Q&A: How to Apply Wallpaper in a Bathroom with Maggie Overby

Q&A: How to Apply Wallpaper in a Bathroom with Maggie Overby

 Maggie Overby is an interior designer, a DIY-er extraordinaire, and a seasoned expert in both peel and stick wallpaper and traditional wallpaper.

A loyal customer of Tempaper, Maggie has chosen our wallpaper for several rooms in her home including her stairway, living room, and most recently, her guest bathroom.

Everything to Know About our Bathroom Wallpaper

Many customers ask us if peel and stick or temporary wallpaper can be used in a bathroom. Of course, our answer is, yes!

We offer several best peel and stick bathroom wallpaper prints for bathrooms, including Family of Cranes by The Novogratz, as seen in Maggie’s space.

Although our wallpaper isn’t waterproof, each print is moisture resistant and a great choice for bathrooms and high-humidity areas.

Q & A with Maggie Overby

For her guest bathroom transformation here, Maggie chose this bright and colorful crane wallpaper print called Family of Cranes by The Novogratz.

After learning a few tips and tricks along the way, Maggie was willing to share her best advice for applying peel and stick bathroom wallpaper.

You've applied Tempaper to your space a few times. Can you share any helpful tips or tricks that you learned along the way?
The biggest tip I could share is don't peel the backing off completely. Peel only a foot or two at a time as you work down the panel. If you completely remove the backing the paper will stick to everything in sight the toilet, the sink, and especially itself. I'm sure you can guess how I know this, learn from my mistakes.

When smoothing the paper, work from the middle out smoothing out on a diagonal. If things are looking too bubbled, don't be afraid to pull up that section of work and try again.

Don't fret over the pattern matching perfectly at every spot along the seam. The paper can stretch as you work with it, or you may not have it perfectly straight every time so trying to get it perfect will drive you nuts. As long as the patterns are pretty close, they will appear matched as you back away. I pay the most attention at eye level and don't get too picky when it gets up by the ceiling or down at the floor.

How does our peel and stick wallpaper compare to traditional wallpaper? Was the process easier?
I think both traditional wallpaper and peel and stick wallpaper have their pros and cons but for me, the big pro for using peel and stick paper is easy removal. I've taken down my fair share of traditional wallpaper and it is hard messy work. Peel and stick just peels right off the wall now mess or hassle. 

This brings me to my second pro of peel and stick. No mess, no glue, no wetting which also means fewer tools. I love a project that doesn't require me to switch into my work clothes to get it done. 

Family Of Cranes Wallpaper behind a wooden shelf in a bathroom
Shop Family of Cranes Wallpaper

What are your best tips for applying wallpaper in a bathroom?
There are going to be some tight spots in bathrooms. Behind the toilet and around the vanity are going to be difficult to get to. In these spots don't feel like you must use one continuous panel. When I installed my wallpaper, I cut the panel just below the toilet tank where the seam would be inconspicuous and installed it in two sections. For less conspicuous seams you can also cut along the pattern rather than a straight line. This makes the seam less visible.

Any advice for wallpapering around bathroom fixtures, outlets, etc?
When applying wallpaper around outlets and fixtures only adhere paper just up to the outlet then cut the hole for the outlet before trying to smooth it evenly. I also love to use wallpaper scraps to cover my outlet plates. If you use a scrap that matches the section of the wallpaper around your outlet plates you can make them completely disappear. 

Do you think certain colors and patterns work best for a small space?
I love a big pattern for a small space like a bathroom or entry hall. I call these jewel-box spaces because when you open the door the wallpaper is a surprise inside. In a small space, you may also feel a little braver to go bold. I think the color you choose depends on how you want the space to feel. Dark colors are going to feel rich and moody. While light bright colors will feel happy and fun. If you have no natural light you may opt for light and bright, as I did, otherwise your room could feel a little like a cave. 

Cranes Wallpaper paired with a dark brown vanity and light wood mirror

How does the new wallpaper make you feel?
The Family of Cranes wallpaper is bright and fun so when I walk in the bathroom it makes me smile. A happy surprise inside...Plus I’m a huge color fan so I enjoy having some color in this small space that was once black and white. 

How do your family and guests feel about the transformation?
Well seeing as this is the guest bathroom, I'd say they are excited for the new look. Hopefully, that doesn't mean they'll move in.

Prepping wall for peel and stick wallpaper

How to Prepare Your Walls for Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Before you get started on your project, it’s important to prepare your surface for peel and stick wallpaper. First start by wiping with a damp cloth or wet rag. Make sure your surface is completely dry before you begin application.

For an easier install, we recommend that you remove switch plates and outlet covers prior to installation. Make sure the electricity at source is turned off prior to removal.

Wipe your intended surface with isopropyl alcohol + water solution (1:1 ratio) and allow it to dry.

To learn more about how to installing peel and stick wallpaper to a bathroom please head over to our blog.