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What is Removable Wallpaper
The complete guide to making your home beautiful with removable wallpaper.

We believe life is too short to live with boring walls.

And we’re not alone. That’s why removable wallpaper has become such a popular design trend. Removable or peel and stick wallpaperis a dream come true for anyone wanting to shake things up and try a new look in their home - without the commitment and mess of paint or traditional wallpaper. Whether you're a total beginner, a do-it-yourself enthusiast or a design pro... you’ll love how removable wallpaper goes up easily with no messy glues or pastes (you just peel and stick!).

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Removable wallpaper takes the risk and stresses out of decorating and gives you the freedom to add pattern and style to any room.

We’re excited to see so many people choosing removable wallpaper as we’ve always believed in the product and are happy to see that our customers share the same sentiment!

At Tempaper®, we launched the first peel and stick, removable wallpaper back in 2008. Our mission was to create beautiful wallpaper that removed easily with no mess or damage. After a year of research and development, we manufactured our patented, removable product that lets you take your wallpaper down after days, months or even years without ruining your walls.

Because we’ve been working with removable wallpaper for over 10 years, we’ve decided to share what we’ve learned with you.

In this guide, we'll talk about the pros and cons of peel and stick, removable wallpaper and give you expert tips and advice on how to make your decorating project a success.

The difference with traditional wallpaper

Messy, hard to apply and a hassle to remove

Before we begin in answering why you should choose removable wallpaper, let’s first distinguish the difference between traditional wallpaper and self-adhesive, peel-and-stick wallpaper. 

Like Tempaper, traditional wallpaper expands your design options by bringing textures and patterns to your walls - things you simply can’t do with paint.

However, there is a lot more prep work involved in working with traditional wallpaper.

Before hanging traditional paper, the walls require a special primer called “wall size” which is applied to the wall by being painted on.  

Once that is dry, you can begin the application by rolling or spraying the wallpaper paste or glue directly to the wall or wallpaper which can get messy!  

Another option is prepasted wallpaper. 

Like traditional wallpaper, it requires prep work, but this type has the paste or glue on the back of the product and simply needs to be “activated” with water to make it stick.

Handling long strips of paper, getting it wet and applying it before the water dries can be a little tricky if you’re not an expert paper-hanger.

The Alternative: Removable Wallpaper

Removable wallpaper uses a self-adhesive backing that sticks to your walls (or other smooth surfaces like stair risers, bookshelves, etc).

It’s literally peel-and-stick, with no water or pastes required to hang it. 

And most removable wallpaper is both self-adhesive and repositionable.

This means you can peel it off and reposition the paper during application, making pattern-matching easy and allowing you to quickly correct mistakes. Here is another article we wrote that speaks all about everything you need to know about peel and stick wallpaper.

Easy to remove, after minutes, hours, days and even years!

Styles change, personal tastes change.

The beauty of temporary or peel and stick wallpaper is when you’re ready for a change, you simply peel it off the wall. 

There’s no extra work required to clean off excess paste or scraping off paper that didn’t quite rip off which commonly occurs when you remove traditional wallpaper. 

However, different brands use different adhesives.

Tempaper® uses a patented adhesive that sticks firmly to smooth surfaces, yet is easy to remove and comes off clean with no residue left behind - even if the wallpaper has been up for years. 

(See guidelines below for proper installation)

Curious? Want to try a sample? 
Any design can be ordered as a sample so you can see how it will look in your home.

Explore your creativity with patterns and colors that bring your walls to life.

Gorgeous Rooms

There’s no point in using wallpaper that goes up easily and comes down clean if it doesn’t make your room look amazing.

Temporary, peel and stick wallpaper comes in a wide variety of patterns and colors.

At Tempaper®, we strive to deliver stylish and elegant collections by working with the finest in house designers.

We’ve also teamed up with top designers like Bobby Berk, Genevieve Gorder, Courtney and Robert Novogratz, Zoe Bios and more to create hundreds of premium patterns and color options.

You can choose looks from classic to modern, calming to inspiring. 

We are always adding new styles, so shop our removable wallpaper to upgrade your space and get exactly the look you want.

Safe for kitchens and bathrooms

Image of Soleil wallpaper print being used as a backsplash in a kitchen with white cabinets

Updating the look of your kitchen or bathroom is a great way to make an impact in your home.

However, wallpaper in these rooms is exposed to more moisture and heat.

That’s why it’s important when choosing a removable wallpaper to make sure it’s designed to handle the increased exposure to humidity and changes in temperature.

Tempaper® removable wallpaper is steam and moisture resistant, making it perfect for kitchen walls, backsplashes or bathroom applications.

Now you can experiment in your kitchen and bathroom with new colors and patterns, without the expense of tile and the cost of labor to install tile.

