Spruce up Your Home With Our Custom Holiday Decals Collection

Warm-up your home with removable and reusable holiday decals that capture the joy of the season. The silver and gold metallic finish adds a touch of sophistication and glam to walls or any surface that needs a dose of holiday cheer. Or fill your space with lyrics to classic holiday carols or expressions from familiar season’s greetings. For a more personalized look, you can create your own custom wall decal that proudly displays your family’s name. If you are looking for unique and affordable holiday decor, our easy-to-apply decals may be just what you are missing on your shopping list this year. Move beyond traditional holiday decorations and embrace a DIY approach instead.

Our peel and stick designs are the perfect addition to your home as you trim your tree and hang your stockings with care. Place our new decals above your mantel or next to your holiday table. Wherever you choose to display the festive stickers, merriment and cheer are sure to fill the air. If you are wondering how to decorate your home for the holidays, browse and shop the variety of decals that are available in our holiday collection.

Create an Inviting Space With Classic Season’s Greetings

Entryways and doorways are a prime spot for the most cherished holiday wishes. Greet any guest that enters your home with a classic season’s greeting — a subtle reminder that the holidays have arrived.

  • The Peace wall decal helps usher in the positive energy of the season.
  • The Joy wall decal expresses glad tidings in a minimalist font.
  • The Happy Holidays wall decal is a cheerful salutation that is featured in both cursive and block lettering.

Fill Your Home With Familiar Favorites

If you are dreaming of snow this season, playful snowflakes and upbeat holiday songs will help make your dreams come true. These familiar holiday favorites will fill your home with snow and the sounds of the season.

  • The Snowflakes wall decal features perfectly formed flurries to help transform your space into a winter wonderland.
  • The Fa La La La La wall decal is predicted to be a conversation-starter in any room and is featured in both cursive and block lettering.
  • The Let it Snow custom wall decal brings a joyful, childlike energy into your home. It will be hard not to sing-along as you peel and stick the decal to your walls.

Deck the Walls With Unfading Laurels

Bring a sense of nature into your home. Unfading laurels come in all sizes to help enhance your holiday decor. The lush evergreen decals will blend in perfectly with your traditional greenery and garland. Mix together your favorite stickers to create a design that perfectly matches your space and style. The possibilities are endless! 

Custom Name Decals

Make it personal. Custom name decals are available for you to put your name on and call it your own. The personalized name decals are easy to design and easy to apply to your walls. Plus, each decal removes cleanly for you to reuse each season! They also make great holiday gift ideas and stocking stuffers for cherished friends and loved ones.

How to Apply and Remove Our Holiday Decals

Just like our removable wallpaper, applying our wall stickers is as easy as peel, stick, and enjoy. Simply follow the steps below and enjoy the decals in your space for as long as you wish. When the time comes to change your decor, they will remove cleanly and leave no mess or residue behind.

Before you get started: We recommend applying our custom wall decals to a smooth surface that is in good condition. Although the decals can be applied to any printed and painted surface (walls, doors, and interiors), it is recommended that you apply the decals to surfaces that have been painted with a satin or semi-gloss finish. Keep in mind that the holiday decals may not stick to all surfaces such as matte, flat, and low sheen paints and textured surfaces. It is best to perform adhesion testing on a small, non-exposed area before applying to your intended surface.

Pro tip: Wipe the surface with a 1:1 Isopropyl alcohol and water solution prior to application may help with adhesion.


1. Gather the tools you will need: a damp cloth, painter’s tape, scissors, a Tempaper squeegee, and a tape measure and/or level.

2. Remove any dust or debris from the walls with a damp cloth and wait until the surface is completely dry. Decals should only be applied to a clean, dry surface.

3. Using a tape measure or level, position the decal at the desired location on your wall and gently secure in place with painter’s tape.

4. Place a long piece of painter’s tape down the middle of your decal.

5. Gently peel one side of the decal off its backing and place on top of the opposite side. Carefully secure the decal by using a small piece of painter’s tape.

6. Using your scissors, cut the blank side of the backing off the wall and discard it. Reposition the decal back to its original side.

7. Slowly smooth out any air bubbles with your squeegee, working from the center out.

8. Beginning from the top corner, carefully peel the vinyl layer off your decal.

9. Repeat steps 5-8 on the other side.

10. Use your squeegee to firmly trace each letter (this will make sure that all air bubbles have been removed).


Peel decal up or down slowly, parallel to the surface.

Order Custom Wall Decals From Tempaper

This holiday season, bring some joy to your home and celebrate with our collection of holiday custom wall decals. Our unique designs make it easy to completely transform any space to fit the holiday or give your space a much-needed update.