Removable Wallpaper By Color

How do you hue? What could be better than easy-to-apply wallpaper in every color of the rainbow? The fact that it’s simple to remove. So your space can wink with pink then fade to black. Just. Like. That.

What is it about blue? Call it confident, call it cool, it’s a color that demands your complete attention. No matter if your removable wallpaper is shaded as deep as navy or as soft as sky, its wow factor can’t be overstated.

Lush, luxurious, lucky, green conjures many emotions—and in abundance. Far beyond floral and fauna patterns, opting for green wallpaper is to surround yourself with pure design magic. And the result is truly captivating.

Striking and dramatic, yet always a classic, black wallpaper has the power to catch the eye and draw you in. In pure saturation or paired with white, we say those who design in black lead very colorful lives.

Looking to shop for a specific peel and stick wallpaper print color? Our colorful wallpaper collection is easy to apply and comes in a variety of sizes and designs, plus now you can shop by color. Shop blue aesthetic wallpaper to bring a cool vibe to your space. Shop yellow and orange wallpaper prints if you are looking to add bright color to your room. Our green removable wallpaper prints are the perfect wall decor option to energize and motivate you. You can find our entire assortment of colorful, peel and stick wallpaper prints here. Whether you are looking to add a neutral print or a bold floral to your space, peel and stick wallpaper is perfect for allowing you to add color and personality to your space in a temporary way. Looking to update your home office or bedroom space? Add drama with black peel and stick wallpaper that will add a chic allure to your home. Looking to add life to your walls and space with a fun peel and stick wallpaper print? Shop our bright pink or red peel and stick wallpaper patterns. Whether you are looking to go bold or subtle with your peel and stick wallpaper, be sure to browse our entire collection of colorful wallpaper prints.