Is Removable Wallpaper Really Removable?

This is a question we get a lot! Removable wallpaper aka peel and stick wallpaper, as you may expect, is wallpaper that is easy to remove, allowing you to embrace pattern, texture, and color, commitment-free. So, to answer the question of “how removable is removable wallpaper?” the answer is yes, it is completely removable!

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Peel, Stick, Remove? The Truth Behind Removable Wallpaper's Claims

Removable wallpaper offers several benefits, including easy installation, versatility in design options, and the ability to update your space without long-term commitment. However, it's important to understand the factors that can affect its removability to ensure a successful application and removal process. Factors such as surface preparation, adhesive strength, and wall condition can all impact the removability of removable wallpaper.

Explore Tempaper's blog for expert insights and tips on how to maximize the removability of removable wallpaper in your home. With our guidance, you can confidently incorporate removable wallpaper into your décor projects and create a space that reflects your style and personality.

Why Tempaper Removable Wallpaper is a Popular Choice

Perfect for homeowners, renters and intended for the do-it-yourselfer, peel-and-stick, removable wallpaper goes up easy - simply peel back the liner, stick and smooth! No messy pastes, glues or water are required.

The best part? No installer is needed, either. This is one of the standout advantages of removable wallpaper. Its user-friendly nature eliminates the need for professional installers, so it’s a DIY-friendly option for designers of all skill levels.

This straightforward method allows users to easily position the wallpaper, smoothing out any air bubbles and ensuring precise alignment without the mess or complexity of pastes or glues.

Whether you're a renter looking to personalize your space, a student wanting to spruce up a dorm room, or a homeowner looking for a quick home decor refresh, the no-installer-needed feature of removable wallpaper opens a world of possibilities. 

“Inspired by our experiences renting in New York City, we understood the challenges of desiring a homey feel without the hassle of permanent wallpaper. After witnessing the demands of the production world to create stunning sets without the aftermath of damaged walls, we identified a unique opportunity...
...This realization became the driving force behind our mission to empower renters, Airbnb hosts, and design enthusiasts alike.We aimed to provide a solution that seamlessly merges the sophistication of wallpaper with the freedom of temporary decor. At Tempaper & Co., we offer a design solution that allows everyone to enjoy personalized aesthetics without the constraints of a long-term commitment.”
– Jennifer Matthews, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer

The resounding affirmation that Tempaper is removable lies in its engineered design. Tempaper utilizes a self-adhesive backing made with the cleanest materials that meet the most stringent industry standards.

Our removable wallpaper is designed to be cleanly peeled away from surfaces, leaving no residue or damage behind. This effortless removal process is a testament to the thoughtfulness put into the product's development, ensuring that users can refresh their spaces or switch up designs without worry.

Tempaper's dedication to creating a product that is genuinely removable goes beyond convenience. The ease of removal ensures that the temporary nature of the wallpaper aligns with the dynamic lifestyles of its users, whether they are renters, students, Airbnb hosts, or anyone seeking a flexible and hassle-free design solution.

In this blog post, we will discuss why samples are the best way to find the perfect print and share insights on how to apply peel and stick wallpaper for a bathroom, our best installation tips, why Tempaper & Co. is the best place to buy peel and stick wallpaper, and more.

We will also explore the concept of renter-friendly wallpaper and how it's trending as a quick and stylish home decor solution for renters and Airbnb hosts.

If you are interested in applying removable wallpaper in your home, learn everything to know about peel and stick wallpaper here.


What is Removable Wallpaper?

Removable wallpaper, often referred to as peel-and-stick wallpaper, is a versatile and transformative design solution that allows individuals the freedom to experiment with vibrant patterns and colors without commitment.

The true hallmark of removable wallpaper lies in its name; it can be easily peeled away from surfaces without leaving any residue or damage behind. This quality makes it an ideal choice for renters, students, Airbnb hosts, and anyone seeking a flexible, temporary, and stylish approach to interior decor.

