Introducing Our New Wallpaper Collection With She She

Introducing Our New Wallpaper Collection With She She

Tempaper is excited to announce a brand-new, designer peel and stick wallpaper collection by She She. This colorful and whimsical assortment of prints was inspired by co-founders Kate and Jenny’s week-long trip to Curaçao.

“The entire collection is based off of an inspiration trip we took to Curaçao, and each design is our interpretation of a specific memory we have from our trip.” – Kate + Jenny

She She is a multidisciplinary design studio focusing on wallpaper, textiles, and home furnishings. Our paths crossed when they used our custom printing department to print custom wallpaper.

“I knew I wanted to partner with She She when I loved every custom design that we printed for them when they were a client of ours. They are very talented and truly tell a story when they create a print. I appreciate their work and I believe our customers will too.” – Jennifer Matthews, Co-Founder + CCO

Luckily, selling temporary wallpaper had already been on Kate and Jenny’s to-do list for a while and they were interested in partnering with us, too.

“We fell for the quality and the look of the substrate of the Tempaper product and how easily it can be changed when your taste and/or the season changes. We love and respect Tempaper as a company, also started by two women, and wanted to launch temporary wallpapers in the best quality we could find.” 
– Kate + Jenny

If you are looking for the best peel and stick wallpaper, the She She wallpaper collection consists of painterly curves, tropical birds, florals, and palms - all embodying the energy and character of Curaçao.

Curaçao Days, Curaçao Nights

“Curaçao is such an interesting island full of bold vibrant colors in one sector and extremely neutral countryside in other regions, not to mention the crystal-clear blue water that surrounds everything." – Jennifer Matthews, Co-Founder + CCO

Evoking a sense of solitude and a feeling of whimsical escape, this collection is perfect for any room from bathrooms to bedrooms. Go subtle or bold with your design. Don’t forget the ceiling, too!

Explore the island-inspired wallpaper collection below:


This floral peel and stick wallpaper was inspired by the flamboyant tree of Curaçao. Freshen up bathrooms, bedrooms and more with this carefree and textural wallpaper design.

Flamboyan wallpaper by She She

Queen Emma

This art deco peel and stick wallpaper design was inspired by the sights from the Queen Emma Bridge. After seeing the colorful buildings along the water, She She decided that if they were to design their own city, this is what it would look like.

 Queen Emma Neutral Wallpaper  Queen Emma Blue Wallpaper
Available in a painterly warm neutral and blue colorway. 


Maria en Patricia

This playful print is packed with cheeky illustrations of Curaçao including parrots and tropical flowers. Easily bring a resort feel to any room, especially bedrooms.

Maria en Patricia


  Flamingos Salinas

Visiting the muddy salt ponds to see the wild flamingos was a must-see for She She. This bold, flamingo peel and stick wallpaper is a fond memory of their trip and brings graceful beauty into your space.

 Flamingos Salinas Pink Colorway 
Available in a pink / black colorway and blue colorway.

“This trip we took to the magical island of Curacao was always intended to be turned into a wallpaper collection and we couldn't be happier that it came to fruition with Tempaper.  We've loved the entire experience and team of people making everything happen and are delighted to now have them as an extension of the She She team.” – Kate + Jenny

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