Tempaper Donates to Non-Profit One Tree Planted in Celebration of Earth Month

Tempaper Donates to Non-Profit One Tree Planted in Celebration of Earth Month

BRICK | NEW JERSEY – May 2022 – Tempaper, the leading manufacturer of removable wallpaper, donated to One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization focused on global reforestation, in celebration of Earth Month 2022. By donating a portion of proceeds from every order placed during the month of April, Tempaper planted 900 trees through the organization.

“We are thrilled to have has such a successful first iteration of this program,” said Tempaper Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer Jennifer Matthews. “The best way to celebrate Earth Month is by actively supporting the health of our planet, and we’re honored to have been able to be a small part of the larger purpose.”

With One Tree Planted’s accessible one-to-one strategy, each order directly contributed to the planting of one tree to increase biodiversity in North America, Latin America, Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Pacific.

“It was important to us to partner with a foundation that plants trees where they’re most needed,” said Co-Founder and CEO Julia Biancella Au. “The 900 trees planted through this campaign went to support forest fire recovery in British Columbia, a crucial initiative to maintain biodiversity. We look forward to partnering with One Tree Planted again in the coming years.”

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About Tempaper:

In 2005, on a New York City production set, there was a need for a product that did not exist. After witnessing the time and energy it took to install and remove traditional wallpaper, a revelation was made: The design world, homeowners, and renters alike could greatly benefit from a stylish, self-adhesive, commitment-free wallpaper that was easy to apply, and more importantly, easy to remove. No messy pastes or glues, no intimidation, and no installer needed.

High style. High quality. Accessibility. It is these three principles that have steered our creative vision since our launch in 2008. Founded on the belief that change is a beautiful thing, our family business is committed to providing our customers with the inspiration to design their world as they see it. It is this mindset that compels us to conduct business at the highest level.

About One Tree Planted:

One Tree Planted is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit on a mission to make it simple for anyone to help the environment by planting trees.Their projects span the globe and are done in partnership with local communities and knowledgeable experts to create an impact for nature, people, and wildlife. Reforestation helps to rebuild forests after fires and floods, provide jobs for social impact, and restore biodiversity. Many projects have overlapping objectives, creating a combination of benefits that contribute to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.To learn more, visit onetreeplanted.org