The Promise of Convenience: A Brief Overview

At the heart of removable wallpaper's allure is the promise of unparalleled convenience. The application process is a DIY-lover’s dream, devoid of the complexities associated with traditional wallpaper installation.

Customers can confidently tackle home design projects, knowing they can easily reposition or replace the wallpaper to suit evolving tastes. The removal process is equally hassle-free, aligning with the contemporary lifestyle where change is constant.


Key Features that Differentiate Removable Wallpaper from Unpasted Wallpaper

Peel and stick or removable wallpaper is printed with high-quality water-based inks for vibrant and long-lasting colors. Tempaper removable wallpaper features a patented vinyl coating that not only enhances durability but also adds a smooth and polished finish to the overall look. The vinyl coating also provides a slightly textured feel, adding depth and dimension to the design.

Non-pasted wallpaper, also known as unpasted wallpaper, emphasizes the natural look and feel of traditional wallpaper. It offers a more classic appearance, often favored for its authentic texture and finish.

Installation Differences between Removable Wallpaper and Unpasted Wallpaper

Peel and stick wallpaper installation can be done without the need for additional adhesives or water. Simply peel off the backing and stick it directly onto the surface.

This makes it ideal for rentals and DIY projects, as it allows for easy repositioning during application, ensuring a precise and seamless fit.

Unpasted wallpaper requires the use of wallpaper paste or adhesive during installation and typically involves a more meticulous application process. This makes it well-suited for professional installation or experienced DIYers.

Removal Differences Between Peel and Stick Wallpaper and Non-Pasted Wallpaper

Peel and stick wallpaper is designed for easy and clean removal without causing damage to the underlying surface. It peels off smoothly, leaving little to no residue behind, making it perfect for temporary decor changes or rental properties.

For unpasted wallpaper, while correct application techniques can facilitate clean removal, the process may involve more effort and care to avoid damaging the wall. Removal success depends on the type of adhesive used during installation, and it may require additional tools and solutions.

All in all what, sets removable wallpaper apart from traditional wallpaper are the innovative features that prioritize ease and adaptability.The absence of glue or paste simplifies the installation process, eliminating the mess associated with traditional wallpaper application.

Additionally, the self-adhesive backing allows for easy removal without damage or residue. This characteristic is a game-changer, especially for renters or those hesitant about committing to permanent design choices.

The versatility of removable wallpaper extends to various surfaces, including walls, furniture, stair risers, kitchen backsplashes, ceilings, and more, offering a level of creative freedom that traditional wallpaper struggles to match.

Painted Palm Peel And Stick Wallpaper

Understanding the Popularity of Removable Wallpaper from Dorm Rooms to Rentals.

The surge in popularity of removable wallpaper can be attributed to its versatile appeal across various living spaces. From student dorms to homeowners and all in between, all users can personalize their space without committing to long-term decor choices. 

For students, especially those who live in a dorm room, it offers a creative outlet for personalization. Their small rooms can be instantly transformed into cozy retreats, reflecting the unique tastes and personalities of each student. Check out our Back to School collection here.

Airbnb hosts also find it invaluable for creating visually appealing, temporary aesthetics. Hosts are constantly striving to enhance guest experiences and create visually captivating spaces, so they have also embraced the trend. The product's versatility, easy application, and damage-free removal make it a practical choice for those in the hospitality industry.

For house flipping, where time is of the essence, removable wallpaper proves to be an asset. House flippers leverage its convenience to refresh interiors quickly and economically, increasing property appeal without the need for extensive renovations. They capitalize on its convenience, allowing for quick and cost-effective makeovers.

Additionally, for budget-conscious individuals, the ease of peel and stick wallpaper makes it an attractive alternative to costly professional services. It's a game-changer that provides an stress-free, budget-friendly approach to enhancing living spaces.

Beyond specific demographics, removable wallpaper is perfect for individuals who may feel less confident in their design abilities. Its user-friendly application and removal processes empower even the most design-shy to experiment with patterns, textures, and colors.