Tempaper® is also:

  • Fire-rated (Tempaper® is ASTM E84 Class A rated for flame spread and smoke-developed and meets the burn rate requirement when tested in accordance with the safety compliance testing for FMVSS no. 302 -- Flammability of Interior Materials).
  • Made in the USA - This keeps jobs in America and ensures the highest quality in the manufacturing process.

Many Creative Options

Image of Travertine wallpaper print on stair risers

Temporary wallpaper isn’t just for walls.

Any flat, smooth surface can be a source of creative inspiration.

You can apply Tempaper® to stair risers, bookshelves, even ceilings.

Any smooth surface can be upgraded and beautified with removable wallpaper.

“Love it! Wasn’t sure how it would look but turned out great. It’s in my home office/Peloton room on one wall. I had some extra, so had it put up on one wall/enclave of my office (outside of my home). I have received a ton of compliments and it’s only been a few days!” Tempaper Customer Review - Daphne Y.

(It’s amazing the compliments you’ll receive even with a small project!)

A Smart Shoppers Guide to Buying Removable, Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

Shopping for removable wallpaper can be a little confusing because of the wide variety of formats and pricing available.

Sometimes it can be hard to tell if you’re getting a good deal or not!

Pricing is affected by the format (panel, mural, roll or custom design) and the printing process (digital aka print-on-demand vs rotary aka pre-printed).

To make sure you’re getting the best value for your application, it’s important to understand how removable wallpaper is sold and priced. 


Removable wallpaper is sold 4 ways:

  • Panels
  • Murals
  • Rolls
  • Custom

Let’s talk about each one...


Image of two panels of wallpaper

You will often find that removable wallpaper is sold by the panel. 

Panels are smaller pieces of wallpaper (for example 2’x4’) that are applied together (like tiles) to cover larger areas, and usually printed digitally.

Panels are convenient for smaller applications.

They also allow you to order only the amount you need for your project, reducing waste.

You will often find that removable wallpaper is sold by the panel. 

They also allow you to order only the amount you need for your project, reducing waste.

The downside of panels is that they can create a lot of seams when covering a larger area.

This means more matching and repositioning is needed to get things lined up just right.


Image of Zoe Bios Wall Mural behind a black modern couch

If you want a picture of a Chinoiserie scene or a sunny beach on your wall, you’ll choose a mural.Similar to panels, murals are commonly printed digitally. Sold by the square foot or for a set price, murals are typically the most expensive way to purchase removable wallpaper, but they generally cover an accent wall and are sometimes designed to cover a full room.A mural can bring nature inside your home or transport you to an exotic destination, and choosing the right mural can be a fantastic way to transform your living space into something truly immersive and special.


Image of wallpaper prints perfect for bathroom applications.

Just like traditional wallpaper, some companies, including Tempaper, offer peel-and-stick wallpaper by the roll.Rolls are pre-printed and in-stock so theyship quickly.Because rolls are printed in large quantities, they arethe most cost-effective wayto buy removable wallpaper.Tempaper sells rolls in two sizes: single rolls and double rolls.

  • Double rolls measure 20.5” wide by 11 yds. long, covering approximately 56 square feet.
  • Single rolls measure 20.5” wide by 16.5’ long, covering approximately 28 square feet.

The downside of ordering by the roll is you may end up with more material than you need for the project as we always advise ordering up. It best to order a bit extra than not enough wallpaper to complete your project. And don’t forget, with Tempaper, you can always find creative ways to decorate with unused paper- apply to furniture, bookcases, stair risers and more!


Image of a custom, print your own wallpaper in an apartment in Ohio

For a true one-of-a-kind look, consider designing your own wallpaper.At Tempaper, you can bring us a design or work with one of our designers to create a custom look for your room.Finally, if you have a color scheme worked out for your home, you can send us a color chip and we can take an existing Tempaper® design and modify the colors to match your room.Custom orders are always printed digitally.

Tempaper® is sold by the roll, in panels, by the mural or by the square foot which means customers have endless options to achieve the ultimate transformation.

You can also choose from our selection of murals, natural patterns, or even create your own custom designs.

How It’s Made: Understanding the Options

How It’s Made: Understanding the Options


WHAT IT IS:In simple terms, your wallpaper is printed using a large-format digital printer after you place your order.


  • Panels
  • Murals
  • Custom Designs


  • You choose a design from a website and place your order.
  • Your removable wallpaper is printed and shipped.


Choices!  - Because the manufacturer doesn’t have to store inventory, they can offer a wider variety of options. You can choose from a vast range of colors, images and designs.


More expensive- print on demand typically costs more than pre-printed options.

Longer wait time- Depending on the company, you will have to wait approximately 5-20 business days for your order to be printed and shipped.

Limited printing techniques- Digital printers cannot print with metallic inks or create raised textures. They can only print non-metallic, matte colors.



