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      Our easy-to-apply, removable wallpaper is available in a range of solid to subtle colors.

      Easy to Install

      Easily applies to any smooth surface including bathrooms, stair risers, and ceilings.

      How-To Videos

      Moisture Resistant

      Works in bathrooms and high-humidity areas.


      Renter Friendly

      Removes cleanly without ruining paint or walls.


      How do you hue? What could be better than easy-to-apply wallpaper in every color of the rainbow? The fact that it’s simple to remove. Our peel and stick removable wallpaper collection features a variety of patterns, designs, and most of all colors! Organized into collections catagorized by color, Tempaper is making it easier for you to discover your wall design dreams. Explore our selection to find the color that represents the aura of your space. Shop our collections by color and easily incorporate colorful removable wallpaper designs into your home!