Feather Palm Peel And Stick Wallpaper By Novogratz

Removable Wallpaper in Rental Properties: Pros and Cons

For the modern urban dweller, particularly renters in bustling cities like New York, the transient nature of living spaces often hinders the ability to fully express personal style. Removable wallpaper allows renters to infuse their homes with a touch of individuality. It also offers a transformative solution without the fear of ruining walls or incurring fines. 


Personalization without Commitment: Tenants can infuse their personality into their rental space without the long-term commitment. Removable wallpaper allows for experimentation and personalization, making it an ideal choice for those who crave change without the constraints of a permanent design choice.

Easy Application and Removal: The DIY-friendly nature of removable wallpaper makes it accessible to all renters, eliminating the need for professional installers. Its ease of application and removal align seamlessly with the transient nature of rental living.

Enhanced Marketability: Landlords and property managers are increasingly recognizing the value that removable wallpaper brings to rental properties. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the option for tenants to personalize their living spaces without causing damage enhances the marketability of rental units.


Quality of Walls: The effectiveness of removable wallpaper can be influenced by the quality of the walls in a rental property. While it adheres to most smooth surfaces, walls with existing imperfections might affect its overall performance. Wondering if it will go on textured surfaces? Read more here.

Landlord Approval: Some landlords may be unfamiliar with or resistant to the idea of removable wallpaper. Before application, it's advisable to seek approval to avoid any potential conflicts during the lease term.

The Evolution of Removable Wallpaper: From Concept to Reality

Removable wallpaper represents a significant evolution in the world of interior design, born out of the necessity to marry style with practicality.

Tempaper was initially conceived to address the challenges faced by set designers in the production industry, the concept rapidly expanded to cater to broader consumer needs.

In 2005, during a New York City production set, the absence of a particular product became evident. Observing the labor-intensive process of installing and removing traditional wallpaper sparked an idea – the potential for stylish, self-adhesive, removable wallpaper to benefit various industries and individuals. The concept of Tempaper was born.

“Rapidly revolutionizing the industry, our small business is guided by three core principles: a commitment to high style, a dedication to high quality, and a belief in accessibility. We firmly embrace the notion that change is a beautiful thing.” – Jennifer Matthews, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer

Tempaper’s evolution into interior spaces required a meticulous refining of materials and adhesives, ensuring that the product not only met aesthetic expectations but also delivered on the promise of easy application and damage-free removal.

“While developing Tempaper, we sourced a removable adhesive that would adhere to most surfaces including slightly textured walls and high-humidity areas like a bathroom,” Matthews states.

This unique adhesive helps make sure Tempaper will stay on your walls and allows for endless design possibilities for homeowners and renters alike.

Matthews goes on to add, “Tempaper was granted a utility patent, which gives us proprietary ownership of our peel and stick, removable wallpaper product in the market. This journey from a niche production solution to a mainstream decor choice signifies the adaptability and responsiveness of removable wallpaper to the ever-changing demands of the design landscape.

The Application Process: From Choosing Your Print to a Seamless Installation

Embarking on a successful removable wallpaper application involves a planned approach, ensuring that the result is not only visually stunning but also hassle-free. Here's a comprehensive guide that covers everything from selecting your ideal print to preparing your intended surface and executing the application: 

Find the Right Print: Tempaper & Co. offers an extensive selection of styles to suit your taste and preference, ensuring that you find the ideal aesthetic expression for your home. Shop our prints today. 

Measure Your Space: Accurate measurements are crucial to ensure you order the right amount of wallpaper for your project. Measure the square footage of the area you intend to cover and take note of our roll sizes. 

We advise that you round up when placing your order to accommodate any unexpected variations, ensuring you have enough to cover the entire space. If you need any assistance in measuring your space, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

Moody Bloom Peel and Stick Wallpaper + Tools and Accessories


Wall Preparation for Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Now that you have decided that Tempaper is right for you, a great next step is to familiarize yourself with our installation process.

