Top 3 Places for our Traditional Runner Rugs

Discover the Best Places to Put a Runner Rug in Your Home

What is a runner rug? While area rugs are usually large and square, runner rugs are long and narrow. Its rectangular shape makes it an ideal rug for hallways, entryways, kitchens, and stairs.

Many of these rugs are known for being stylish and sustainable and there are many benefits to adding one to your room.

Runner rugs protect hardwood floors, help with soundproofing, and provide extra cushioning for your feet.

If you are looking for inspiration on how to decorate your home with a runner rug, we are sharing our top 3 places to add this floor covering.

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Diamond Weave Jute Runner In a White Kitchen
Diamond Weave Flat Rug

Kitchen Runners Provide Comfort Underfoot

Kitchens are often the room where everyone gathers. From cooking to cleaning or socializing, this space sees a lot of foot traffic throughout the day.

Having a runner rug in your kitchen is the best way to bring color and comfort to all the narrow spaces in this room.

If you are looking to add a rug to your cooking space, you may wonder where you put a runner rug in the kitchen. Runner rugs for kitchens are mostly placed in front of sinks.

However, there are other places to put a kitchen runner. They can be put beside an island or in front of cabinets.

The best material for a kitchen runner should be made of natural, easy-to-clean materials like jute or wool. These fibers are generally a good choice for high-traffic areas due to their durability.

Cream and black spotted runner in a hallway

Hallway Runner Rugs That Can Withstand Heavy Foot Traffic

Hallways or entryways are the most common place for runner rugs. Since runners are long and narrow, they seem like the perfect fit for long and narrow hallways. The standard size for runner rugs for a hallway measure between 2-3 feet wide and 6-14 feet long.

What is the best material for hallway runner rugs? You will want to choose a durable material like wool, jute, and sisal.

If you are wondering what color a hallway runner should be, there’s no right or wrong answer. However, since this space has a lot of foot traffic, dark colors are generally the most popular choice.

Stylish Runner Rugs for Your Stairs

If you are looking for an unexpected place to put your runner, try our non slip rugs on your stairs.

This DIY stair runner idea is the perfect way to add pattern and color to your home, while providing a bit more comfort underfoot while traveling up and down the stairs.

Runner rugs for stairs should be applied properly to avoid slips and falls. Visit our website to learn more about which stair runner rug would work best for your space.

The Importance of a Rug Pad

If you are interested in any of our rugs, we also recommend purchasing a rug pad, too.

Rug pads have many benefits. It helps extend the life of your rug. It keeps it from slipping and bunching on your floor while also providing an extra layer of comfort for your feet.

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