Installing Peel & Stick Wallpaper in Your Bathroom

Installing Peel & Stick Wallpaper in Your Bathroom

Wallpaper has the power to transform any space. Discover how easy it is to turn a bathroom into a spa-like sanctuary with our best peel and stick wallpaper for bathrooms. If you are wondering if you can peel and stick wallpaper in bathroom, our answer is "of course, you can!" We already know that traditional wallpaper is a big commitment. That’s where our peel and stick wallpaper from Tempaper comes in. 

Choosing The Best Wallpaper For a Bathroom

Before you begin installing your new peel and stick wallpaper print to your bathroom wall, it’s important to find the perfect wallpaper design that will complement your space.

If you are wondering what is the best peel and stick wallpaper for a bathroom, we’ve shared our favorite bathroom wallpaper and powder room picks. Since our prints are steam and moisture-resistant, they are one of the best options for anyone searching for waterproof wallpaper for a bathroom or high-humidity area. 

Our Pacific Wave peel and stick wallpaper in Sundance adds vivid hues and flowing curves to your walls that create the perfect space to start your morning.

For a tropical touch, our Flamingo Daydream wallpaper adds texture and botanical beauty to your bathroom — perfectly complemented with some fresh greenery. Painted Palm 

is another tropical peel-and-stick wallpaper choice, which will add a retro touch to your powder room decor.

Gem Geo wallpaper behind a vanity paired with a wooden wall mirror.


For small bathroom wall decor, we recommend browsing our micro wallpaper prints at Tempaper. Our popular wallpaper designs for a small bathroom include Sunbeam, Decorative Tile, and Ornamental Tile.

Don’t be afraid to go bold, too. We offer a variety of striking designs that truly make a statement in a small space. These popular bath wallpaper prints include Flamingo, Bohemia and Birds of Paradise.

Get started on your bathroom DIY home project today! 

How to Measure Your Space for Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Next, you need to determine how much wallpaper you need to cover your bathroom. Depending on the type of wallpaper you choose, our designs are available as a single roll, double roll, panel, or sold by the square foot. Now that you have picked your design, you can measure your space accordingly. 

Our guide to measuring for peel and stick wallpaper includes videos that will help you measure for both single rolls and double rolls, as well as help you find the square footage of your room.

How to Pre-cut Your Panels

Once your wallpaper has arrived and you know the height and width of your bathroom, you want to precut your first panel to the height of your wall.

Prior to applying your first panel, clean the surface by wiping with a damp cloth or wet rag, making sure the surface is fully dried before application. For an easier install, remove switch plates and outlet covers prior to installation making sure to turn off electricity at the source prior to removal. We recommend wiping your intended surface with isopropyl alcohol + water solution (1:1 ratio) and letting it dry before installation to ensure the best compatibility.

Grab your tool bundle and follow these simple application steps for cutting and installing pre-cut panels:

1. Measure the height and width of your surface, this will determine how many panels you will need.

2. Pre-cut your first panel to the height of your surface adding 2-3 inches of excess material at the bottom.

3. Be sure to align the pattern with each consecutive panel prior to cutting, numbering the back of each panel
as you work.

4. Using a level, mark a vertical guide down the length of the surface.

5. Peel back 3-4 ft. of the backing.

6. Begin at the top edge aligning paper with your vertical guide to ensure a straight application.

7. Use a squeegee to smooth paper to surface working from the center out. Tempaper can be repositioned
as needed to ensure pattern alignment and to eliminate bubbling.

8. Continue in 3-4 foot increments peeling and smoothing until you reach the bottom edge of your surface.

9. Repeat steps 5-8 until the surface has been fully covered.

10. Trim where needed with a craft knife to complete your application.

Smooth Out Any Bubbles & Trim Around Any Surfaces

Now that you’ve lined up your panels on the wall, you want to make sure to remove any air bubbles from your wallpaper. You can use a squeegee to smooth the surface, starting from the center and working your way out.  

Since Tempaper wallpaper is removable, you can reposition the panel as needed to ensure proper panel alignment and remove any large air bubbles. 

Turn Your Bathroom into an Oasis With Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Ready to create your own bathroom oasis? Look no further than peel and stick wallpaper from Tempaper!

If you are looking for additional inspiration, our customers at Tempaper always have the best bathroom wallpaper ideas.

Maggie Overby shared top tips on apply Tempaper wallpaper to her bathroom hereHer best bathroom tips and tricks included how to precut your wallpaper and pick the best color for your space.