How Temporary Is Tempaper?

One of our most asked questions is how ‘temporary’ is Tempaper? Will it start to fall off the wall at a certain point? The answer is… Tempaper is as ‘temporary’ as you want it to be (wink wink). Our self-adhesive, removable wallpaper allows you to decorate as temporarily or permanently as you like. The days of decorating for the long-term are gone. We pin, we browse Instagram hashtags and are inundated with new styles and trends. Enter Tempaper. When it comes time for a change, the removal process is quick and easy. Simply peel it off.

One of our favorite places to use Tempaper is a bathroom or powder room (yes Tempaper works perfectly in bathrooms because it’s resistant to steam and moisture!) Krys, from the Melo-drama, designed her Palm Springs bathroom with 2 prints in one year! She first had her eye on our popular Tropical print and its fun watercolor colorway back in May, but about a year later, Krys was ready for an update. This time Krys was crushing on Flamingo. She removed Tropical and in just a couple minutes, her walls were back to their original state and ready for the next makeover. Be sure to check out the Krys's feed (@melodrama), she was born to design, decorate and re-decorate!

To read more about Kry's bathroom transformation, head over to her blog post HERE.

Tempaper removable wallpaper can be a long or short-term design choice because of its self-adhesive backing. There’s no reason to ever choose traditional wallpaper again!