How to Apply Removable Wall Decals

How to Apply Removable Wall Decals

Our Custom wall decals are a unique approach to decorating and a simple and sophisticated way to infuse personality throughout your home.   Our easy-to-follow techniques, will help you to quickly apply custom decals to your space for an awe-inspiring personalized look.  Watch a helpful video below for our step-by-step guide. Our quick tutorial will also teach you how to apply our vinyl decals with ease while removing any air bubbles along the way. 



In this tutorial video, we will walk you through the best methods for applying peel and stick wall decals to your space. Follow along as you discover how easy it is to apply custom name decals to your walls using only a few household items and our Tempaper squeegee!


1. Position the decal at the desired location and secure with painters tape.

2. Place a long piece of painters tape down the center of your decal.

3. Gently peel one side of the decal and transfer paper off the backing.

4. Secure opposite side and carefully tear off the detached half of the backing and discard.

5. Reposition decal and transfer paper back to the original position.

6. Use squeegee to ensure decal is secured to wall.

7.¬†Repeat steps 3 ‚Äď 6 to complete opposite side.

8. Remove center tape and firmly trace each letter with squeegee to ensure decal is secured to surface.

9. Carefully peel transfer tape away from wall. Letters may need a bit of encouragement removing them from transfer paper. This is normal, use your squeegee to help secure the decal.




Creating your happy place is as easy as peel, place and embracing your new style.


1. Clean the surface with a damp cloth and wait until completely dry. Make sure any dust or debris has been removed from the walls, as wall decals should only be applied to a clean, dry surface.

2. Carefully place the decal on your smooth, clean and dry surface in its desired location.

3. Use a Tempaper squeegee to remove any air bubbles, working from the center out

4. Repeat with remaining wall decals.