Ultimate Guide to the Different Types of Traditional Wallpaper

Discover the Best Type of Traditional Wallpaper for Your Home

Traditional wallpaper, also known as unpasted wallpaper, is available in a variety of patterns and textures for your home. Discover which wallpaper type is the best choice for your space.

Coniferous Floral Unpasted Wallpaper

What is Traditional Wallpaper?

Traditional wallpaper, commonly referred to as nonpasted wallpaper or unpasted wallpaper, is wallpaper that does not have a self-adhesive backing. This means that a special paste or adhesive is required for application.

Many customers appreciate the high-end look of traditional wallpaper, which often features gorgeous textures like grasscloth. The high-quality, nonwoven material can be applied on textured surfaces, too.

If you are wondering how to install traditional wallpaper, a paste-the-wall or paste-the-paper method can be used, depending on the type of wallpaper being applied.

What are the 3 Types of Traditional Wallpaper at Tempaper & Co.?

Tempaper & Co. offers three types of traditional wallpaper. Let’s break down each type and see which one will work best for your home.

Our traditional wallpaper types include:

Perennial is our first-ever non-pasted wallpaper collection. It features a variety of patterns from traditional damask designs to delicate tree branches featuring owls and butterflies.

These designs are printed on PVC-free, nonwoven wallpaper and are easy to install by yourself using a special adhesive.

If you are wondering how to install our traditional wallpaper, we recommend applying these prints using the paste-the-wall method. Learn more about traditional wallpaper installation here.

Authentic Grasscloth at Tempaper & Co.
Tempaper's Authentic Grasscloth Collection

In addition to our Perennial unpasted wallpaper collection, there are 2 types of grasscloth wallpapers that we offer.

Our authentic grasscloth wallpaper is sold by the double roll and features a variety of materials from sisal to cork. These designs are made of strands from the finest sustainable grasses and have been intricately woven together to bring texture and warmth to your space.

Printed grasscloth wallpaper is sold by the yard and made from natural raw materials. This type of wallpaper is printed on authentic grasscloth and features beautiful designs from Chinoiserie to oversized flowers.

If you are wondering the best way to apply grasscloth unpasted wallpaper, we recommend the paste-the-paper method using a special adhesive. Since our grasscloth needs to be double cut, we recommend hiring an installer to ensure the best application.

Unlike our peel and stick and nonwoven wallpaper, our authentic grasscloth is not recommended for bathrooms or high-humidity areas.

What’s the Difference between Non Woven vs Textured Wallpaper?

Nonwoven wallpaper features a blend of synthetic and natural materials, which makes it durable than many of the other substrates on the market. This type of material can be used in bathrooms and rooms with humidity, and it is smooth to the touch.

Textured wallpaper has a raised surface that has a three-dimensional finish. This type of wallpaper is usually made from grasscloth, cork, and more.

Does Wallpaper Ruin Walls?

Many of our customers ask us if wallpaper can ruin walls or paint. If it is applied correctly, following the instructions on our label, then our wallpaper can be removed cleanly off walls.

If you are renting and looking for wallpaper that doesn’t damage paint, we recommend our peel and stick, removable wallpaper. Our removable wallpaper is the best choice for renters, and it can be installed by yourself.

Which Type of Wallpaper is Best?

If you are comparing traditional, nonwoven wallpaper vs peel and stick or authentic grasscloth, it comes down to your preference.

For a quick DIY project, our peel and stick wallpaper designs are a great choice. If you are looking for timeless and beautiful texture, our grasscloth prints are a popular wallpaper. For a bathroom refresh, our non woven and peel and stick wallpaper can be a great choice for you.

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