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Removable Wallpaper Prints By Style

What are you in the mood for? Feeling retro? Maybe boho or art deco mixed with modern glam? Discover the perfect peel-and-stick wallpaper prints to match your ever-changing style.

The ordinary becomes extraordinarily exotic and worldly when you lavish your walls with our boho-inspired wallpaper patterns. Part haute hippie, part gypsy couture, this collection conjures irresistible feelings of intrigue and romance.

Tinged with an Americana accent, our farmhouse collection focuses on wood wallpapers and classic plaid patterns to create warm and rustic moods.

As the mainstay of interior design, ornate and elegant wallpaper patterns like distressed gold foil, grasscloth, and garden florals, celebrate timeless and tasteful notions, as well as the most familiar sentiments of home.

Have style questions? Our quiz gives you all the answers. Discover your true wallpaper design style now.


Stay with traditional designs or go bold with retro-inspired peel and stick wallpaper prints. With our large array of removable wallpaper, every style of design is explored.

Keep your space fresh and exciting by blending different styles and eras. Our classic peel and stick wallpaper offers a range of options that stand the test of time such as burlap, tile and herringbone. Our rustic farmhouse collection of plaid, stripes and textured grasscloth wallpaper helps create an atmosphere of calm and comfort. For a relaxed setting, incorporate our boho wallpaper into your eclectic home decor collection or choose our mid-century wallpaper to inject new personality into your space.

For the kids and kids at heart, adorn the walls with whimsical and playful designs to create a fun atmosphere to grow in. Our kids’ removable wallpaper helps add character and personality to any nursery, kid’s space, or playroom.

Allow the flexibility of our peel and stick, removable wallpaper to help you reimagine your space with a minimalist or maximalist approach.