An Interior Designer's First Time Using Removable Wallpaper

An Interior Designer's First Time Using Removable Wallpaper

Looking to update your bathroom but a renovation is out of reach? Or maybe you are interested in adding a (temporary) personal touch to your rental space... Whatever the reason, peel-and-stick removable wallpaper is the perfect way to bring your bathroom to life!  Molly Solich Design chose Tempaper to help complete her latest bathroom project. Knowing it was her first time using Tempaper, we went ahead and asked her some questions in hopes that her experience will help you!

Tempaper | What are some reasons you opted for peel and stick, removable wallpaper for this project?
Molly Solich Design | We were living in a rental home at the time and wanted something temporary - that could easily be removed when we moved. Additionally, I fell in love with the Fern paper, as it coordinated with the design scheme that I had planned.

Tempaper | Why did you choose this particular print?
Molly Solich Design | After considering other wall coverings, even non-adhesive options, I went with the Fern design from Tempaper because it was so beautiful and unique. The scale of the ferns and the block print like quality were a perfect fit for the small powder room of our contemporary space. The pattern felt updated, yet traditional in theme, and coordinated with our white gallery-like walls for a pretty transition.

Tempaper | Was this your first time working with Tempaper?
Molly Solich Design | Yes - and I’m looking forward to using their productions again personally, and suggesting to my clients. My feedback would be to measure twice, order once. I measured and ordered prior to my installer measuring, and due to the unique size and custom printing nature of the paper, I did have to order more specific, smaller panels to continue the print in my unique sized powder bath. 

Tempaper | What are your top ordering tips for purchasing a print by the panel from
Molly Solich Design | Most importantly, if you are installing yourself, measure twice and order more than you think you will need, especially if you have a deadline. The Tempaper team is so helpful and was readily available to answer my ordering questions by phone and email, and I really felt confident in the product and the process because of their availability and eagerness to help.

Tempaper | Did you use an installer or do-it-yourself?
Molly Solich Design | I used an installer. He was unfamiliar with the specific materials but luckily willing to work with something new. He had experience with mural wraps which are similar, so he applied those skills and felt confident with the paper. He did a wonderful job and all seams were beautifully covered and matched.

Tempaper | Do you have any other feedback you would like to share about your Tempaper experience?
Molly Solich Design | Tempaper is such a wonderful concept considering there are many renters who are looking for ways to personalize their space without the hassle of priming walls and even those who are not looking for a super permanent commitment when it comes to wallpaper or paint. I’m thankful that I discovered Tempaper and am looking forward to watching the company grow as they come out with more and more designs.

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About Tempaper Fern Removable Wallpaper Print
Fern in sage, the design featured in the above project, is part of our Fresh Pressed Collection. Fern Removable Wallpaper is printed by the panel. Shop all prints by the panel here. Almost all panels are available in two sizes. One small panel of 2 feet x 4 feet and one large panel 2 feet x 8 feet.

Our video below will help guide you in measuring your space specifically for designs printed by the panel. We also have a video library available that will help customers tackle any hurdles when it comes to applying peel and stick wallpaper.