Pre-printed designs are ordered in large quantities and held in-stock. There are a variety of printing techniques used, including surface printing, gravure printing, and silk screen-printing.


  • By The Roll 
  • By The Yard


Companies pre-plan their assortment based on season, trends, and overall demand of certain prints and designs.

Companies pre-plan their assortment based on season, trends, and overall demand of certain prints and designs.


Faster Delivery- you can purchase in-stock designs at a retail location.

Or if you’re ordering online, pre-printed, in-stock rolls can ship as fast as overnight.

Price: Cost tends to be less expensive than murals or panels printed digitally.

Access to Premium Printing Techniques:Rotary printing allows the designer to use lustrous metallics inks and create raised textures for a premium, high-end look.These premium papers offer the rich look and feel of traditional wallpaper with all the benefits of removable wallpaper.


Fewer options– Because these items are in-stock and ready to ship, you will have to choose from the available designs.Don’t fret, this does not mean sacrificing style, because there are still a wide variety of patterns to choose from!

PRICING GUIDELINES:When looking at temporary, peel-and-stick wallpaper, you'll find prices all over the map.

When broken down by the square foot, murals are usually the most expensive, followed by panels, then rolls.

The price can also be affected by the material used.

Metallic inks and textured paper can increase the cost. (Just as it would with traditional wallpaper).

Comparing Apples to Apples

Because removable wallpaper is sold by the panel and by the roll, you will want an accurate cost comparison. The best way to do this is to break things down by the square foot.

For example, if a panel is 2’x4’ (or 8 square feet) and costs $40, your price per square foot is $5.

If a double roll costs $125 but covers 60 square feet, the cost per square foot is $2.08.

Depending on the size of your project, breaking things down to the square foot gives you a true value comparison.

However, we all know if we see something we love, the price almost always doesn’t matter!


As with any do-it-yourself project, success starts with preparation.For best results, apply Tempaper® removable wallpaper on:

  • Smooth surfaces 
  • In good condition
  • Primed and painted with an eggshell, satin or semi-gloss paint.


surfaces with flat, matt or low-sheen paints. (Tempaper® can be applied to these paint finishes, however, paint removal could occur when the product is removed).

We recommend purchasing a sample for testing your surface.(Any design in our store can be purchased as a sample).


Get inspired!

Spend time looking at before and after photos to find colors, patterns, and designs that light you up.

Of course, Pinterest and Instagram are a great place to start, and any company selling temporary (removable) wallpaper should have a gallery of customer projects to view.

Purchase a more than you need

We recommend purchasing 10% more than you’ve calculated to cover your walls exactly.

There will be a potential waste at the top and bottom of the wall - especially if you need to shift the paper up or down to match a pattern.

Use our convenient wallpaper calculator and watch the instructional videos below.

Order a sample. Colors on computer screens do vary and can look  different than the real thing.

And depending on how many windows you have in your room, your ceiling height and your lighting, your paper may appear darker or lighter than it did on the website.(Any design can be ordered as a sample on our website).

Avoid color mismatch

Environmental conditions such as humidity, changes in inks by the manufacturer, etc can lead to color shifts on designs printed at different times. For designs sold by the roll, each print run is given a lot number.

Always make sure you order enough wallpaper to complete your project because if you need extra wallpaper printed at a later time, you risk having an imperfect color match. 

If you do need to order additional paper of the same design at a later time, make sure to send us the lot number found on our product label. 

If we have stock of that lot, you will be shipped rolls that match.

NOTE: We do not offer lot numbers on digital prints so please make sure to measure twice.Lay your paper out on the floor first and cut it to size before applying it to the wall.

This lets you match up your patterns exactly and work with smaller panels of paper.

You can also work from the roll.  Please see instructions on working from the roll if you prefer this hanging method.

Bring a friend

Handling long strips of wallpaper and aligning them alone is possible, but it may take a bit longer to complete your project.

Having someone to help you will make the job go faster and smoother.


Here are some useful tips that will help navigate the challenge of applying temporary wallpaper.

Before You Begin

Tempaper® is recommended for smooth surfaces that are in good condition and have been primed and painted with a satin or semi-gloss finish.

Clean surface by wiping with a damp cloth or wet rag, making sure the surface is fully dried before application.

We recommend wiping your intended surface with an isopropyl alcohol + water solution (1:1 ratio) and letting it dry before installation to ensure best compatibility.

For an easier install, remove switch plates and outlet covers prior to installation making sure to turn off the electricity at source prior to removal.

Helpful Tools for Applying Peel and Stick Wallpaper:

Image of a peel and stick wallpaper roll and tools found in the Tempaper tool bundle.
  • Craft knife
  • Cutting surface
  • Level
  • Pencil
  • Ruler or straight edge
  • Step stool
  • Squeegee
  • Tape measure now sells tools for removable wallpaper application to ensure you have what you need to start your next project.

