Is Removable Wallpaper Really Removable?

Is Removable Wallpaper Really Removable?

This is a question we get a lot! Removable wallpaper aka peel and stick wallpaper, as you may expect, is wallpaper that is easy to remove, allowing you to embrace pattern, texture, and color, commitment-free.

Perfect for homeowners, renters and intended for the do-it-yourselfer, peel-and-stick, removable wallpaper goes up easy - simply peel back the liner, stick and smooth! No messy pastes, glues or water are needed!

Is peel and stick wallpaper better than paste? Unlike traditional wallpaper, removing peel and stick wallpaper does not require any tools, chemical removers, or a steamer and leaves no mess behind. Yes, you read that correctly, “leaves no mess behind.”

So, to answer the question of “how removable is removable wallpaper?” the answer is completely removable! 

If you are interested in applying removable wallpaper in your home, learn everything to know about peel and stick wallpaper here. Before getting started, there are a couple of factors that we always suggest before adding removable wallpaper to your space.

First and foremost, we always want our customers to read the preparation instructions. This will help you determine if your surface is recommended for peel and stick wallpaper. For instance, Tempaper is recommended for smooth surfaces that are in good condition and have been primed and painted with a satin, semi-gloss or eggshell finish.

It is possible that our wallpaper will stick to textured surfaces, too. 

Tempaper is More Than Just Temporary 

Although Tempaper's original design was that it could be easily removed gaining the "Temp" in its name, Tempaper can be as permanent as you would like.

If you are wondering how long peel and stick wallpaper will last, the longevity and durability of this product means that it can be left up for a week, a month, or years to come and still remove cleanly.

When it comes time to remove your peel and stick wallpaper, whether it be to add a new design or return your apartment to its original condition, simply start at the corner of any panel and peel off. Yes, it is as easy as that!

Tempaper can be removed by finding a corner and slowly peeling the paper away from the wall. While many papers tout the "removable" tag, Tempaper's unique adhesive allows for clean removal with no residue or adhesive left behind.

One of our dealers, Suite Pieces, in Long Island, New York gave their viewers a quick glimpse of how easily Tempaper will remove here…even after 3 years! Need to see it to believe it!

Still not sure removable wallpaper is really removable? 

If you are wondering if peel and stick wallpaper is any good, the best way to test out any product and its comparability is to give it a try.

Tempaper offers samples of all its products, and we always recommend ordering a sample, as this is the best way to test your surface and to visualize the color and finish of the paper you have chosen.

Adhere your sample to a discreet area of your wall and leave it up for a few days. This will help you not only test your surface but will also allow you to try the product and let you see your desired print in the natural light of your home.

The best part? Since our samples are removable, you can test them in multiple areas of your home before deciding what works best for you.

Does Removable Wallpaper Damage Paint? 

Removable wallpaper is generally damage-free. There are, however, some factors that might affect your removal causing minor blemishes to the paint.

Application on flat and/or matte painted surface.

When you apply peel and stick wallpaper to a surface painted with matte or flat paint it can sometimes cause unclean removal. The water-based adhesive that we use on our product, can occasionally absorb into the chalkiness of the matte or flat paint.

Upon removal, the paint may be pulled off with the wallpaper. However, when you apply the product to a surface that has a sheen, the adhesive will not absorb into the paint, which means the product will not damage the surface upon removal.

Application on a freshly painted wall.

Allowing your freshly painted wall optimal time to cure is important. If you do not allow each coat of paint time to cure properly, moisture becomes trapped between coats and may cause the paint to peel when it comes time to remove your peel and stick wallpaper.

Application on textured surfaces.

When applying Tempaper to a textured surface it is very important to test a sample first. Some minor textures like a light orange peel may work well, but heavier textures may cause air to become trapped behind the paper. This may cause the paper to bubble and at times, peel off the wall. It is not guaranteed that the paper will stay adhered to a textured surface.

Preparing to apply peel and stick, removable wallpaper.  

Now that you have decided that Tempaper is right for you, a great next step is to familiarize yourself with our installation process. Reading and making sure you understand the instructions of a product is always important.

At Tempaper, we ask customers to make sure they clean their surface by wiping with a damp cloth, making sure the surface is fully dried before application. In recent years, we have also learned that if applying to a surface that has been painted with zero or low VOC paint, wiping the surface with a 1:1 isopropyl alcohol and water solution before the application can help with adhesion. You can familiarize yourself with how to install peel and stick wallpaper.

Apply to any interior surface, including bathrooms and kitchens!


If you are wondering if you can put temporary wallpaper in your apartment, you can! Our paper is meant for homes, rentals, and more.

Being both steam and moisture resistant, Tempaper is the perfect home décor product if you are looking to update your kitchen or bathroom and or backsplash.

With over 300+ in stock peel and stick wallpaper prints to choose from, we are sure you will find a design that complements your style and taste. You can even get the look of tile when you choose from our tile-inspired removable wallpaper prints without all the mess and installer needs installing traditional tile brings to a project! 

Small Projects With Temporary Wallpaper    

Not only can you apply Tempaper to wall surfaces, but our customers have also used the product to update the look of:

• Ceilings
• Stair risers
• Back of bookshelves
• Built-ins
• on top of desks

You may already have all of the tools you need for peel and stick wallpaper applications at home.

You can even purchase tool kits for peel and stick wallpaper at

• Craft knife
• Cutting Surface
• Level
• Pencil
• Ruler or straight edge
• Step-stool
• Squeegee
• Tape Measure
• A friend to help! One person to help guide the paper at the top of the surface and one aligning the design repeat towards the bottom of the panel.
• Soft bathmat or towel if working from the roll. 

Unlike traditional wallpaper applications, applying Tempaper is quick and easy. Because it is a do-it-yourself, ready-to-use home décor product, there is no need to hire an installer. Most Tempaper projects can be completed with just the help of a friend, and maybe a glass of wine.

As you peel and stick the product into place, its removable nature allows you to align your pattern, reposition your panel if misalignment or large air bubbles arise. Our team has created a video library to help customers through any hurdles they may face when applying Tempaper. 

“First-timer here. I watched the quick video and felt confident enough to try on my own. The paper is very forgiving. The whole process took several hours to complete. Love the look!"
(Jessica G. Tempaper Customer) 

For more how-to videos on applying peel and stick wallpaper please check out our video tutorials that cover the below areas. We are here to help you when it comes time to install Tempaper.

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Choosing peel and stick, removable wallpaper is a high-impact décor choice, especially when you know that it really is removable!

Within each area of your home, you can add a splash of color and fun that can last a lifetime or just for a season or holiday – it’s up to you!

When you choose Tempaper removable wallpaper you are choosing a high-quality, peel and stick wallpaper that infuses rich metallic finishes and tactile textures with elegant designs that keep the integrity of traditional wallpaper intact.

We offer a variety of styles on our website including Chinoiserie, Boho and Art Deco. Visit our website and shop by style to find the perfect print to match your unique style.

Need help? Take our short style quiz and we’ll reveal which interior design style best matches your personality.

Still wanting to read more about removable wallpaper. Head over to our What Is Removable Wallpaper page where we give you pro tips and tricks for application, provide you with a Smart Shoppers Guide to Buying Removable, Peel and Stick Wallpaper, and where you can read first-hand from Tempaper customers about their experiences working with Tempaper.