Before getting started on your project, there are a couple of factors that we always suggest before adding removable wallpaper to your space.

First and foremost, we always want our customers to read the preparation instructions. This will help you determine if your surface is recommended for peel and stick wallpaper.

At Tempaper, we ask customers to make sure they clean their surface by wiping it with a damp cloth, making sure the surface is fully dried before application.

We have also recommend prepping a surface that has been painted with zero or low VOC paint with isopropyl alcohol. By wiping the surface with a 1:1 isopropyl alcohol and water solution before the application can help with adhesion.

It’s best to familiarize yourself with the tools you will need and how to install peel and stick wallpaper.


Tips and Tricks for a Seamless Application Experience:

Take your time: Carefully work from one section to the next, ensuring each piece aligns perfectly.

Smooth Out Air Bubbles: If air bubbles appear during application, gently lift the wallpaper and smooth them out with your squeegee.

Trim Carefully: When trimming excess material, work carefully to achieve clean, straight lines. Check out our helpful how-to videos to learn more or visit our here-to-help page.

Consider a Helper: Having a second set of hands can be beneficial, especially for larger projects, ensuring smoother application and alignment.

By following these steps and incorporating these tips, the application of removable wallpaper becomes a gratifying and accessible DIY project, transforming your space with ease and precision.

The Versatility of Peel and Stick Wallpaper, From Temporary to Indefinite

Many customers find themselves captivated by the ease of application, the transformative impact on their space, and the convenience of switching designs effortlessly.

Peel and Stick Wallpaper Evolves Seamlessly with Life Changes

For renters and college students, peel and stick wallpaper provides a unique opportunity to turn a temporary living space into a cherished home. Its removable nature ensures that your walls can reflect your style and personality without the worry of lease constraints. This adaptable wallpaper makes each space feel like your own, creating a sense of belonging and warmth.

From nursery to little kid's room to the dynamic changes of a big kid's space, peel-and-stick wallpaper evolves with the stages of life. Its temporary nature allows for quick and delightful transformations, adapting effortlessly to the changing needs and preferences of your growing family.

Redecorating becomes an exciting and stress-free journey, capturing each moment with a splash of color or a new pattern.

Whether it's a spontaneous room makeover or a swift update before hosting guests for the holidays, peel and stick wallpaper provides a convenient and cost-effective solution, proving that impactful design doesn't require a lengthy renovation process.

In essence, peel and stick wallpaper redefines the boundaries between temporary and permanent, offering a canvas for self-expression that can last as long as you desire.


Still not sure removable wallpaper is removable? Try a sample!

Peel and stick wallpaper samples ship for free and are an invaluable tool, offering more than just a means to test surfaces. They provide a tangible, hands-on experience.

Testing Surfaces with Confidence:

Peel and stick wallpaper samples serve as a practical testing ground for different surfaces within your home. Whether you're considering an accent wall, revamping furniture, or experimenting with unique design ideas, these samples allow you to assess how the material adheres and complements various textures.

Seeing is Believing:

Beyond practical considerations, peel and stick wallpaper samples offer the opportunity to experience the design in person. The nuances of color, texture, and pattern can be truly appreciated when seen firsthand, allowing you to make a more informed decision about how the wallpaper will harmonize with your existing decor.

Overcoming Hesitations:

For those initially hesitant about committing to a specific design, peel and stick wallpaper samples become a bridge between uncertainty and confidence. By having a tangible piece of the chosen design in your hands, you can better visualize its impact on your space.

Adhere your sample to a discreet area of your wall and leave it up for a few days. This will help you not only test your surface but will also allow you to try the product and let you see your desired print in the natural light of your home.

The best part? Since our samples are removable, you can test them in multiple areas of your home before deciding what works best for you.

Things to Consider: Preventing Residue and Wall Damage

Surface Compatibility: Ensure that the surface you're applying removable wallpaper to is compatible with the product. Most are designed for painted drywall, primed plaster walls, and smooth surfaces. Avoid applying it to textured walls, as it may impact adhesion and removal.

