Q&A: Katie Faison's First Time Applying Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Katie Faison, a certified transformational nutrition coach and autoimmune disease specialist, tried our peel and stick wallpaper for the first time.

“I was curious about whether there could be toxins in the inks, etc. I found information on your FAQ page about your certifications. This is great and so important. My blog is focused on wellness, so this is an important callout.”

Tempaper’s proprietary adhesive and printing inks are water-based. If you are interested in learning more about our certifications and what sets us apart, click here.

Peel and stick wallpaper has revolutionized the way we decorate our homes, offering an easy and mess-free solution for transforming any space. In this Q&A, Katie discusses her journey with peel and stick wallpaper, including the challenges she faced, the lessons she learned, and her top tips for achieving professional-looking results. Whether you're tackling an accent wall, updating furniture, or refreshing an entire room, Katie's insights and wallpaper application tips will help you navigate the process with confidence.

Swatch of Queen Emma pink wallpaper Flamingo Salinas wallpaper coral wallpaper swatch

Katie installed two patterns in her home, Queen Emma (left) and Flamingo Salinas (right) from the She She wallpaper collection.

After applying our peel and stick wallpaper in her bedroom and home office, she shared her experience about the installation process and how much the tropical prints transformed her space.

Tempaper: Do you think wallpaper has the power to impact the mood of a home? If so, how? 

Katie: Yes! I definitely believe wallpaper has the power to impact the mood of a home and so does color. Wallpaper is one of the easiest ways to get color into your space whether you are looking for a calming color or one that feels exciting and fun. Color alone can affect your mood. I think wallpaper can also help to inspire design direction you may not have thought of otherwise or if you have a buttoned-up design, it can be the icing on the cake to really tie everything together.

Tempaper: Did you apply the wallpaper by yourself? How long did it take you to install? 

Katie: My husband and I started to apply together but once we got the hang of it took turns. It took us two full weekends to do two rooms. It took a bit of time to get a process down and some additional tools that we purchased at a hardware store. There were moments of struggle especially around the doorways and tight areas, but we persisted.

Flamingo Salinas wallpaper behind a dark headboard and white bedside table

Tempaper: What do you love most about the print? 

Katie: I have a blog and coaching business and one of my brand colors is a blush pink. The wallpaper that was used in the office space could not be more on brand. This is one of the reasons I love it! I also love the painterly look of it which feels soft and feminine. In addition, I love curved shapes, so the repeat of the curved arch is perfect!

For my bedroom, I love that this print is grounded in black. I feel like it is very dramatic yet fun. I also love the tonal gradients of neutral peachy gold. In addition, the pattern and color of this wallpaper is perfect with our attached bathroom that has a black and white graphic triangle tile on the floor. Overall, this print is super fun, and the color combo is beautiful.

Tempaper: Did you learn any tips and tricks for applying wallpaper?

Yes! So many. I think the biggest trick which I learned from watching a number of YouTube videos was to use a hair dryer for creases. If you get a crease all you have to do is apply a little heat and it disappears.

I also became very good at working through bubbling. The key is not to move too fast and to smooth in multiple directions.

The other big tip is first you want to line up your pattern and then smooth upward and outward towards the ceiling first before you smooth downward. 

Queen Emma wallpaper in the home office of Katie Faison

Tempaper: How did you feel about your space BEFORE your project? 

Both spaces were fine but not finished. We recently moved into a new home and these two spaces had things from our old home but were still in the works. We are fans of wallpaper and had it in our old home as well as in our new home in the powder and LL bathroom. Both wallpapers really helped to create the inspiration I needed to dial in the designs for these rooms and purchase some new furniture pieces and textiles.

Tempaper: How do you feel about your space AFTER your project?

I absolutely love both spaces and am excited to finish them once our furniture comes in a million years from now.

Learn more about Katie Faison on her blog, Whole Lovely Life.

The She She wallpaper collection is inspired by the wild and humble island of Curaçao. 

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