Pastel Wallpaper Collection


      Soft and delicate, these pretty pastels add a splash of color to your room without overpowering it. Browse our collection of pastel wallpaper for your wall below.  

      Easy to Install

      Easily applies to any smooth surface including bathrooms, stair risers, and ceilings.

      How-To Videos

      Moisture Resistant

      Works in bathrooms and high-humidity areas.


      Renter Friendly

      Removes cleanly without ruining paint or walls.


      Channel your whimsical side with our romantic Pastel Collection. The perfect way to add a subtle amount of color to any room, our pastel peel and stick wallpaper designs will bring an open and airy look to your space with a calming elegance that feels classic and sophisticated. Whether you are looking to lighten your space or make your room look even more spacious, pastel shades are the perfect way to bring in a minimalist style while never compromising on texture and depth. Soft and delicate, our pretty pastel wallpaper will never overpower a room but will bring a pristine elegance to your interior decor. Featuring botanical designs, metallic accents, garden party-inspired styles, and more, our pastel hues and imaginative designs will transport you to an illuminating oasis and a comfortable and ethereal space you've only dreamt of.