Freshly Painted Walls: If you've recently painted your walls, it's crucial to allow the paint to cure fully before applying removable wallpaper. Check the paint can for recommended curing times and follow those guidelines to prevent any potential damage.

Testing on Samples: Before applying removable wallpaper to a large area, test it on a small sample or inconspicuous part of the wall. This allows you to assess adhesion and removal without committing to the entire space.

Evaluating the Long-Term Durability of Peel and Stick Wallpaper

The durability of removable wallpaper is inherently tied to the quality of materials used in its construction. High-quality materials ensure resistance to wear and tear, maintaining the integrity of the design over an extended period.

The adhesive backing also plays a pivotal role in the longevity of removable wallpaper. A robust and reliable adhesive ensures that the wallpaper stays securely in place without peeling or lifting, contributing to its overall durability.

The environmental conditions in which removable wallpaper is applied and resides can significantly affect its resilience. Factors like humidity, temperature fluctuations, and exposure to direct sunlight may influence how well the wallpaper holds up over time.

The precision with which removable wallpaper is applied is crucial. Proper application, free from air bubbles or misalignment, not only enhances the visual appeal but also contributes to the wallpaper's longevity by preventing premature wear.

Understanding these aspects aids in making informed decisions about the application and care of removable wallpaper.

Answering Your FAQs for a Confident Design Experience 

Navigating the world of peel and stick wallpaper can raise various questions. Let's address some common questions that we often receive from our Tempaper customers to ensure a seamless and informed experience with this versatile design solution.

Does Tempaper Removable Wallpaper Damage Paint? 

Our removable wallpaper is generally damage-free. There are, however, some factors that might affect your removal causing minor blemishes to the paint.

How to Install Temporary Wallpaper on Flat and/or Matte Painted Surface.

When you apply peel and stick wallpaper to a surface painted with matte or flat paint it can sometimes cause unclean removal. The water-based adhesive that we use on our product, can occasionally absorb into the chalkiness of the matte or flat paint.

Upon removal, the paint may be pulled off with the wallpaper. However, when you apply the product to a surface that has a sheen, the adhesive will not absorb into the paint, which means the product will not damage the surface upon removal.

How To Install Temporary Wallpaper on a Freshly Painted Wall

Allowing your freshly painted wall optimal time to cure is important. If you do not allow each coat of paint time to cure properly, moisture becomes trapped between coats and may cause the paint to peel when it comes time to remove your peel and stick wallpaper.

How To Install Temporary Wallpaper on Textured Surfaces

When applying Tempaper to a textured surface it is very important to test a sample first. Some minor textures like a light orange peel may work well, but heavier textures may cause air to become trapped behind the paper. This may cause the paper to bubble and at times, peel off the wall. It is not guaranteed that the paper will stay adhered to a textured surface.

Visit our FAQs page here.

Exploring the Best Custom Wallpaper Options

Removable wallpaper opens a world of design possibilities, offering a diverse range of customization capabilities that cater to varied tastes and preferences. Let's explore the exciting design choices, personalization capabilities, and the latest trends in removable wallpaper.

Our custom wallpaper studio at Tempaper & Co. allows you the freedom to turn any design into removable wallpaper. It’s customizable sizing is tailored to the exact dimensions of your space, ensuring a seamless and professional-looking application.

Recolor any of our existing designs or create your own wallpaper. The choice is yours.

Trends in Removable Wallpaper: What's Popular and Why?

Geometric Patterns: Modern and versatile, geometric patterns continue to be a popular choice. Their clean lines and symmetry lend a contemporary touch to any space, making them a timeless trend.

Botanical Bliss: Floral designs bring the beauty of nature indoors. This trend has gained popularity for its ability to add freshness and a touch of serenity to various settings.

Abstract Artistry: Abstract patterns and artistic designs are on the rise, offering a bold and expressive way to make a statement on your walls. These designs often become focal points, sparking conversations, and add intrigue to your decor.

