Stylish Home Office Makeover Ideas With Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Stylish Home Office Makeover Ideas With Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Get Inspired by our Top Home Office Makeover Ideas

Working in a home office that you love will not only increase your own productivity, but it's also something that you can be proud of.

Sometimes all you need is a fun and fresh peel and stick wallpaper print to spark new motivation and make the room come alive. Below are our 5 favorite office spaces using peel and stick removable wallpaper.

We love how Lauren Collander Interiors added Genevieve Gorder’s Intersections Bronze print to this small office nook. Defining a smaller space with a geometric print will make the room appear larger and more inviting. 




90210 star and Saved By The Bell alum, Tiffani Thiessen wanted to redesign her home office into a “creative sanctuary.”

“It is not always easy working from home with kiddos close by and an ongoing to-do list that seems to never end,” Thiessen tells PEOPLE Magazine. “So at the start of this year, I decided it was time to design a space that would become a creative sanctuary for me and my assistant Tory.”

With the help of ReStyleSource designers, she turned a drab space into an elegant and functional home office. The subtle print and metallic shimmer of Distressed Gold Leaf Pearl created the perfect backdrop for the pink and gold accents found throughout the room and also paired perfectly with the bold removable wallpaper in her bathroom next door.


Creating a workspace out of a closet can add more value to your home office. Leslie Lehr, a professional organizer, and lifestyle influencer chose Tokyo print to transform her closet to a “chic and functional” workspace.


Working from home is not always easy, but designing an office that motivates you will help. Photographer, Erin K, wanted to design a home office inspired by modern Chinoiserie design. After falling in love with Tempaper’s Garden Metallic Champagne design from our Chinoiserie collection, she got to work! Tempaper is a total do-it-yourself removable wallpaper. It is easy to apply by simply peeling and sticking the product into place.  

“…I had lots of anxiety over whether we’d be able to hang the paper ourselves and I honestly had nothing to worry about. We remarked afterward that we wish every project we tackled went as smoothly as this one since in less than two hours the space was totally transformed, the removable wallpaper was hung without any frustration at all, and there was hardly any mess to clean up besides the paper backing.”

Whether you are working with a small or large budget, removable wallpaper is a great choice for updating your office space.

Peel and stick wallpaper is the perfect choice for your office at work, too. Tempaper & Co. employees were inspired to transform their work spaces with removable wallpaper.

Two different wallpaper prints were chosen for this transformation: Havana Palm Navy Nights and Beadboard Winter Grey.

This tropical peel and stick wallpaper and realistic beadboard wallpaper were the perfect choices for bringing warmth and joy into the office. It is an ideal background for Zoom meetings, too.

When it's time for a change, peel and stick wallpaper will remove cleanly off any smooth surface.