Troubleshooting and Helpful Videos:

We’ve put together some instructional videos to guide you through every phase of your project.


Here’s how to make sure you have enough material to finish your project without extra waste.

How to Align a Drop-Match Pattern

How to Align a Straight-Match Pattern

WORKING AROUND OBSTACLES:Our walls contain all kinds of roadblocks and interruptions.Here are some videos to guide you in applying removable wallpaper around these household obstacles:How to Wallpaper Around a Door:

How To Cover a Light Switch:

How To Trim Around Molding:

TIP:Removing Stubborn BubblesBubbles happen to even the most experienced installers.The good news is there’s a simple fix.

IS REMOVABLE WALLPAPER RIGHT FOR YOU?If you’re looking to bring new life to a kitchen or bathroom, capture attention with an accent wall, or express yourself by trying something bold and new in an entire room...Decorating with Tempaper® removable wallpaper is the perfect way to make a big statement with minimal cost.Whether you’re renting and want to upgrade your space without damaging the walls...Or refreshing your home to match the latest trends - Tempaper® removable wallpaper is a fast, worry-free way to take any room from ordinary to gorgeous.


Gorgeous Powder Room

This was my first time with removable wallpaper. My bathroom went from blah to beautiful…Kathleen O.

Love, Love my Peonies/Gold Leaf Library Wall!!!

Love this paper and installation was a slight challenge but well worth the effort and a bit of trial and error. If your walls are even and the plumb line is exact--no troubles but when you have an old farm house---well---you make it work. We did it and we are glad--many compliments received. Thanks to Tempaper--for their clever designs and the instructions which caution you appropriately!


Love it.

Wasn’t sure how it would look but turned out great. It’s in my home office/Peloton room on one wall. I had some extra, so had it put up on one wall/enclave of my office (outside of my home). I have received a ton of compliments and it’s only been a few days!

Daphne Y.

Easy and Beautiful

First-timer here. I watched the quick video and felt confident enough to try on my own. The paper is very forgiving. The whole process took several hours to complete. Love the look!

Jessica G.

Easy to install

I installed this model in my laundry room after I saw it in a famous blog. I have to say I put it up all by myself (had never done it) and it was easier than I thought.

Caterina M.

Super easy install

super easy install and looks fantastic!

Lacey S.

Love my wallpaper

Great quality and super easy to apply.

Dominique B.

Love this print

Love this print, it’s completely transforming my small bathroom!

Cristina C.

Color. Pattern. Easy to Install. Check. Check. Check.

This is the perfect amount of color and pattern that adds subtle interest but doesn't distract from the rest of the room.

Sheila J.

Outstanding service

The care taken to assure this was designed custom to the space was outstanding. And it made the application to the wall easy and quick. I love how this turned out and the quality was outstanding.

Steven B.

Fab Print!

I have used many rolls of Tempaper in two different homes. My most recent project came out great. I have now used another brand of self adhesive wallpaper in addition to Tempaper, and I think Tempaper is far superior in quality and ease of use.

Lisa O.

It looks and feels real!

We used this paper for a client and I personally used it in a high rise luxury condo. I constantly get compliments and asked if it’s real. Looks absolutely amazing!!

Monika N.


Love this wall paper! It instantly gave my kitchen and office nook a sophisticated lift. I love to sit back so I can see both the office wall and the island wall together. The entire space is so cohesive now.

Jessica S.

Love Love Love!

I love this wallpaper! Used it for an accent wall and it is perfect. Easy to put up.

Patricia D.

New to decorating

I love working with Tempaper. I can get samples and try out the "look" before committing. Even then, I can replace the removable wallpaper easily. I am learning how to place the designs in my home and I am not a designer by any stretch. Tempaper lets me try various ideas

Rosemary G.

Love this paper

This is my second time using tempaper and each time I am more impressed. Love this print , it was exactly what I was looking for and makes my room!

Maggie O.

Could not have been easier.

I ordered one roll of Tempaper for a nook in my living room and it was such an easy installation process.There was no mess, the adhesive stuck to my wall very well, and it came off just as easily when I accidentally applied a piece diagonally.Also the paper was beautiful but that was already a given.

Frank C.

Hard To Beat

Over and over again, this paper shocks so many into thinking it is real wood, especially when placed in the right lighting and location.This pattern has amazing detail; the 'paper' is nicely thick and strong, not flimsy; and it's easy to install horizontally (I have not installed this pattern vertically so I am not able to attest to that particular installation).Be patient and take your time and follow their recommendations. Well worth the money.

Ltb D.


View our gallery to see how customers are transforming their spaces with Tempaper®.

Check out some before and after photos to see what’s possible.

Shop removable wallpaper by browsing our designs (HINT: any design can be ordered as a sample so you can try it out in your home).