Color Forecast: 2023 Color & Design Trends of the Year

Color Forecast: 2023 Color & Design Trends of the Year

Discover the Newest Interior Trends for Home Decorating

Looking ahead to the new year, we think many will be focused on creating a quiet and cozy sanctuary inside their homes. With this in mind, we are predicting soft and earth-inspired colors for the 2023 home decor trends of the year.

“There is a softening of design aesthetics happening and the creation of the more relaxed and charming home. I feel that people are wanting to surround themselves with comfort, both visual and tactile, across all surfaces and rooms. There is a drive towards home as a sanctuary creating atmospheres that promote softness and calm to counterbalance the fast-evolving times we are living in.” – Amanda Both, Art Director

If you are wondering if peel and stick wallpaper is worth it, visit our previous blog post to read about the pros of peel and stick wallpaper or learn more about the 2023 Colors of the Year that have just been announced.

How to Bring the 2023 Trends of the Year into Your Home

We are excited to see how everyone will be styling their homes in the new year. If staying true to the 2023 color trends of the year, there will be interesting mixtures of earth tones, dark neutrals, winter tropical prints, and refined retros throughout interiors.

Wild Canvas Collection
Ground Your Space with Earth and Desert-Inspired Designs

The new year will bring nature-infused styles, sunbaked pigments, and considered compositions into homes. Explore our Wild Canvas collection on our website and you will find many of the 2023 color trends featured throughout our designs.

“Tempaper & Co. will incorporate a lot of layering with neutral tones and playing with decomposed geometrics.  We will also be exploring the natural inspired palette into coastal influenced patterns as well.” – Amanda Both, Art Director

Grassroots - Coastal Wallpaper 2023
Get Creative with Coastal Vibes

Coastal designs will be having their moment in the new year. There will be a variety of fluid forms and waves seen throughout interiors in 2023. A few of our favorite coastal-inspired peel and stick wallpaper prints include:

Along with the most popular design trends, the experts have placed their predictions for the hottest colors of the year. It appears 2023 will be filled with powerful hues that encourage self-expression.

Tonal Shift Wallpaper - COTY 2023
Pantone 2023 Color of the Year

Pantone has announced that their 2023 Color of the Year is Viva Magenta. We are looking forward to seeing how homeowners and renters will be incorporating this bold and vibrant hue into their home. Our peel and stick wallpaper with fierce magenta shades include:

Flamingos Wallpaper - 2023 COTY Benjamin Moore
Benjamin Moore 2023 Color of the Year

Raspberry Blush has been announced as the Benjamin Moore 2023 Color of the Year. This vivacious hue uplifts the mood in any room. Our peel and stick wallpaper with raspberry hues include:

Bohemia Wallpaper Matching 2023 Sherwin Williams COTY
Sherwin Williams 2023 Color of the Year 

Sherwin Williams has announced that their 2023 Color of the Year is Redend Point. This modern mauve color is timeless and versatile, adding warmth to walls. Our peel and stick wallpaper featuring beige tones include:

How to Add the 2023 Color Trends to Your Home

Is peel and stick wallpaper good for a bathroom? Yes! Add our removable wallpaper to any smooth surface like bathroom walls, kitchen cabinets, bedroom ceilings, and more.

“Inviting spaces like the kitchen, lighter and airy earth inspired colors would be used with a big play on natural light with surface inspired pattern. Darker colors that promote quiet to find respite in their everyday lives could be used in the bedroom or study.” – Amanda Both, Art Director

Metallic Blush Chinoiserie in a bedroom
We are always looking for new ways to incorporate the biggest trends of the year into our removable wallpaper collections. Amanda adds, “we are embracing a traditional aesthetic and leaning into past art movements and styles for exploration and inspiration. We have always been inspired by vintage styles, especially with our Chinoiserie collections, and would like to explore it further in our designs sold by the roll in 2023.”

Learn How to Make Your Own Wallpaper

You can create your own wallpaper in the 2023 Colors of the Year. Visit our custom wallpaper section on our website to learn more about how to recolor any of our existing wallpaper designs.

Visit Tempaper & Co. to browse our top trends for 2023 and see what has just been added to our new arrivals section this year.