the lemon printed wallpaper is always in high demand, as it brings cheerfulness and color to any interior. This timeless print is always in season, too. The fresh fruit wall decor is sure to bring happiness and joy into your home for years to come!

The irresistibly sweet Lemons removable wallpaper pattern is offered in two colorways: Pink Lemonade and Lemon Drop. Shop Lemons on our website.

Shop Nesting With Grace x Tempaper

Tempaper Creative Director and Co-Founder Jennifer Matthews explains that “Brooke’s eclectic designs have a timeless quality that will appeal to a wide range of audiences while encouraging them to get creative through a stylish mixing and matching approach.”

Tempaper is the leading brand of removable wallpaper and offers beautifully designed prints and patterns for every style. Along with the Nesting with Grace collection, you will discover countless designs in unique prints and fresh colorways. Browse the wide selection of one-of-a-kind removable wallpaper patterns at Tempaper today.