wallpaper calculator

How much Tempaper do you need?

  • Determine the length and width of the surface area you are covering in feet.

  • Calculate the total square footage of your surface by entering the length and width in the appropriate fields below.

Please see the product page to determine the square foot of each roll.

We recommend you always round up when estimating the number of rolls to order.

Please note that there is a waste of material when lining up a drop match patterns.

One question that is commonly asked is, “how much wallpaper do I need for my space?” If you are wondering how much wallpaper and custom wallpaper to order from Tempaper, allow our wallpaper calculator to help you! Whether you are ordering a single roll, double roll or panel, the easiest way to determine how much wallpaper you will need is to calculate by the square footage. Our custom wallpaper calculator is an accurate tool for determining the number of rolls to order. Simply enter your measurements to see how much wallpaper you will need for your next project so you can purchase with confidence. If you are wondering how to measure for removable wallpaper, there is an informative, easy-to-follow how-to guide available on our website.