Subtle Textures: Removable wallpaper with subtle textures, such as grasscloth, is gaining traction. These understated textures add a touch of sophistication and elevate the overall aesthetic of a room.

Garden Floral Peel And Stick Wallpaper

Garden Floral Peel and Stick Wallpaper


Tips for Making the Most Out of Removable Wallpaper

Removable wallpaper is a versatile design tool that extends beyond traditional applications, offering creative possibilities that transcend the boundaries of walls and interiors. Here are some tips to maximize the potential of removable wallpaper and infuse your living spaces with personalized style.

Looking for creative ways to use peel and stick wallpaper? Not only can you apply Tempaper to wall surfaces, but our customers have also used the product to update the look of:

  • Ceilings
  • Stair risers
  • Back of bookshelves
  • Built-ins
  • Desks
black beadboard peel and stick wallpaper on stair risers

Creative Usage Ideas: Beyond Walls and Interiors

Furniture Facelifts: Spruce up dressers, bookshelves, or cabinets with removable wallpaper. This not only adds visual interest but can breathe new life into dated or worn-out furniture.

Ceiling Statements: Turn heads by applying removable wallpaper to the ceiling. Whether it's a subtle pattern that mimics the sky or a bold geometric design, this unexpected placement can dramatically transform the ambiance of a room.

Staircase Risers:
Make a statement on your staircase by applying removable wallpaper to the risers. This unexpected canvas allows for a burst of color or pattern that adds an element of surprise to an often-overlooked space.

Doors as Canvases: Elevate the visual appeal of interior doors by applying removable wallpaper. This is an excellent way to introduce an accent color or pattern without committing to a fully wallpapered room.

Seasonal Decorations: Create seasonal photo backdrops by applying removable wallpaper to a designated wall. Whether it's a winter wonderland or a beach-themed escape, switch it up with each holiday or celebration.

Custom Headboards: Create a customized headboard by applying removable wallpaper to the wall behind your bed. This budget-friendly alternative allows you to experiment with various designs without the commitment of a permanent headboard.

Accentuating Alcoves: Highlight architectural features like alcoves or built-in shelving with removable wallpaper. This subtle touch adds depth and character to these unique spaces.

Statement Mirrors: Frame mirrors with removable wallpaper to transform them into statement pieces. This not only adds a decorative element but also allows for an easy change whenever you crave a new look.

DIY Artwork: Use remnants of your favorite removable wallpaper as material for DIY artwork. Frame sections or create collages to hang on your walls, ensuring a cohesive design with the rest of your decor.

By exploring these creative ideas, you'll unlock the full potential of removable wallpaper, turning your living spaces into dynamic canvases for personal expression and seasonal transformations.

Final Tips for Those Considering Removable Wallpaper

Are you ready to give it a try? Our team has created a video library to help customers through any hurdles they may face when applying Tempaper. 

“First-timer here. I watched the quick video and felt confident enough to try on my own. The paper is very forgiving. The whole process took several hours to complete. Love the look!" 
(Jessica G. Tempaper Customer) 

For more how-to videos on applying peel and stick wallpaper, please check out our video tutorials that cover the below areas. We are here to help when it comes time to install Tempaper.

Choosing peel and stick, removable wallpaper is a high-impact décor choice, especially when you know that it really is removable!

Within each area of your home, you can add a splash of color and fun that can last a lifetime or just for a season or holiday – it’s up to you!

When you choose Tempaper removable wallpaper you are choosing a high-quality, peel and stick wallpaper that infuses rich metallic finishes and tactile textures with elegant designs that keep the integrity of traditional wallpaper intact.

We offer a variety of styles on our website including ChinoiserieBoho and Art Deco. Visit our website and shop by style to find the perfect print to match your unique style.

If you are wondering how much wallpaper you will need, our wallpaper calculator on each product page makes it easy to determine how many rolls to order for your project.

Need help? Feel free to contact us directly or take our short style quiz and we’ll reveal which interior design style best matches your personality.

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